The Covid19 Pandemic- A Vital Expansion of our Mission

FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation has expanded its mission, as of September 12, 2021, to include the wide range of issues surrounding the current COVID19 pandemic. It is our view that the threat posed to the United States due to Covid-19 falls squarely within the purview of our original mission and its component objectives… to fight for individual liberty, root out corruption embedded in our institutions, and promote safety for people worldwide. We stand strongly for holding those individuals responsible for creating and enabling the human suffering caused by the bioweapon(s) unleashed upon us accountable for their actions. We will actively strive to help our country recover from the damage incurred by it during this unprecedented time in our collective history by working to reinstate a sense of safety and stability. We will accomplish this by exposing truths that have been systematically suppressed regarding, for example, scientific studies, experimental vaccines and novel medical therapies imposed upon our citizens by both unelected officials, and elected yet manifestly compromised officials, exceeding the scope of their authority via the indiscriminate, improper and abusive utilization of ‘Emergency Use Authorizations’ and strategies specifically crafted to bypass our rights under the United States Constitution via the utilization of private, yet deputized actors charged with a public commission yet claiming immunity from public obligations. Actions that we feel must be investigated and brought to light include, just as a partial example:

1. A lack of oversight by the appropriate governmental agencies of our nation;
2. A lack of transparency and forthrightness among the scientific community, governmental agencies, political leaders, the mainstream media (Aka, “Big Media”), the pharmaceutical industry (Aka, “Big Pharma”), and Big Tech, as evidenced throughout our nation and, in fact, the entire globe;
3. A complete and shocking lack of enforcement and accountability for rules broken, unscrupulous behaviors, dishonest congressional testimony, medical procedure shortcuts, financial conflicts of interests, among other unethical, quasi criminal, and criminal acts;
4. The rampant production of fraudulent, contradictory and manipulated scientific research aimed to confuse the general public;
5. The compromising of governmental agencies and leadership who, in a fashion which they can no longer credibly deny, have become beholden to their wealthy corporate and individual benefactors, to the complete exclusion of the voters to whom they announced fealty via oaths, the violation of which would, in a normal system, incur civil and criminal liability;
6. Governance issues;
7. The de facto subjugation of the United States Constitutional legal system to public international legal systems accountable to no one but their wealthy, and often faceless, corporate and individual benefactors;
8. Internal and/or foreign sabotage; and
9. The imposition of experimental vaccines via mandate on our citizens, including children, via fiat and beyond the scope of their authority, by unelected bureaucrats or elected yet manifestly compromised politicians, each of whom evidence an accountability only to their wealthy benefactors and not to their voters (that is, “forced vaccination without representation”), without regard to scientific considerations such as natural immunity, and with scant regard to religious or medical exemptions, all in the absence of data on the potential effects, both long term and, incredibly enough, short term, of such forced vaccinations.

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We will stand resolute and be a dedicated opposition until their inhuman and un-American agenda is defeated.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to save lives, end the COVID-19 pandemic, push back against the World Economic Forum (“WEF”), and see that justice is served for the crimes against humanity being committed across the world.

It is our position that the WEF, and its ‘Great Reset’ plans, are at the root of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that any plan to end this pandemic must, to have any hope of prevailing, directly confront this group and their plans. To that end, we are undertaking a far-reaching, multi-pronged effort to blunt their attempt to gain totalitarian power over humanity, liberty and freedom. Just as the WEF is the singular root cause of the COVID-19 pandemic, so too is this pandemic the cornerstone of their ‘Great Reset’. We are taking this fight to the WEF in seven arenas, to meet them everywhere they are pushing their agenda. We will stand resolute, as a dedicated opposition, until they are comprehensively defeated.


Our legal efforts are broadly split into defensive and offensive postures.

Our defensive posture consists of facilitating and supporting teams of attorneys throughout the United States to make free or low cost civil legal defense widely available to the public. This will provide citizens a means to fight back against ‘vaccine’ mandates, mask mandates, movement restrictions, ‘vaccine’ passports, testing mandates, and other pandemic-related restrictions on freedom and civil liberties. This will also assist them to ensure hospitals and the medical community provide safe and effective treatment to them and their loved ones as COVID-19 patients.

