Ralph Lewis Murray Jr.

Day of death: 10/02/2021

Location: New York

Hospital: Crouse hospital Syracuse New York

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: yes_fam

Asked to sign DNR: idr

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: idk

Name of Victim: Ralph Lewis Murray Jr.

Age: 58 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 08/20/2021

First sought medical attention: 08/31/2021

Admitted to hospital: 08/31/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Treated adequately

Medications given: ativan, antibiotics, adrenaline, blood pressure meds, udesonideformoteroL, dexamethasone, dexametomidine, Decadron, diuretic, Enoxaparin, fentynal, heparin, insulin, lasix, lovenox, midazolam, nimbex, Oxygen, pain killers, pantoprazole, paralytic drugs, propofol, sedatives, sodium chloride, Steroids, Vancomycin, vassopressin, Influenza vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine , Chlorhexidine , Cefepime , Docusate , Albuterol , Meropenem , Alteplase , Norepinephrine , Epinephrine , Calcium Gluconate , Furosemide , Calcium chloride , Dextrose , Succinylcholine , Acetazolamide , Ipratropiom , Potassium chloride , Etomidate , Benadryl , Ivermectin

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 09/15/2021

Days on a ventilator: : 18 days

Person being interviewed: Tammany Murray

Relationship To Victim: Wife

Pursuing legal action?: yes

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Tammany Murray

While my husband was on the ventilator I asked them to give him ivermactin. The nurse said it was up to the doctor and I told her I would get a lawyer if they did not give it to him. That I wanted to save my husband's life. They gave it to him that day. They gave him a total of five doses one time a day. He started improving. They refused to give him any more after that. They said they don't know what the side effects would be because he was over COVID. What my tired and confused mind didn't realize at the time was while they gave him ivermactin he was already over COVID. I had to call to get them to put him on a feeding tube. I asked about giving him an IV and they said that they were putting some water down the feeding tube into his stomach about every 4 hours. On the records it says they were giving him an IV. I don't recall ever seeing an IV bag hanging when I was visiting him. Only the sedative IVs.

