Medical Whistleblowers

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many medical professionals have witnessed and unwillingly participated in unimaginable Crimes Against Humanity.

Patients found themselves systematically denied effective treatment or any early treatment. Hospital administrators forced doctors and nurses to administer ineffective and toxic drugs, such as Remdesivir, and intubate their patients prematurely and unnecessarily, contrary to all reputable scientific and ethical medical standards. Hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths and injuries resulted from these negligent, reckless acts and omissions. While (perhaps) excusable in the chaotic frenzy of the earliest days of the pandemic, these lethal protocols were standardized across the nation as the crisis developed and government bonuses incentivized their implementation. Today, all participants are aware (or should be aware) of the risks inherent in these potentially criminal acts and omissions, yet these unconscionable practices inexplicably continue.

Are you a medical professional who has unwillingly participated in acts and omissions constituting Crimes Against Humanity? Have you unwittingly participated in the possible homicide of COVID-19 victims because you felt compelled to follow hospital protocol and corporate mandates? More and more brave medical professionals are speaking out about this horrific situation every day. Evil prevails only when the good fail to act and speak according to their conscience. Would you please help us bring justice and closure to victimized families by telling us your story?

Amnesty and Leniency Requests

We have former federal prosecutors willing to help those brave souls, for whom conscience has dictated that they speak, seek amnesty and leniency concerning future potential criminal prosecutions. There is no statute of limitations for Crimes Against Humanity, ignorance can no longer serve as a defense in the present context, and the assertion that one was “just following orders” will never act as a defense for those who failed to denounce such orders when provided an opportunity.