Exposing The Lethality Of Hospital Protocols

The FormerFeds Freedom Foundation is committed to exposing the lethality of hospital protocols implemented during the COVID crisis. By listening to and documenting the stories of victims’ families, we ensure that no one will ever be able to dismiss and deny the cold reality of what has happened to thousands of people during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

One way we do this is by hosting a weekly video conference call every Monday at 9 pm EST, open to all that request attendance, at which victims of hospital protocols and their loved ones are free to share their stories. With this sharing process, we hope these brave and injured individuals gain a small dose of closure. This process will enable us to document their stories and maintain a record to ensure that the perpetrators of these Crimes Against Humanity, those who subjected their unwilling victims to lethal hospital protocols,  be brought to justice. There is no statute of limitations for Crimes Against Humanity; the dead and injured will ultimately receive the justice they deserve. We do this with the aspiration that this will never again occur.

Denial of early treatment and prophylaxis to Americans is unacceptable, knowing the potential outcome this disease can cause. Patients are often sent home and told to rest and drink lots of fluids. Only when their condition has worsened to the point they must be admitted to the ICU do they receive any treatment. At that time they are administered a “standard of care” that is anything but a death protocol most of the time. The research is clear of the side effects remdesivir can have on the body. Studies have shown it to cause renal failure, liver damage, sepsis, cardiac issues and more. These effects do not improve the patients health but instead ultimately lead to the sedation and ventilation of the patient. Once a COVID patient is hooked up to a ventilator, their chances of survival drops dramatically. More often than not, they die on the ventilator, sedated and alone. Those few who manage to recover after being ventilated are often traumatized to the degree that their families report personality and behavioral changes in them. Remdesivir is not a treatment for Covid, it is a one way ticket to a casket and a bunch of money for greedy individuals, hospitals, corportations and government agencies. We are at a point where it has become profit over patients.

To this day, CDC guidance explicitly recommends against using off-label medications to treat COVID-19 patients, warning that people have been “seriously harmed and even died” after doing so. As evidence of this alleged “serious harm,” the CDC, utilizing a tactic more worthy of a tabloid rag newspaper than a serious governmental authority, links to a page warning about the dangers of ingesting aquarium cleaning products in order to treat COVID-19. They are not reporting about the 80 plus studies that show that these decades -old safe medications worked against Covid in 100% of the real studies. There has never been a task force assigned to look at the role that repurposed medications could play in this pandemic. It has always been about noel vaccines, novel medications and new treatments, in other words, it has always been about the money. 

The CDC insists that COVID patients should only be treated with remdesivir, and only after being admitted to the hospital. The CDC suggests that until a COVID patient is sufficiently ill to be admitted to the ICU, they should ingest a Tylenol or an Advil and take a nap. Does that sound like how we have treated serious illnesses in the past? Is that our typical style of medical intervention against deadly diseases? The answer to those questions is at the core of what is going on with this pandemic and must be exposed and turned around.

In our weekly Monday night telephone conferences, the victims and their families have been able to attest to us that all of the above has occurred to them and worse. They describe for us the heartbreaking treatment of their loved ones and themselves at the hands of those they are supposed to be able to trust.  The misguided policies of those who we have charged to protect us and heal us, have instead abused their authority to kill and maim us for the financial benefit of others.

This disastrous guidance is responsible for most COVID deaths in this country. Completely avoidable with a host of early treatment and prophylaxis options, the vast majority of COVID deaths were precipitated by criminally negligent guidance from public health officials and agencies.

Have You Lost A Loved One To The FDA Death Protocol?

If you or someone you love has been impacted by the FDA Death Protocol including Remdesivir, please add your testimony to our COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project. We not let your story be forgotten.

Would You Like To Help Fight Against Medical Tyranny?

There are thousands of people who have been impacted by these abysmal policies, and their voices are being suppressed. If you would like to help document and archive stories from COVID victims and their families, please volunteer to assist this effort today.

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