The murder of RL Murray Jr.
Written by Tammany Murray (Wife )
RL (Ralph Lewis) Murray was a vibrant healthy 58-year-old man when he was murdered at Crouse hospital, Syracuse New York on October 2nd 2021. Some things I forgot to mention about my husband during my story. RL was a loving husband and father. We were married in 1986 after having only known each other for 11 months. We married the day before my birthday on June 21st. We have four children, two boys and two girls. They’re in their 30s and ’20s. Family was very important to us.
RL and I would go to weddings and parties and dance the night away. RL played high school football. He also enjoyed playing lacrosse. My husband was a high school history teacher and an adjunct college teacher at a community college where he also taught  history. RL is the author of over 30 non-fiction civil war books. He printed and bound the books himself. We had our own business where he sold the books himself. My husband was a power lifter and competed for over 30 years. 9 out of 10 times he would win first place. I have his trophies and plaques throughout my home. My husband love to kayak and go on long bike rides with friends and camp out. We loved getting together with family and friends.
RL started with COVID symptoms on August 20th 2021 He was vomiting and had a slight fever for 5 to 7 days. On August 27th he started eating solid food. On August 29th He started experiencing shortness of breath. At this time he would go out and walk around the yard for fresh air and to improve his breathing. On August 31st he was getting very scared and asked me to take him to the hospital. I took him to Oswego hospital in Oswego New York against my better judgment. He said if I didn’t take him he would call an ambulance to take him. I waited for him out in the parking lot until he called me and told me to go home that they were going to keep him at the hospital.
RL was not vaccinated for COVID-19. These few notes are from Oswego hospital’s medical records for RL:
  • The ER doctor was Thomas Tully MD
  • The radiology doctor was Steven Steer MD
  • Lungs: there are bilateral diffuse ground glass opacities with peripheral and apical sparing. Central airways are clear.
  • Pleura/pericardium: there are no pleural or pericardial effusions. There is a moderate pneumomediastinum.
  • On page three of five in the report Dr. Steer gives him more thorough report.
  • Chest CT shows bilateral diffuse ground glass opacities compatible with pneumonia. Moderate pneumomediastinum. No evidence of PE.
  • 1205 case was personally discussed with Dr Steven steer of radiology. He read the chest CT today. He sees no evidence of pneumomediastinum thought he thinks it is due to alveolar rupture.
  • He did not see any evidence of medianitis or fluid in the mediastinum. He said the pneumomediastinum should spontaneously result.
  • 1350 Dr. Alcasid call the sed since the patient has pneumomediastinum He is concerned the patient may worsen and have pneumothorax and then he would have a pulmonologist here to take care of him. He recommends transfer to Tertiary Care Medical Center.
  • While at Crouse hospital he received a sodium chloride plane IV and one injection 10 mg of dexamethasone.
  • RL refused to take remdesivir.
I was very surprised that they wanted to keep RL at Oswego hospital and even more surprised later that day when my husband texted me to say they were transferring him to Crouse hospital in Syracuse New York.
My husband arrived at Crouse hospital at 8:47 p.m. on August 31st 2021. At 9:34pm RL sent me a text saying that the doctor said he had ripped lining in his lungs that was caused by vomiting. That they were just going to treat him with regular antibiotics. At 9:58 p.m. he texted and said the doctor has changed his mind is going to start COVID treatment. I read in RL’s medical records that that evening the hospital administered lorazepam to him. WHY? NRLs medical records it states on September 1st 2021 that RL was unable to answer questions and they were going to call his wife the next day. To my knowledge they never called me. When my husband went to Oswego and Crouse hospital he was completely lucid, and walking on his own. He just had shortness of breath. So why was he unable to answer questions one day later?
On September 1st 2021 they gave him the influenza vaccine and the Pneumococcal vaccine per protocol. RL went to ICU where he was given a nasal canal (sp?) For high flow oxygen. The hose was hooked to the wall. My husband was unable to use the bathroom he had to use a portable commode. He had enough hose to get in and out of bed and sit in a chair. RL was allowed visitors from the hours of 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. one person per day. He would not allow anyone to come and visit him because he did not want to chance any of them getting sick. I myself and our second oldest son had COVID. We could not visit him until we were cleared by county health.
As far as I know while he was in ICU the first time he was treated well. He ate and drank fluids. He said he was basically left alone. On September 6th 2021 he texted me and said, They forgot to change his water bag on time so froze nostrils for a bit. During his stay in ICU (The first time) I was never contacted by any medical personnel from the hospital. The only information I had was from RL. As I was very sick I did not call the hospital to check on him as I should have. I now regret not doing that. As he improved he was transferred to a regular floor, 7m, on September 9th 2021.
In file 2 of RL’s medical records it states under activity- walks frequently, walks outside of room at least twice a day and inside at least once every 2 hours during walking (waking?) hours. How is this possible when his oxygen tube was hooked to the wall? Also he was in with COVID so he was not allowed visitors unless they were suited up for protection. Paper gown, mask, face shield with a helmet on that had a fan in it and gloves on your hands.
Also when I would talk to RL, he said that he would stand up and walk in place because he could not go far because of the O2 house. He could not even use the bathroom he had to use the commode. Even when he left ICU and went to 7M, his o2 hose was hooked to the wall He still was not able to walk around the room or use the bathroom.
While on 7m. RL was asked to stop drinking so much because he was retaining fluids. Was he retaining fluids because of all the medications they had him on? As I read the side effects of most of those medications it says that it could cause retention of fluids. They had RL on lasix and he asked them to stop giving them to him because it was making his heart race.
He had been improving right along while on 7M. Then I received a text from him wanting to talk drug options with me. He was thinking about taking Remdesivir. To my knowledge he never received it. As I read over RL’s medical records they started giving him lorazepam. They gave him two doses on September 13th and two doses on September 14th. I did not want him to take remdesivir. My oldest son Ryan said he saw his father on Monday the 13th and my husband was laying in bed crying because I would be mad at him if he took that medication. My son is no longer talking to me.
I told my son that I told RL to take the medication. I begged him to just come home to me. I have no idea what the doctors and nurses were saying to my husband to scare him into wanting to take that medication. When they knew That a patient is supposed to receive that within the first week or two of having had covid. When my husband entered the hospital on August 31st he was already 11 days with COVID. Technically he was over it when he went to the hospital. Is my strong opinion they misdiagnosed him on purpose for the money.
