Karen Jeanne Ward

Day of death: 01/06/2021

Location: Massachusetts

Hospital: Winchester Hospital

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: yes-relentlessly

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

The second day a respiratory therapist asked why she was not vaccinated, and my Mom told her that her own doctor recommended against the vaccine. They asked her to get the vaccine and she said no. The respiratory therapist yelled at her, said, "You would not be in the condition your in, had you got the vaccine."

One of my mom's regular prescriptions was Hydroxychloriquine. We brought it to the hospital. They threw it out.

Name of Victim: Karen Jeanne Ward

Age: 72 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 12/10/2021

First sought medical attention: 12/19/2021

Admitted to hospital: 12/19/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

My mom had one (1) nice nurse. The rest of the nurses were horrible, and went along with Dr Copanos.

My mom was emotionally tortured. They refused tests, withheld antibiotics for 17 days. They made her lay flat on her face 23 hours a day. They forced 115% of oxygen through a full face BiPAP mask blowing her infected lungs out.

When the alarms went off they would yell at her. She was bound to a bed for 19 days, never taken to the bathroom. On the 18th day, the doctor convinced my sister, "her Proxy", to put her on care and comfort. I was against it, so the Social Worker was going to help us discontinue the care and comfort order, and put her in Palliative Care. The doctor found out, and we never saw the social worker again.

The doctor was so persistent to make sure my mom was going to die. I asked him, what if this was your mom, wouldn’t you want to try anything to save her? He rudely looked at my mom and said, "NAH, I’d let her die."

Medications given: Remdesivir, ativan, blood thinner, dexamethasone, lasix, morphine, Oxygen, pain killers

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Person being interviewed: Tracy Ward

Relationship To Victim: Daughter

Pursuing legal action?: yes

Engaging in activism: yes

What types of activism: I joined, protocolkills.com. I am very active in helping inform people via social media platforms. I filed a criminal complaint with the AG of Massachusetts, but never heard back. I will fight for my beautiful mom until the day I die.

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The Interview with Tracy Ward

We packed her medicine and iPhone and they took her Hydroxychloroquine and threw it out. They never gave her an Internet Portal and never took her phone out like we asked. I tried to call her several times and her phone was never within reach. I called the nurses station asked if they can make sure her phone was within reach and nurse said, I’m not allowed to talk to you because your not her healthcare proxy and slammed the phone down in my face. I never got to talk to my mother until they had her so heavily sedated and then over-dosed her,euthanized her.

Karen Jeanne Ward Story
Written by Tracy Ward(Daughter )

On December 10th, my Mother was taking care of her granddaughter whom had COVID-19. We told my mom to stay away from her because it’s highly contagious and I knew all about Remdesivir / hospital protocols, and we didn’t want my mother anywhere near a hospital. Nothing could keep her away from her granddaughter whom she loved very much.

My mother started having symptoms three days later, and a week later she could hardly breathe. Her temperatures kept spiking up over 104. We had no choice; my daughter drove her to Winchester Hospital on December 19 of 2021   Worst mistake of my life.

As soon as my daughter walked into the emergency room department with my mother, she was rudely told to leave, and not come back until my mother was being discharged.  My daughter went home and packed her overnight bag with her meds in and I brought it back to Winchester Hospital.

They transferred my mother to a medical unit, and it was an up-and-down, emotional roller coaster.

My sister was her healthcare proxy, and called and asked to speak to her doctor for the first five days.  The nurses kept saying the doctor was too busy to talk, but would get back to her. The nurses would tell my sister that my mom was doing very well, but when the doctor finally called back, it was a very different story.

I cannot speak for my sister, but I was not getting any answers on my mom’s health, lab test results or medications.  I was tired of having no information about my mother, so I called her PCP on Christmas Eve to see if I could get some answers as to what was going on with my mother, because the hospital nurses refused to speak with me, saying I was not her healthcare proxy.

My mother’s PCP went on vacation the day before so his associate called me back within a half-hour.  I told him I could not get any information regarding my mother’s care, so I asked him if he could call Winchester Hospital for me and speak to the doctor taking care of my mother and ask what tests were being done, what the results of the test were, what medications they had her on and how her medical condition was. He said he would call me back, but he never did.

We found out the doctor and nurses refused to give her own medication of Hydroxychloroquine that her rheumatologist prescribed for her to take every day.  So, my daughter called my mom’s Rheumatologist and he called my daughter right back.  She told him that the hospital doctor refused to give my mom her own medication and told her the reason was she cannot take off her biPAP mask to take anything oral because her O2 saturations would drop.

