Catherine I Hoheisel

Location: Minnesota

Hospital: Centra Care Hospital in Sauk Center, MN 56378 And then transferred to Centra Care Hospital in St. Cloud, MN 56303

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: yes_fam

Asked to sign DNR: no

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

I believe I was looked at differently and treatment was different because I wasn't vaccinated. I was drugged heavily and given remdesivir for 5 days straight. I went to the hospital because I wasn't feeling well and had fainted at home. The hospital made us wait out in our car for over an hour before they would let us in. I became a little short of breath for the first time when walking into the hospital. My oxygen level was 87 and my husbands was in the low 90's. They gave him the monoclonal antibodies and told me I didn't qualify for it because my oxygen was below 90. Instead, they wheeled me to the E.R. and admitted me. They started the remdesivir the next day and told me it was the same treatment as the monoclonal antibodies. I got sicker and sicker each day. I barely have any memory because I was so drugged. The remdesivir made me very sick and nauseous - the only thing to relieve my discomfort at all, I remember, was to lay on my stomach with my feet elevated on a chair.

Everyday I was in there, I kept betting sicker and sicker. They had a cure. They just didn't give it to me or anyone else.

Name of Victim: Catherine I Hoheisel

Age: 67 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 10/05/2021

First sought medical attention: 10/10/2024

Admitted to hospital: 10/15/2021

Medications given: Remdesivir, Actemra, blood pressure meds, dexamethasone, Decadron, enoxaparin, fentynal, lovenox, Oxygen, propofol, sedatives, Vancomycin

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 10/21/2021

Days on a ventilator: : 8 days

Pursuing legal action?: no

Engaging in activism: yes

What types of activism: As the victim I am speaking out as much as I can but it is hard for people to believe. I can't even believe some of it myself. I was raised to trust my doctors and nurses and I did trust them, but I don't anymore. I see now that I should have left the hospital in the very beginning when they denied me the monoclonal injection that I went there for. I was not as sick as they make it sound on my admission day in my medical records. I was not vomiting at home. I had fainted once and felt like I had the flu. The first time I was short of breath was when I was walking into the hospital to get my monoclonal infusion - Their records say that my oxygen level was 87 after resting a little while and they did not give me any oxygen. They refused my monoclonal injection because they said my oxygen level was too low. I know I told them after being admitted that I did NOT want remdesivir because I had heard horrible things about it, and they gave it to me anyway and told me it was same treatment as the monoclonal. I think it was a nurse in the Sauk Center Hospital that told me that but I'm not sure.

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The Interview with Catherine I Hoheisel
I Was Duped
Written by Catherine I Hoheisel

I started have covid symptoms along with my husband, so we acquired ivermectin and prednisone and an antibiotic from a frontline doctor. The medicine seemed to help, but about a week later, we weren’t feeling well again so we decide to get a monoclonal infusion, because that seemed to be helping people. Neither of us were terribly sick, although I had fainted at home and that scared me a little.

When we made the phone call to get the monoclonal infusion, we were told we had to wait for an opening. A few days later, we got a call and we were given an appointment in Sauk Center for 3 days from the call. When we arrived in Sauk Center for our Monoclonal injection appointment, we were told to stay in the car and to call and let them know we had arrived. We had to wait over an hour in the car before they called us to come in.

As I was walking into the hospital, I became short of breath for the first time. ,They took our oxygen levels and told me I couldn’t have the monoclonal because my oxygen was too low but my husband’s level was okay.

After resting (they would not give me any oxygen) my oxygen was 87, and they said it was too low to receive the Monoclonal antibodies. They put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me to the E.R.  I let them admit me because I think I was a scared and I trusted them. They told my husband he could not stay with me because I would be having a roommate. They gave me oxygen in the hospital and the following day – after the first night in the hospital – my oxygen level was okay.  THAT IS WHEN I WISH I WOULD HAVE JUST GONE HOME. I

remember telling them I did not want remdesivir because I had heard horrible things about it. There was no talk that I remember about what they were going to do. I blindly trusted them and shouldn’t have. All I know is that everyday in the hospital I continued to get worse and worse and sicker and sicker. They gave me a 5-day dose of remdesivir. Thinking back now, I believe I was drugged because I barely have any memory of the 5 days in the Sauk Center Hospital. I remember at one point waking up and lifting my head to someone standing above me, and I asked them a question about them giving me remdesivir because they answered, “This is the 5th day of your remdesivir,”  and I said, “Well, it must not have done any good.” I remember that but I don’t remember hardly anything else from those 5 days except feeling sicker each day. That is when they told me that the remdesivir is the same as the Monoclonal antibodies treatment.

