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When you join the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation Citizens Task Force you get access to a liberty restoration platform staffed by people that share your goals. The road ahead will be challenging, but together we can fight and win against the malicious and powerful forces that have infiltrated our government. With you on board, we are unstoppable. We look forward to forging an alliance with your passion and your God-given talents to help us all mount an undeniable threat against unscrupulous bureaucrats. Soon you will access a project management and storage system, that will have the latest, most of to date information and developments. We will change the direction of our current corrupt landscape that we are living in and work together to restore humanity, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We will exhume the historical record and uncover and preserve evidence to prepare for the impending accountability. We will assist with research and dissemination of critical information to beat and out-think the censorship and algorithms. We will help create and moderate content, assist victims in our support groups and step in to assist any victims on our team with whatever they need. Once you sign up, your membership request will be reviewed by our team, and you will join an organization that can change the game.
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