Sue Cibula

Day of death: 11/07/2021

Location: Maryland

Hospital: Kaiser Permanente in Maryland (Silver Springs)

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: yes-pressured

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

The victim was treated with disrespect, and not given options to what she was requesting for treatment, food, medicine, etc.

They pushed her husband into signing her death warrant.

Name of Victim: Sue Cibula

Age: 56 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 09/23/2021

First sought medical attention: 09/27/2021

Admitted to hospital: 09/27/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

My best friend and cousin, Sue, was murdered by Kaiser Permanente in Silver Springs. Maryland.
Sue was given medication to sedate her, because she was refusing remdesivir. She was basically sedated and unable to make any medical decisions for herself. The hospital went over her head, and called her husband for authorization to treat her with remdesivir. Sue was well aware of the deadly consequences of the hospital protocols, yet they drugged her and went over her head to get authorization from her husband. Sue kept in contact with me up until the first dose of remdesivir, and than I didn't speak (physically) with her again on the phone. She would occasionally text me, but it wasn't the connection that she and I had always had. After one week on remdesivir, the hospital, once again, went over her head to get authorization from her husband, to be put on the vent. Sue refused the vent, several times, but the hospital pushed for their protocol. Once her husband gave the consent, they had to restrain Sue and give her medication to sedate her because she was fighting the medical staff to stop them from placing her on the vent. The doctors and nurses state she was critically low on oxygen levels and needed to be on the vent, yet she had enough oxygen to fight the staff from being placed on it. The hospital pulled the plugged on Nov 7, 2021, after her insurance ran out.

Medications given: Remdesivir, ativan, anxiety meds, baricitinib, blood pressure meds, udesonideformoteroL, fentynal, Oxygen, sedatives

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 10/08/2021

Days on a ventilator: : 30 days

Person being interviewed: Kim Bohach

Relationship To Victim: Cousin

Pursuing legal action?: no

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Kim Bohach

My situation is different because my cousin and best friend, Sue, knew the truth about hospital protocols and the deadly dangers of remdesivir and the vent. Her husband however, relied on the vaxx and the "professional" opinions and treatments from the hospital and the staff. The hospital realized the situation and used it to benefit their financial agenda.

My Cousin and Best Friend was Murdered
Written by Kim Bohach (Cousin )

My name is Kim Bohach, and I am a victim of covid hospital protocol, but my story is a tad different.  The victim was my cousin and best friend, Sue. She lived in Maryland, and I’m in Ohio.

She knew everything (at least the important details) about the hospital protocols, remDEATHsevere, the vent, the vax, etc., but her husband and her adult daughters were blind to the evil.

Sue went in to Kaiser Permanente Hospital (because of her insurance) on Sept 27, 2021, with covid symptoms which she had had for almost one (1) week.  They admitted her, and Sue kept me informed the whole time.  Sue called me while waiting for a bed, and said they were adamant about starting her on remDEATHsevere.  She denied it every time.

But while Sue and I were talking on the phone, the nurse came in and gave her something through her IV and within minutes, Sue became very tired and incoherent.  It’s the last time I spoke to her physically, on the phone.  She would text me here and there, but nothing on her text connected me with how we normally connected. I knew there was something very wrong.

I found out days later, the hospital went over her head, and got authorization from her husband to start remDEATHsevere. Her husband, Andy, is vaxxed and so are her two (2) daughters, who were going through nursing programs at the time.  Perfect storm for evil of course.

Also, I found out through Sue’s sister, my cousin Beth, that Sue denied the vent twice again, and the hospital AGAIN went over her head, and got authorization from her husband to be placed on the vent.

The doctor and nurses stated to her husband that Sue’s oxygen levels were “critically” low, yet they had to give Sue medicine to paralyze her and calm her down, because she was physically fighting the staff from being placed on the vent.  October 8, 2021, she was placed on the vent.

All communication was lost with her and I KNEW that day, I would never see or hear from my best friend and cousin again.  It was the most difficult, painful, excruciating time of my life, especially since I live in Ohio and she was in Maryland.

It felt like I was screaming for someone to help her from on top of a mountain, yet no one was listening.  Unfortunately, at that same time, her mom (my aunt Nancy and her dad, my uncle Don) were at separate hospitals as well fighting for their lives.  By God’s grace and mercy, I was able to get my mom to talk to my 84-year- old uncle (her brother) and get him to deny remDEATHsevere. He also DENIED remDEATHsevere for his wife (my aunt).