I also remember I couldn’t figure out how to use my phone – I thought that the phone company had updated it or something. I felt like I was sedated. I was so sick from the remdesivir that the only thing that helped me to feel better was to lay on my stomach and put my feet up on a chair that had a pillow on it. I remember my husband visiting me after I didn’t have a roommate anymore, but I felt too sick to visit. I believe I was being poisoned. My children were outside and texted me a picture because only one person was allowed to come in, and you couldn’t take turns just one person period.

Evidently at this point, after their remdesivir protocol, I was very sick and my oxygen was low so my family got me transferred to a bigger hospital who could give me a better oxygen treatment; I think it was called heated flow.  At first my family was told there were no openings in any hospitals in Minnesota but then an opening was found in St. Cloud, which was much closer to our home and our family too.

Also I wanted to say, my first night in Sauk Center I heard them talking to my roommate and telling her that her kidneys were failing and she would have to be transferred to another hospital. I should have run from the hospital, but I didn’t put it together with her treatment. She probably received the remdesivir treatment.

I was transferred by ambulance from the Sauk Center Centra Care (small hospital) to the St. Cloud Centra Care Hospital. On my way from the Sauk Center Hospital in the ambulance just before arriving in St. Cloud, I remember that I sat up and became more aware of my surroundings and asked them where we were. The ambulance medic told me we were just about to St. Cloud. The drive was just over an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. When they wheeled me into the St. Cloud Hospital I was feeling even better and sat up and asked for something to eat because I was hungry. My husband was at the hospital when I arrived. The nurse made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I remember eating half of it and enjoying it very much. There was a lot of peanut butter and jelly on it so I didn’t eat the second half. I was alert and eating and visiting with my husband. He was happy that I was feeling so good and doing so well.

But the strangest thing… After my husband left, I have no memory of anything. The next thing I remember is vaguely waking and becoming aware of being tied down and nobody around, but I could hear muffled voices from a distance and barely see figures far away from me. I remember waking one time and thinking maybe someone had kidnapped me and there was nothing I could do. I was tied down and muffled.

Another time I woke up and something inside told me to fight! fight! fight! So I partially sat up and swung my tied down arms as much as I could trying to get myself loose from being restrained. (I found out later the doctor told my son, “Your mom was hostile last night.” My son told the doctor “If my mom was hostile, there was something wrong because my mom isn’t like that.”)

While I was in the St. Cloud Hospital, my son was off work for a few weeks recovering from CPVOD-19 himself – He had received ivermectin and prednisone and and antibiotic from a front line doctor, which he said seemed to help him – he said for sure the prednisone did – and he also got the Monoclonal antibodies injection. Since he was off work, he was able to keep close tabs with my doctors and nurses in St. Cloud.  I believe that is what saved my life and got me off of being intubated, and off of the deadly protocol that they were following for treating COVID-19 patients. He called them multiple times daily.

On the 8th day of being intubated, they decided to take me off the restraints and the intubation. I remember as I was coming out of it all, I had a very strong knowing inside that I had been lied to and I wanted to tell my family that they [hospital employees] were liars and to please get me out of here as soon as possible. I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t write, so I was unable to tell them that. I was in intensive care for another night after my tubes were taken out, and then transferred to another floor and bed.

Another very strong memory I have is that I didn’t want my husband to leave once I was free of intubation and transferred to another floor, because I had a very real fear that as soon as he left they would drug me and intubate me again. I know there’s a reason for that fear. It was big and it was very real. My husband stayed and my fear subsided.

While on this new floor I was given help from the nurse and therapist to start walking again and to get my balance. I was out of the hospital within a couple days after being released from intubation. I could walk with a walker and I was talking and eating good.

When I returned home I was given physical therapy for a few weeks at home. We never received a bill for any of this. I know that if the hospitals were allowed to treat patients properly and the doctors followed their own intuition and practiced basic medical knowledge then people would have lived instead of being murdered in the hospitals. It’s like something took control of people’s minds and hate took over. If you were not vaxed, which I wasn’t, you were looked down on by most doctors and nurses and treated as if it was your own fault.

One of the doctors in the St. Cloud Hospital visited me on the new floor I was on after being released from intubation and he seemed almost angry and irritated that I was freed from intubation. He said to me, “It’s nothing short of miraculous that you made it through this.” Then he proceeded to tell me to get vaccinated and to tell others to get vaccinated too. He said, “You could get this again, so make sure and get vaccinated!” After that, he started writing on the white board and explained to me that the unvaccinated people are taking up the beds in the hospital and preventing other people from getting the care they need because we are causing a shortage of beds. I remember me thinking just keep your mouth shut and get out of here as quickly as possible.

That’s my story  –  but also even after all of this, I remember being grateful to the doctors and hospitals for saving my life. Which in a way doesn’t make any sense. It’s very confusing because they actually made me much more sicker than I was and gave me inhumane treatment that I didn’t need.

I should have known better than to go to the hospital and allow them to mistreat me. I think fear was very rampant during this fake COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank You for letting me tell my story

Catherine I Hoheisel

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