Estelle Senopole

I Have Chosen You To Live!

Age: 64
Location: MN
First sought care: 07/26/2021
Admitted: 07/26/2021
To: Woodwinds, U of MN, Bethesda LTAC in …Woodwinds, U of MN, Bethesda LTAC in St Joe's bldg
Charlene MacCallum

Miracle of COVID survival – Char MacCallum

Age: 66
Location: KS
Became sick: 05/09/2021
First sought care: 05/10/2021
To: UM, Kindred and Meadowbrook Hospital UM, Kindred and Meadowbrook Hospital
Cheryl Moran

Unbelievable but True

Age: 63
Location: NY
Became sick: 11/01/2021
First sought care: 12/10/2021
Admitted: 11/10/2021
To: Kenmore MercyKenmore Mercy
Diane K. Corby

Remdesivir Guinea Pig

Age: 73
Location: NY
Became sick: 04/02/2021
First sought care: 04/06/2021
Admitted: 04/09/2021
To: Strong Memorial HospitalStrong Memorial Hospital
Donavon Ray McCall

Death by Covid Protocols

Age: 48
Location: MT
Became sick: 10/16/2021
First sought care: 10/25/2021
Admitted: 10/25/2021
To: Holy Rosary HospitalHoly Rosary Hospital
Murdered: 11/25/2021
Adam Farber

COVID-19 Survivor

Age: 54
Location: GA
Became sick: 11/03/2021
First sought care: 11/07/2021
Admitted: 11/14/2021
To: UnknownUnknown
Constance Collins

Hospital holocaust survivor

Age: 64
Location: NY
Became sick: 09/19/2022
First sought care: 10/01/2022
Admitted: 10/01/2022
To: Admitted after 36 hrs in ERAdmitted after 36 hrs in ER
Paul Cuzzolino

Paul Cuzzolino’s Story

Veteran and law enforcement
Age: 63
Location: PA
Became sick: 11/19/2021
First sought care: 11/28/2021
Admitted: 11/28/2021
To: Wellspan York Memorial HospitalWellspan York Memorial Hospital
Samantha CB

Me and My Friend Nearly Died

Age: 28
Location: TN
Became sick: 09/21/2021
First sought care: 09/25/2021
Admitted: 09/25/2021
To: TennovaTennova
Teobaldo Perez


Age: 69
Location: FL
Became sick: 12/13/2021
First sought care: 12/28/2021
Admitted: 12/28/2022
Richard Tormanen

Survived hospital Covid-19 death protocol miracle.

Age: 79
Location: MN
Became sick: 09/19/2020
First sought care: 09/26/2020
Admitted: 09/29/2020
To: MethodistMethodist
Narciso Serra

Husband Harmed by Remdesivir

Age: 43
Location: CA
Became sick: 07/12/2021
First sought care: 07/14/2021
Admitted: 07/16/2021
To: Natividad Medical Center Natividad Medical Center
Lloyd Ramby

Narrow Escape

Age: 62
Location: TX
Became sick: 10/30/2020
First sought care: 11/10/2020
Admitted: 11/10/2020
To: HCA - Clear Lake Regional in Webster,…HCA - Clear Lake Regional in Webster, TX, a sub-city of Houston.
Lena Spasioti

Remdesivir Injuries

Age: 54
Location: CA
Became sick: 08/01/2021
First sought care: 08/13/2021
Admitted: 08/13/2021
To: Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, CAKaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, CA
David Dentz

God Has a Plan….

Retried from military
Age: 60
Location: MN
Became sick: 11/15/2021
First sought care: 11/21/2021
Admitted: 11/21/2021
To: Methodist HospitalMethodist Hospital
Annette Alves

Annette Alves Survivor Story

Age: 54
Location: CA
Became sick: 10/07/2021
First sought care: 10/08/2021
Admitted: 10/11/2021
To: Adventist Hospital SelmaAdventist Hospital Selma
Debra Jones

Surviving the Battlefield

Age: 52
Location: KY
Became sick: 01/08/2021
First sought care: 01/09/2021
Admitted: 01/12/2021
To: Jennie Stuart Medical CenterJennie Stuart Medical Center
Joel Finch