My uncle Don was originally given one dose of remDEATHsevere, before my mom could get in contact with him, but he REFUSED the other doses. My aunt Nancy was not given any. She was last to be admitted and first to be released.  My uncle Don was in the hospital for almost four (4) weeks with complications from his only dose of remDEATHsevere.  My uncle Don did not know that my cousin (his daughter Sue) was literally minutes from death’s door, while he was fighting for his recovery from the single and only dose of remdesivir. My uncle Don was admitted to the hospital on October 3, 2021, and finally discharged on November 6, 2021, still unaware that my cousin (his daughter, Sue) had been placed on the vent, against her wishes.

My cousin, Sue, died Nov 7, 2021, after one (1) month of being on a vent, and not by coincidence, the same night they finally persuaded her husband Andy to sign the DNR. Her hospital insurance just hit the limit (One million  dollars) for covered care.

This is one of many stories we have documented for our COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, a living archive of individuals harmed by crimes against humanity throughout the pandemic. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it here. You can browse more documented cases of humanity betrayal below. If you feel this is important, please share this page to your social media pages – and since it will probably be censored from social media, take the extra step of emailing it to your friends and family. Thank you for helping us raise awareness of the terrible ordeal our public health agencies have put these people through, so that we can try to prevent crimes against humanity like these from happening to anyone else.

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Lawrence Sperberg Story

Lawrence Sperberg Story

Age: 78

Location: WI

Became sick: 09/21/2021

First sought care: 09/26/2021

Admitted: 09/26/2021

To: Bellin Hospital Green Bay Wisconsin

Murdered: 11/06/2021

Lawrence (LJ) Sperberg

Lisa’s Story, Another Remdesivir Tragedy

Lisa’s Story, Another Remdesivir Tragedy

Age: 44

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Became sick: 02/09/2021

First sought care: 02/09/2021

Admitted: 02/09/2021

To: Central Florida Regional Hospital

Murdered: 09/08/2021

Lenny Mendez

He Didn’t Have To Die

He Didn’t Have To Die

Age: 74

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Became sick: 10/29/2021

First sought care: 11/04/2021

Admitted: 11/10/2021

To: Lewis Gale Montgomery Hospital

Murdered: 11/16/2021

Frank Ruffner Moseley

Jason Nation Story

Jason Nation Story

Age: 49

Location: IA

Became sick: 09/12/2021

First sought care: 09/25/2021

Admitted: 09/28/2021

To: Waverly Health Center and transferred to Allen Memorial Hospital

Murdered: 10/29/2021

Jason Nation

Rutherford-Horrors of COVID protocols

Rutherford-Horrors of COVID protocols

Age: 49

Location: NC

Became sick: 09/01/2021

First sought care: 09/04/2021

Admitted: 09/07/2021

To: Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital and Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist - Wilkes Medical Center