Her rheumatologist said, legally there is nothing I can do because Winchester Hospital is out of my jurisdiction.  He also said there is absolutely no reason why she cannot get her Hydroxychloroquine ordered from the hospital pharmacy in a aerosolized medication.  They still refused to give it to her, and I feel it’s was because it’s a known cure for COVID-19.

My mom asked the nurse for Ivermectin and her answer was no we don’t give that here. We asked for Ivermectin several times, and got shot down by the doctor every time. When my sister asked about why my mom couldn’t have Ivermectin the nurse manager literally laughed in my sister’s face and rudely said with a nasty attitude, “That’s not a treatment for Covid, that’s a horse dewormer.”

The Respiratory Therapist went into my mom’s room yelling at her because she was not vaccinated, saying she would not be in the condition she was in if she got vaccinated.

Just about every night the doctor would stand right outside my mom’s room and loudly say to the nurses, she needs to be on a ventilator.   After my mom specifically asked him what her chances of survival would be if she did go on a ventilator, he said 5%, so my mom said “No.   Absolutely not.”

The doctor tried so hard to break her spirits. We found out she was put on a 5 day dose of Remdesivir days after it was given.  No consent at all.  We asked for a sputum culture and never got one.

I felt she had bacterial pneumonia, and they refused to give her antibiotics for 17 days.  The doctor told my sister she had Covid pneumonia, and that antibiotics would not work.

My mom was forced to lay flat on her face in the “Wake Prone Position” with a full face Bi-pap mask on while they forced a 115% of oxygen blowing out her already infected lungs 23 hours a day.

Nurses would bring in her breakfast, lunch and dinner and leave it on the table without ever helping her to eat.  After her food trays sat on her table untouched, the nurses would come and take it away. They literally starved my mother of water and food. They never gave her any vitamins. Nurses never let her out of bed to use the bathroom for 19 days.

By the time I finally got to see her on the 17th day, I couldn’t believe the condition she was in. My mom was emaciated and the doctor had her comatose on Ativan and morphine before we even got to the hospital.

I walked into her room and the nurses we’re taking her IV’s and Bi-pap mask off. I asked what was going on and my sister said she put her on care and comfort.  I begged my sister to put her back on treatment and palliative care and the social worker came in and agreed she could help us change the order back. The doctor found out and told my sister she was brain dead, “without even looking into her eyes.”

I asked the doctor, “What if this was your mother, wouldn’t you want them to do anything they could to save her?”  He looked at my mother and said, “NAH, I’d let her die.”   We never saw the social worker ever again. I think he told her to stay out of my mom’s room.

When they took her O2 sensor off, my daughter asked, how are we supposed to know what her oxygen levels are, the nurse said, “Yyou’re not,  but I can give you her last reading.”  So my daughter drove back home and brought my mother’s oxygen sensor and put it on her finger.

We couldn’t believe are eyes, my mom’s oxygen level went back up in to the 90s and her pulse was in the 80s. The doctor came in and saw it on her finger, and he immediately had the nurses giving her Ativan and morphine every 15 minutes. He sedated her so badly that her respirations went down to 6 breaths a minute. He then convinced my sister to leave her on comfort and care. I was so angry I grabbed my things and left. My mom died at 8:00 A.M. on January 6, 2022.

Worst day of my life.

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Dr. Stephen Guffanti’s Story

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Dr Stephen Guffanti

My, Husband, Christopher, Died Due to the Protocol

My, Husband, Christopher, Died Due to the Protocol

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The CCP, the Fauci Cabal and Big Pharma Must Be Held Accountable

The CCP, the Fauci Cabal and Big Pharma Must Be Held Accountable

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To: Northern Light - Mercy Hospital

Murdered: 04/23/2021

Judie D. Valle

“The Pfizer Booster has altered my lifestyle , I fear it is slowly killing me”

“The Pfizer Booster has altered my lifestyle , I fear it is slowly killing me”

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First sought care: 01/02/2021

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Steven Anthony Ordonia

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Kevin’s Final Days

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Covid Hospital Protocol Killed My Son

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Our Parents Were Murdered, Died 14 Hours Apart- Robyn’s Story

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Linda Myers Story

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Luis M.’s Story

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The story of Steven Traini

The story of Steven Traini

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First sought care: 11/29/2021

Admitted: 11/29/2021

To: Enloe Hospital, Chico California

Murdered: 12/12/2021

Steven R Traini

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