Joel Finch Survivor Story

Age: 44
Location: WA
Became sick: 03/23/2021
First sought care: 03/27/2021
Admitted: 03/27/2021
To: Swedish Issaquah and Swedish Cherry H…Swedish Issaquah and Swedish Cherry Hill (Seattle)
Brenda-Lee Malley

“Administered Remdesivir in ICU Against my Wishes”

Age: 58
Location: WI
Became sick: 08/28/2021
First sought care: 09/09/2021
Admitted: 09/19/2021
To: Door County Medical CenterDoor County Medical Center
Dawn Reid

My journey with COVID

Age: 49
Location: CO
Became sick: 07/15/2021
First sought care: 07/20/2021
Admitted: 07/25/2021
To: Northern Colorado Medical Center, Gre…Northern Colorado Medical Center, Greeley
John Ross

Survivor from Covid treatments

Age: 69
Location: VA
Became sick: 08/11/2021
First sought care: 08/11/2021
Admitted: 08/17/2021
To: Carillion Giles Community HospitalCarillion Giles Community Hospital
Thomas Peckman

I Miraculously Survived the ICU of the Hospital Where I Work in the Laboratory

Retried from military
Age: 54
Location: WI
Became sick: 07/26/2021
First sought care: 07/26/2021
Admitted: 08/03/2021
To: Aurora Medical Center Summit, where I…Aurora Medical Center Summit, where I also work in the laboratory
Sharyn Dupont-Morehead

If I could turn back time

Age: 59
Location: MD
Became sick: 01/22/2022
First sought care: 01/23/2022
Admitted: 01/22/2022
To: Meritus Medical CenterMeritus Medical Center
Tammy Fritch

10 Days of pure evil

Age: 62
Location: IL
Became sick: 08/20/2021
First sought care: 08/23/2021
Admitted: 08/23/2021
To: Northwestern Medicine McHenry IllinoisNorthwestern Medicine McHenry Illinois
Jeff Nuttall

They tried to kill me before they saved me!

Age: 53
Location: CO
Became sick: 12/31/2021
First sought care: 01/15/2022
Admitted: 01/15/2022
To: Rose Medical Center and Swedish Rose Medical Center and Swedish
Keith T King

Keith T King, Protocol Survivor

Age: 57
Location: CA
Became sick: 08/21/2020
First sought care: 08/24/2020
Admitted: 08/26/2020
To: Mercy Folsom, CAMercy Folsom, CA
Tina Shoemaker

Covid/Remdesivir Battle

Age: 61
Location: AL
Became sick: 01/09/2022
First sought care: 01/20/2022
Admitted: 01/20/2022
To: 1-Enterprise AL medical center, 2-Gra…1-Enterprise AL medical center, 2-Grandview hospital, Birmingham, AL 3-Brookdale Rehab facility, Birmingham
Stephanie Herren

False Imprisonment

Age: 49
Location: GA
Became sick: 04/27/2021
First sought care: 09/27/2021
Admitted: 09/27/2021
To: Tanner Medical Carrollton Tanner Medical Carrollton
Joseph Leo

They tried to kill me but I made it out alive

Age: 64
Location: FL
Became sick: 07/08/2021
First sought care: 07/08/2021
Admitted: 07/08/2021
To: Blake Medical CenterBlake Medical Center
Tony G

Tony’s Story of Survival

Age: 59
Location: WA
Became sick: 09/11/2021
First sought care: 10/07/2021
Admitted: 10/07/2021
Cheryl Holley

Every Breath I Take

Age: 55
Location: FL
Became sick: 07/02/2021
First sought care: 07/03/2021
Admitted: 07/03/2021
To: AdventAdvent
Michelle Dutra


Age: 43
Location: AZ
Became sick: 08/25/2021
First sought care: 08/27/2021
Admitted: 08/30/2021
To: Kingman Regional Medical Center, Prom…Kingman Regional Medical Center, Promise Specialty Hospital
John W. Taylor

Survived Attempted Murder

Age: 46
Location: NC
Became sick: 11/25/2021
First sought care: 11/26/2021
Admitted: 11/30/2021
To: Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Med…Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Dyan Wilson