Murdered: 10/22/2021

Tim Rutherford

Jonathon Goscinski Sr. – Interview with his son Jonathon Goscinski Jr

Jonathon Goscinski Sr. – Interview with his son Jonathon Goscinski Jr

Age: 53

Location: MI

Became sick: 08/01/2021

First sought care: 08/30/2021

Admitted: 08/30/2021

To: Ascension genesys hospital

Jonathon Goscinski sr

Tammy G’s Story

Tammy G’s Story

Age: 51

Location: TN

Became sick: 08/16/2021

First sought care: 08/17/2021

Admitted: 08/25/2021

To: Sumner Regional Medical Center

Murdered: 09/18/2021

Brandon Gillespie

Ricky Rodgers Story

Ricky Rodgers Story

Age: 70

Location: TN

Became sick: 01/13/2022

First sought care: 01/18/2022

Admitted: 01/18/2022

To: Methodist, Germantown, TN

Murdered: 02/08/2022

Ricky Rodgers

Cathy G.’s Story

Cathy G.’s Story

Age: 61

Location: CO

Became sick: 07/24/2021

First sought care: 07/28/2021

Admitted: 07/28/2021

To: St. Francis Hospital

Murdered: 08/24/2021

Daniel Gonzales

Denied Right-to-Try and Doctor Lies

Denied Right-to-Try and Doctor Lies

Age: 57

Location: AR

Became sick: 05/08/2021

First sought care: 05/15/2021

Admitted: 05/20/2021

To: Unity Health - Searcy Medical Center, Searcy, Arkansas

Murdered: 06/17/2021

Windell Shawn Spakes

Scott Bedell’s Story

Scott Bedell’s Story

Age: 59

Location: TX

Became sick: 09/04/2021

First sought care: 09/09/2021

Admitted: 09/10/2021

To: Texahoma Medical Center in Dennison

Murdered: 10/01/2021

Scott Lee Bedell

Eric Bega Story

Eric Bega Story

Age: 60

Location: HI

Became sick: 10/24/2021

First sought care: 10/24/2021

Admitted: 11/10/2021

To: Maui Memorial

Murdered: 11/19/2021

Eric Bega

Tony’s Story – A Shot that Ruined His Body

Tony’s Story – A Shot that Ruined His Body

Age: 58

Location: FL

Became sick: 04/18/2021

First sought care: 05/16/2021

Admitted: 05/16/2021

To: Lakeland Regional and Watson Clinic

William A Abshire

It Was Not Larry Andrews’ Time

It Was Not Larry Andrews’ Time

Age: 75

Location: AL

Became sick: 02/28/2021

First sought care: 03/03/2021

Admitted: 03/06/2021

To: Mobile Infirmary Medical Center - MIMC

Murdered: 03/26/2021

Larry Andrews

Beneath the Rocks

Beneath the Rocks

Age: 50

Location: MI

Became sick: 11/24/2021

First sought care: 11/28/2021

Admitted: 12/08/2021

To: Chelsea hospital/Allegiance

Murdered: 12/21/2021

Shawn Norman



Age: 43

Location: AL

Became sick: 08/17/2021

First sought care: 08/17/2021

Admitted: 08/25/2021


Murdered: 09/26/2021

Shannon Marie Jordan McDonald

Another Hospital Murder Using Remdesivir

Another Hospital Murder Using Remdesivir

Age: 51

Location: TX

Became sick: 07/20/2021

First sought care: 07/21/2021

Admitted: 07/24/2021

To: 1. Shoreline in Corpus Christi, 2. Doctors Regional Corpus Christi

Murdered: 08/25/2021

Edward M. Garza

“We Want Justice for our Mom”

“We Want Justice for our Mom”

Age: 64

Location: NY

Became sick: 12/12/2021

First sought care: 12/13/2021

Admitted: 12/18/2021

To: Saratoga Hospital

Murdered: 01/07/2022

Sherry Cuva

Mark Kingsley Story

Mark Kingsley Story

Age: 83

Location: FL

Became sick: 08/17/2021

First sought care: 08/20/2021

Admitted: 08/22/2021

To: Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs

Murdered: 08/29/2021

Mark P. Kingsley

JoAnn’s Story- Husband & Father of 6 Gone Too Soon

JoAnn’s Story- Husband & Father of 6 Gone Too Soon

Age: 43

Location: CA

Became sick: 09/17/2021

First sought care: 09/22/2021

Admitted: 09/25/2021

To: Kaiser Permanente Riverside

Murdered: 11/02/2021

Joseph Michael Luna

God Has a Plan….

God Has a Plan….

Age: 60

Location: MN

Became sick: 11/15/2021

First sought care: 11/21/2021

Admitted: 11/21/2021

To: Methodist Hospital

David Dentz

The Kenneth Slaughter Story

The Kenneth Slaughter Story

Age: 84

Location: CA

Became sick: 09/16/2022

First sought care: 09/18/2022

Admitted: 09/18/2022

To: Kaiser Permanente – 2295 S. Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA

Murdered: 09/30/2022

Kenneth Slaughter

Dorothy’s Story

Dorothy’s Story

Age: 41

Location: AR

Became sick: 09/15/2021

First sought care: 09/22/2021

Admitted: 09/22/2021

To: Baptist Health

Crystal Marie Alonzo

Michael Yellow’s Story

Michael Yellow’s Story

Age: 72

Location: NY

Became sick: 10/31/2021

First sought care: 11/18/2021

Admitted: 11/18/2021

To: Mount St Mary's Hospital Lewiston, NY

Murdered: 12/07/2021

Robert Yellow

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