Our offensive posture consists of the mobilization of a former federal prosecutor with the investigational support of a team of retired federal agents. This team of seasoned professionals will conduct investigations and interviews in order to gather evidence pertaining to potential pandemic crimes in a formal and lawful manner.  Upon information and belief, the pursuit of prosecutable cases concerning pandemic crimes may rise to the level of crimes against humanity. We expect that, in the process, other incidental crimes which may not rise to the level of crimes against humanity will surface for potential evaluation. We intend to refer corresponding case recommendations to active federal agencies and/or to develop them into fileable civil cases.


Our political efforts are broadly split into defensive and offensive postures.

Our defensive posture will be to help facilitate the organization of protests and rallies in order to ensure the ongoing visibility of opposition to the ‘Great Reset’.  We will focus on exposing to the public the World Economic Forum’s anti-American and dystopian plans.

Our offensive posture will focus on the lobbying of governors and legislatures and to seek remediation of the numerous executive policy failures that are enabling the pandemic to continue unabated.  We will pursue official endorsements of experts in relevant industries and assist with the execution of mass prophylaxis events in an effort to eradicate SARS-CoV-2.

Our efforts are always non-partisan, and the political composition of our team reflects that.  We are united, beyond the confines of political party, with one shared goal in mind: to end the pandemic and the subjugation of our country to the whims of the WEF and their lackeys.


Our medical efforts are broadly split into defensive and offensive postures.

Our defensive posture is to provide access to competently administered medical services, especially with regards to COVID-19 patients. These provisions will begin with the operation and promotion of telemedicine services and lead up to the training and advising of brick-and-mortar doctors’ and specialists’ offices.

Our offensive posture involves the absolute and unequivocal endorsement  of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (the “AAPS”), in an effort to comprehensively supplant the American Medical Association. We will aggressively seek to broaden AAPS membership of practitioners across the United States, and subsequently, provide those practitioners training in a broad number of fields concerning the treatment of COVID-19.  In addition, we will strive to educate healthcare providers about other viral diseases. Such diseases, but not limited to, are various cancers and prion diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Our aim is to bring common knowledge on a number of medical interventions which have been suppressed from mainstream medical practice. This in itself will greatly improve the lives and health of people all across the United States, and ultimately, across the world.


Currently, supplies of numerous life saving drugs are being heavily restricted by the Food and Drug Administration, particularly Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, by means of inappropriate threats and corrupt back-room deals. It is our hopes to find a manufacturer for these and other generic medications, so  we can resist this pressure and ensure an uninterrupted supply of all vital medications that will benefit Americans.


Our marketing efforts are broad-ranging, and will integrate with each area to meet our needs as they become apparent. Particularly important is the comprehensive education regarding early treatment and prophylaxis against COVID-19.  This will require us to aggressively raise awareness of our legal defense services available to individuals. To promote our successes, our marketing will also be vital vis-a-vis supplanting the AMA, promoting courageous physicians and researchers, and enhancing educational efforts of all elected officials.


We face numerous challenges that are not being addressed. We believe that competent research is actively being concealed by our government agencies, headed by corrupt leadership. Our research division will actively pursue answers to some of our most pressing issues. Our initial focus is to identify and treat various relevant prion diseases. It is highly likely that answers to these and other issues are readily identifiable, having only been muffled thus far due to extensive corruption in the research community.  These efforts could bring tremendous benefit to the world’s population.

Social Media.

Our social media effort is to be broadly split into an informative promotion, and counteraction of a manufactured consensus.
Informative promotion is as simple as maintaining the credible and active presence of our organization on social media by putting forward our personalities, our goals, and relevant information the public craves.

Manufactured consensus is another cornerstone of the World Economic Forum’s efforts. It consists largely of armies of paid trolls whose intentions are to comment on a large numbers of accounts, agreeing with whatever position is being put forward as propaganda. Without this false appearance of consensus, everyday people are far more likely to remain resolute in their beliefs, and to pursue opposition in their own unique way. With a large, perceptive social media presence, we will aim to counteract and overwhelm the artificial consensus. People need to know that they are not alone.