Dyan Wilson Survivor Story

Age: 51
Location: MT
Became sick: 08/13/2021
First sought care: 08/17/2021
Admitted: 08/17/2021
To: At Vincent Healthcare and Advanced Ca…At Vincent Healthcare and Advanced Care Hospital of Billings Montana
Ginae Lee Karoub

Only Survivor in My ICU

Age: 61
Location: FL
Became sick: 07/16/2021
First sought care: 07/20/2021
Admitted: 07/22/2021
To: Port Orange, Florida Halifax Port Orange, Florida Halifax
Leslie (Les) John Knutson

247 days in the ICU and hospital..Alive but with ongoing health repercussions

Age: 58
Location: MT
Became sick: 10/09/2021
First sought care: 10/09/2021
Admitted: 10/09/2021
To: Billings Clinic HospitalBillings Clinic Hospital
Virginia Hamlin

Virginia Hamlin Survivor Story

Age: 60
Location: CA
Became sick: 07/25/2021
First sought care: 08/01/2021
Admitted: 08/01/2021
To: Corona Regional Medical Center and Ki…Corona Regional Medical Center and Kindred Rancho Cucamonga
Glory Towns

Survivor by a Miracle

Age: 67
Location: FL
Became sick: 01/28/2021
First sought care: 02/01/2021
Admitted: 02/01/2021
To: Fawcett Memorial in Port Charlotte, F…Fawcett Memorial in Port Charlotte, Fl
Donna Pena

Mother and Baby Miracles

Age: 31
Location: CA
Became sick: 10/31/2021
First sought care: 11/05/2021
Admitted: 11/05/2021
To: KiaserKiaser
Laura L. Baker

Left to die

Age: 50
Location: ID
Became sick: 08/24/2021
First sought care: 09/05/2021
Admitted: 09/05/2021
To: St. AlphonsusSt. Alphonsus
Regina Bell

I Survived

Age: 64
Location: NV
Became sick: 10/08/2021
First sought care: 10/15/2021
Admitted: 10/15/2021
To: Mountain View Hospital and Pam RehabMountain View Hospital and Pam Rehab
Stanley j. Czarnecki

Stanley Czarnecki Survivor Story

Age: 59
Location: NY
Became sick: 09/24/2021
First sought care: 09/27/2021
Admitted: 10/02/2021
To: Saint CatherinesSaint Catherines
Felix A. Colón Figueroa

Felix A. Colón Figueroa Story of Survival

Age: 53
Location: MA
Became sick: 10/01/2021
First sought care: 10/05/2021
Admitted: 10/18/2021
To: Milford Regional Medical, Milford Mas…Milford Regional Medical, Milford Massachusetts from 10/18/21 to 10/25/21 and 10/26/21 to 12/01/21 Landmark Medical Center Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Anne Miller

Anne Miller Story – Recovering All

Age: 55
Location: VA
Became sick: 12/28/2021
First sought care: 12/29/2021
Admitted: 01/05/2022
To: INOVA LoudounINOVA Loudoun
Sandra Griffith

Sandra Griffith: I am a Lucky One

Age: 65
Location: AZ
Became sick: 10/12/2021
First sought care: 10/12/2021
Admitted: 10/20/2021
To: Banner Desert Medical CenterBanner Desert Medical Center
Kevin Hite

Kevin Hite’s Story of Survival

Age: 62
Location: AK
Became sick: 09/06/2021
First sought care: 09/09/2021
Admitted: 09/09/2021
To: Mat Su RegionalMat Su Regional
Kevin Tyykila

Kevin Tyykila Survival Experience

Age: 26
Location: TX
Became sick: 08/10/2021
First sought care: 08/11/2021
Admitted: 08/15/2021
To: Baylor Scott and White - GrapevineBaylor Scott and White - Grapevine
Christi L. Gallegos

Christi Gallegos – A Survivor Story

Age: 56
Location: TX
Became sick: 08/15/2021
First sought care: 08/18/2021
Admitted: 08/18/2021
To: HCA Houston NorthwestHCA Houston Northwest