Gilead Class Action FAQ


What is the main allegation against Gilead Sciences, Inc.?

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is accused of consumer protection violations, false advertising, deceptive promotion, and negligent misrepresentation related to the marketing and administration of Remdesivir.

Who has initiated this class-action lawsuit?

While the lawsuit is filed by two individuals from California, Deborah Fust and Edward Pimentel, they represent a broader class of consumers from around the country alleging harm from Remdesivir.

How many people are represented in this class-action?

While initiated by two individuals, the suit represents thousands of people across the United States who claim injuries or deaths due to Remdesivir.

What is the role of the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation?

The Foundation conducts interviews with victims who have shared testimonies of harm from hospital treatments and mRNA vaccines. The Foundation primarily gathers testimonies and collaborates with the legal team.

Who is representing the plaintiffs?

The plaintiffs are represented by a syndicate of attorneys throughout the country.

In which jurisdiction is the case filed?

The case is filed under the jurisdiction of California, particularly within the County of Shasta.

What is the ultimate goal of this lawsuit?

The class-action primarily seeks accountability from Gilead Sciences, Inc. for alleged deceptive practices. All victims of harmful COVID protocols advocate for Remdesivir to be pulled off the market to prevent further harm.

What are the chief concerns regarding Remdesivir’s safety?

The complaint alleges that Gilead Sciences, Inc. promoted Remdesivir’s safety and efficacy without adequately revealing its potential risks, leading to cases of injuries and deaths.

What happens if the court rules against Gilead Sciences, Inc.?

If the court rules in our favor, according to the lawyers, Gilead could be required to provide damages, injunctive relief, and disgorgement. The court could determine that they falsely advertised and therefore, might ask for the profit made off remdesivir to be given back to the affected individuals in the class action.

How can one become a part of this class-action?

Those who believe they’ve been harmed due to Remdesivir should get their stories documented via CHBMP or the legal Jot form. You don’t need to have your medical records immediately; the key is to start the documentation.

What is Gilead’s current stance regarding the allegations?

As of this FAQ’s last update, there hasn’t been a detailed public response from Gilead Sciences, Inc. It’s crucial to monitor official channels or consult the involved legal teams for real-time updates.

Has the lawsuit received support from other legal entities or professionals?

While the lawsuit has the collaborative backing of a syndicate of attorneys from various regions who have united in response to appeals from the affected families,we believe that this case warrants additional attention from every journalist and media outlet, and every single person who has been impacted by COVID-related crimes against humanity.

Are there any other legal initiatives supported by the Foundation?

Yes, the Foundation is involved in various endeavors related to the mismanagement of the COVID crisis and ensuing COVID-related crimes against humanity, such as the We The People 50 initiative. They are also endorsing an amicus brief to the Supreme Court that seeks to clarify a pivotal legal term. FFFF seeks to find ethical attourneys to assist victims on an individual basis, simultaneous with the class action.

How can individuals support this legal effort?

Ensure everyone knows about this killer drug. People can contribute in various ways, from sharing their stories and testimonies, donating, purchasing med-alert bracelets supporting the cause, or showing support during court hearings and related events.

Is Pfizer involved in the production of Remdesivir?
Were doctors aware of the potential risks of Remdesivir?

Initially, possibly not. Within a short period of time, however, as it became self-evident that the drug was causing significant harm, they should have become aware of the potential harms. The complaint alleges that doctors were not always giving victims informed consent or offering safe alternatives. It also states that many didn’t disclose Remdesivir was experimental or under an EUA.

How has the lawsuit been funded so far?

All crowdfunding. The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation and associated entities have been leading the funding initiatives. They rely on donations, merchandise sales like med-alert bracelets, and other support mechanisms. Given the challenge posed by pharmaceutical giants, every contribution is deemed invaluable.

How can I stay updated on the lawsuit’s progress?

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation’s official channels, like their blog, will have ongoing updates. Additionally, interested parties can keep an eye on news outlets and official court documents, and FFFF’s Monday support groups for real-time information.