You Are Not Alone.

It is unconscionable what has been done to you and those you hold most dear during the course of the COVID crisis. You have been irreparably harmed in the name of public health, and we want you to know you are not alone. Please join us for support when you need to, and come to show support for others when you can.

Monday Evening Support Groups tend to be large (approaching a hundred guests), and can run on for several hours. Guests are welcome to pop in and out at their convenience.

Wednesday Support Group: Ask-An-Expert with special guest speakers who are willing to take the time to help victims discuss possible answers to difficult questions. These are held bi-weekly on the 2nd and last Wednesday of each month.

Thursday Focused Support Groups tend to be much smaller and are geared towards welcoming new members who might be uncomfortable sharing in some of our larger groups.

Thursday Men’s Group offers the men among us a chance to talk about what this has been like for them, with a small group of other men who have had similar experiences.

Friday Night Survivors Group welcomes survivors to discuss their experience among others who have survived the Death Protocols and share their coping strategies.

Randomly Scheduled Night-Owl Support Groups pop up randomly throughout the week as needed and are scheduled on-the-fly. If you need to talk to someone sooner than later, you can email and Andrea will coordinate with other Task Force Members to set up one of these groups, any night of the week, so long as someone is available to host.