FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) is a New Jersey based 501(c)(3) organization comprised of former federal agents, prosecutors, lawyers, medical professionals, researchers, and volunteers from around the United States and all over the world. Many of our former feds are ‘former’ because they witnessed the corruption of our most fundamental systems firsthand and subsequently became conscientious objectors.

Our Mission

The mission of the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is threefold. Our primary mission (to be undertaken via several concrete primary objectives) is to restore America and the Western world to those conditions existing and considered normal prior to the emergence of the pandemic crisis and the unconstitutional mandates that accompanied it, all of which seem directed towards a so-called ‘New Normal’ we consider antithetical to traditional American and Western concepts of liberty and community. We will save lives by exposing the ‘FDA Death Protocol’ for what it is and forcing hospitals to administer safe and efficacious treatments for COVID-19. We will help people assert their legal right to refuse to submit to harmful COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandates, and call a halt to what might otherwise shape into a practically inexorable momentum towards COVID-19 ‘vaccine passports’ and draconian Digital ID systems.

Primary Objectives

1) FFFF will oppose policies sought by foreign entities like the WEF that seek to undermine Western freedoms.
2) FFFF will assist efforts to rein in Big Tech and restore freedom of speech for all Americans.
3) FFFF will stand firm against masking, ‘vaccine’ and testing mandates, and provide legal resources to those impacted by tyrannical COVID-19 directives at school and in the workplace.
4) FFFF will restore the traditional definition of ‘Informed Consent’ and attempt to ensure that the Ten Points of the Nuremberg Code be restored to its rightful place of influence over all to do with COVID-19 treatments and COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.
5) FFFF will organize survivors and family members of those harmed by the ‘FDA Death Protocol’ (including, without limitation, harm caused by remdesivir) by providing support and seeking legal avenues to pursue justice.
6) FFFF will create a living memorial to those who have lost their lives to the ‘FDA Death Protocol’ to ensure that they will not be forgotten, their stories will serve to instruct our posterity and their deaths will not have been in vain.
7) FFFF will offer to investigate and pursue amnesty and leniency options for medical professionals and whistleblowers who have either unwittingly or unwillingly participated in crimes against humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic, but only in exchange for a full accounting of what they observed over the last two years.

The second part of our mission involves tackling significant enforcement challenges that threaten our civil liberties, and encompasses several concrete secondary objectives.

Secondary Objectives

1) FFFF will focus its efforts on civil forfeiture abuse.
2) FFFF will offer support in order to develop cold case and serial profiling investigations.
3) FFFF will assist  in anti-human trafficking efforts, particularly where children are the victims.
4) FFFF will participate in the development of programs and systems that root out procurement fraud, grant fraud and scientific fraud.
5) FFFF will support efforts that safeguard our civil liberties, those protections guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
6) FFFF will support the establishment of a training and certification program geared to mitigate the risk of internal threats at the institutional level (it will also establish a team of experts who will be immediately available to evaluate any threat within our internal systems).

Working To Improve The Lives Of Children

The third part of the FFFF’s mission involves the initiation and undertaking of projects to promote child safety and education in developing countries. These efforts, organized under its Student Program for International Child Education and Safety (SPICES) Initiative, are geared towards improving children’s quality of life and reducing childhood mortality rates in developing economies. 

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FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Petitioners Lang, Fischer, and Miller in Landmark 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) Case

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit primarily manned by volunteers impacted by COVID-related crimes against humanity, has filed an amicus curiae brief in a landmark legal case concerning Principal Edward Lang and co-petitioners, Joseph W. Fischer and Garrett Miller. The crux of the case revolves around the interpretation of the term “corruptly” in the federal statute 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2). Thomas Renz, Esq. of Renz Law, LLC, has led this legal charge, emphasizing the ambiguous nature of the statute, which could have implications on First Amendment rights. The Foundation’s brief points to potential inconsistencies in the statute’s application and its potential misuse.

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Class Action Complaint Filed Against Gilead Sciences, Inc. Over Remdesivir Alleges False Advertising And Negligence

Today, two people who suffered injuries from the drug Remdesivir (a/k/a “Veklury”), filed a class-action complaint against Gilead Sciences, Inc. for alleged violations of consumer protection laws, false advertising, deceptive promotion, negligent misrepresentation, and other charges related to the marketing and administration of the drug. The complaint seeks damages, injunctive relief, and disgorgement for personal injuries and wrongful death.

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New Addition To The FFFF Team

Houston, Texas – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (the “FFFF”, a 501c3 corporation) is pleased to announce that, as of March 24, 2020, Jennifer Bridges, R.N., has joined our team as a Director and Medical Consultant. Ms....

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Helmet Giveaway in Vietnam

June 24, 2019 – In June 2019 we completed our first pilot helmet giveaway program with Vinh My School in Binh Duong, Vietnam. The program was designed by students at Moorestown Friends School in Moorestown,...

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