They put RL on a ventilator and September 15th 2021. My daughter Rebekah’s birthday. When the hospital actually called me to talk to me while he was in ICU waiting to go on a ventilator I was unable to actually talk with RL privately. As the nurse and doctor were in the room holding the phone for him. When I asked RL if he was okay with this, meaning was he okay to go on a ventilator, he said, nothing else is working. He sounded very tired and out of it. Come to find out they had already sedated him before I could talk to him.
When I talk to the nurse about the ventilator and when they would wake him up she said they would wake him up after about 17 hours. They lied! They never will come up again. When I asked the doctor in the room if she would wait for me to get there so I could see my husband first she refused! My children and husband were already mad at me because he did not take remdesivir I felt like I couldn’t say no to the ventilator because they would hate me more. Now I wish I had said no or at least said they could not vent him until after I saw him. But I think they had already conned him into saying yes and would have done it anyway.
When I got to the hospital at 9:15 2021, I saw my husband on the ventilator. They were pushing the oxygen so hard into his lungs that it’s left side would push off the bed and back down with every push of air into his lungs. I asked the nurse about that and she said, it’s because he’s fighting the vent. So they had to sedate him heavier. They were not giving him food or an IV. When I ask the nurse about an IV she looked at the three or four sedation medications that he was receiving and said, well it’s like he’s getting an IV. I never did see that nurse again when I would visit. The hospital never called me with updates on him. I would call them morning and night to see how my husband was doing on the days I could not be there.
With four kids and my brother-in-law I only got to see my husband two times a week. A very good friend kept telling me that I should be going everyday to be with him and to watch over him. But I told her I couldn’t do that to my children or brother-in-law. Now I wish I had because maybe I would have been able to help him more! I realize probably wouldn’t have done much good cuz they were hellbent on killing him. I got them to give him ivermectin my threatening to get a lawyer. I told them that I wanted to save my husband’s life. They did give him my ivermectin.
On 9/17 They gave RL his first of five doses of ivermectin. He steadily improved during those 5 days. The amount of oxygen from the ventilator went down from 100% to 80%. He was off blood pressure medication and his heart rate was normal. I asked them to give him nutrition and an IV. They put a feeding tube in and they told me that they were putting some water down the feeding tube into his stomach every 4 hours. It says in RL’s records that the feeding tube was continuous. It was never flowing while I was there between the hours of 2 and 6:00 p.m. I was also told that while he was prone it was stopped in case he aspirated. It was some so during the night on 9/21 was the last day for the ivermectin.
I had asked the nurse when they would lower his ventilator again. His pulse ox was at 93%. She said, usually when their pulse ox stays at 95% for a few hours. Little did I know, someone went in during the evening after visiting hours and lowered his ventilator to 70%. His pulse ox apparently went down into the ’80s. They put the ventilator up to full 100% and never lowered it again. When I asked the nurse practitioner Debbie, why wasn’t I called when this happened? She looked at me and said, well we don’t call for every little thing. I said, it may be a little thing to you but it is a big deal to me and I am his wife and should have been called!
I talked to the attending doctor about giving RL ivermectin again and he would not do it. He said, he is way over COVID. We don’t know what the side effects would be to give him ivermectin. Had I been thinking, I would have realized that he was already way over COVID with the first dose they gave him. The attending doctor is obviously not the doctor that approved the ivermectin. The nurse practitioner Debbie was not on my side or my husband’s in my opinion. She did not like it if I questioned the doctor about things. She would stand there while I talk to him and give me a look like, don’t bother him with that. Some things I would save and ask her but other things the doctor needed to be talked to.
9/21 was the first day I had met and talked with the nurse practitioner.  In a text message that I had sent to my family 9/16 says that I had just talked to one of RL’s doctors. She said they’re giving him fluids. I don’t recall ever seeing an IV bag during my visits twice a week. That does not mean it wasn’t there. All I saw were the locked sedation bags. And they were thinking about pruning him. Also when I talk to the doctor they said that if proning didn’t work that they would do paralysis. I asked him to call me before using it. They never did.
On September 30th Dr Bennett, intern, called me to ask if they could move his PICC line and also informed me that he was off the paralytic. I said yes to moving the PICC line which is the first time they asked me about anything other than the ventilator. I said, why wasn’t I informed about him being on a paralytic? He didn’t have an answer and he made it sound like they were done giving it to him so I didn’t think he would receive anymore. He did receive more. And again they never informed me of this.
I was visiting my husband on October 1st when his right lung collapsed. They were able to insert a chest tube and re-inflate it. They called my son Ryan on October 2nd 2021 to tell him that his father was not doing well and that the family should come to the hospital. Again!! The hospital did not bother to call me! The patient’s wife! At 5:30 p.m. we were told to go home because my husband was holding at 50 some percent pulse ox. One person was allowed to stay. My son Ryan stayed with him. My husband died just before 6:00 p.m. that night.
I had an autopsy done. For all the good it did. Crouse hospital did it. They kept making mistakes like referring to RL as a her instead of a him. Saying that he went on the ventilator on 9/11 instead of 9/15 which is the correct date. That the chest tube was put in on 10/2 instead of 10/1. It also states that the patient was transferred to Crouse on September 1st when he was transferred there on August 31st of 2021. It is my opinion that this person did not do a very good job and only got their information from the medical records. In which apparently they could not read properly.
My funeral director gave me a phone number from the government I don’t remember the name, you may know who I’m talking about. I think it was FEMA Not sure. Saying that if I filled out some paperwork they would give me money for my husband’s funeral. I refuse to accept money from the people who murdered my husband. I do not fault anybody who did take the money because they needed help paying for the funeral expenses. I was able to pay for my husband’s expenses and did not need the help or the payoff.
I do have a copy of my husband’s medical records from Oswego hospital and Crouse hospital and the medical examiner. There are pages missing from the Crouse hospital medical records. I have not yet tried to get those. I was in contact with a lawyer for a while and hoping that if he took my case he could get them. He did not take my case. I am very interested in having somebody help me go after both hospital’s for what they did to my husband.
Thank you very much!
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