Edward Joseph Anderson, Sr. "Ed"

Day of death: 09/27/2021

Location: New Jersey

Hospital: Inspira Medical Center Elmer, NJ

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: no

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

The moment he (we) told the ER Staff he was not vaccinated (nor was I), we were treated like we were paupers. I was allowed to stay in ER with him, but once they took him to ICU, I was no longer allowed. Other visitors were allowed in there.

We were both positive for COVID, he being much worse than me. He was not fed regularly, not well taken care of; they alienated him and alienated him from ME! If I had been there to advocate, he WOULD be alive.

I had to call several times a day to get updates as they refused to call me with updates. They gave him protocol without my permission, and he did not know what was going on and did not understand medical stuff.

They didn’t really care about him. They made him sicker and sicker each day.

Name of Victim: Edward Joseph Anderson, Sr. "Ed"

Age: 51 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 09/18/2021

First sought medical attention: 09/22/2021

Admitted to hospital: 09/22/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

Each day he was in there he kept getting worse and worse, he was isolated, scared; and talking to me on Facetime was difficult due to his oxygen levels. On day 6, they went to vent him and he went into cardiac arrest. They said, he would be just fine, said he needed to rest his lungs or he would die. THEY MURDERED MY HUSBAND!!!!

Medications given: Remdesivir, ativan, antibiotics, antifungal, adrenaline, anxiety meds, doxycycline

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Person being interviewed: Tracy Anderson

Relationship To Victim: Spouse (hate saying widow)

Pursuing legal action?: would

Engaging in activism: yes

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The Interview with Tracy Anderson

Think very hard before you take your loved one to the hospital. You think you are going to a place where they will help you, but they don’t.

My healthy YOUNG Husband murdered by government protocol (GENOCIDE) by caregivers we thought were there to HELP!
Written by The subject will write out their story.

My husband was admitted to Inspira Hospital, Elmer, NJ, on 9/21/21, late afternoon, and date of death 9/27/2021, at 4:30 A.M.  When Remdesivir and their protocol complete attempted to vent him and he went into cardiac arrest and died.  Edward Joseph Anderson, Sr., 05/11/1970, my beautiful, healthy husband.  No meds, no preexisting conditions, healthy.  We had blood work and doctor appointments annually each May.

I was not allowed to advocate for him.  I specifically told them NOT to give these medications – oxygen ONLY, and they did what they wanted.  I had to them for updates; they never called me.  I was not allowed in the hospital with him once he left the ER.  (What f….king sense does that make, because he was in ICU and a private glass room anyway.)  My husband felt like they were killing him because each day he was in their care, he got WORSE.

Edward “Ed” Joseph Anderson, Sr. (51)

Murdered by Hospital Homicide

Sunrise 05/11/1970 and Sunset 09/27/2021

Preface:  I am doing my best to recollect every single little detail of what occurred when they were in the process of murdering my young, healthy husband.  I still live so deeply in heart with wrenching grief, agony, loneliness, emptiness, and a slew of other adjectives that I could use to describe the immeasurable pain that I feel each day since they murdered my husband.

Our COVID Journey (Part 1):

As COVID protocols, restrictions and mandates rattled the country and our cozy community (Franklinville, NJ), my beautiful amazing, health husband and I stayed pretty put with our own families and close friends that got together for dinners, bonfires.  We all hung out and most of us worked together or watched each other’s children.  We were the “Anchor’s Patio and Bar Pod.”  The entire group was also exposed to “others” outside our pod due to working and family commitments.

Fast forward to late 2020, we were enjoying camping, family commitments, dining, beach, traveling again, hosting large gatherings in our backyard and sooo many other activities we loved to do with each other.  Also, during this entire time, my husband nor I or anyone we know EVER got COVID.

September 11, 2021, we hosted a large gathering of friends/family in our yard for our 20th+ annual Horseshoe Tournament and 9/11 Memorial Reflection.  We had approximately 150 people in our gorgeous backyard (Ed took such pride in it.) including tents to sit under and a food tent.

The following week we were business as usual, working our full time jobs, and so in love with each other spending every moment outside of work together.

Where Ed got COVID:

The evening of Thursday, September 16, 2021, was one of Ed’s regular short evening parenting visits with his 8-year old son, Luke (Fratto).  Ed was in the fight of his life (or so he thought), working with a lawyer to try to get 50/50 custody of his son, who was created from a one-day stand with a woman who Ed barely knew.  He consistently regretted that action, but wanted to be a great father (again) and raise his son.  She all ready had a total of three (3) children – three different fathers, and lived at home with her adoptive parents.

Ed was not even award of the child until after he was born, and was asked to take a DNA test, along with other numerous potential “baby daddy” candidates.  Ms Sara Fratto did not make things easy for Ed being the father he so badly wanted to be.

This battle ensued for eight (8) years up until Ed’s murder.  The only reason I bring  this up is because 9/16/2021, was Ed’s evening.

Luke’s mother called and stated that Luke had COVID, and did Ed want to take him anyway.  She (as always) refused to grant us another makeup day, and since she was constantly playing games, lying and attempting to keep his son from him, Ed allowed Luke into our home even though he was positive for COVID.

Ed, Luke and I all snuggled on the couch with a sick Luke to ensure he felt loved and safe despite him being sick.  We could NOT distance us from his child who we BOTH loved and adored.  Again, Ed (and I) only allowed this because he was only able to see his son 6 hours (2-3 hour evenings) and every other weekend.  Even the day before Ed’s hospitalization for COVID, Ed had a court hearing regarding custody.  Ed felt like death the, but still pushed through it with his attorney, having to stick up for his lethargies to the judge.

If it were not for Ms Fratto doing everything in her power to keep a loving, willing father from his son, allowing switch days, etc., to accommodate for sickness or events, we would have changed days and my husband would not have gotten COVID from his son, ultimately sending Ed to the hospital, where those we trusted, instead MURDERED him.

Our COVID Journey (Part 2):

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, Ed and I both started feeling ill.  Since it was the weekend and we both were not working, we spent the weekend in bed, relaxing, sleeping and staying hydrated.  Ed was running high fevers all weekend.  Me, not so much.  Ed was sleeping about three-fourths of the day.  He only woke in increments to drink fluids, to use the bathroom, etc., and sometimes, I even had to wake him to do that.  (Remember, I was also ill, but not as ill.)

Monday September 21, 2021, again, Ed was very ill and somewhat lethargic, but still managed to get through the hour-long court hearing for his son.  Again all he did was sleep on and off with me waking him to drink fluids and use restroom.

Tuesday, September 22, 2021, I could tell something was “off” with my husband.  My normally bright faced, happy man had become so pale, almost a slate bluish gray.  I asked him how he was feeling, and he said, “Like death.”  I could tell he was struggling a little bit to get air.  Therefore, I called a friend (RN) with a pulse oximeter, and she ran it over to us right away; dumped and ran so she was not exposed to COVID.

I took my oxygen reading, and I was at 91 percent.  I took Ed’s, and he was 64 percent.  I did this several times, and I could not get him to ready above 68 percent.  I knew he needed oxygen, and I knew he needed it sooner rather than later.  I spoke with a nurse friend, and spoke with a former friend who was and EMT, and they both urged me to get him to the hospital as fast as I could.

Ed and I were both hesitant about the hospital, and normally, I would get a little push back from my beloved Ed on emergency situations, but this time, he did not fight me.

Since the closest hospital was about eight (8) minutes away, we went there, which was Elmer Hospital, Inspira Health Network, a large for-profit group based in Southern Rural Southern NJ in Salem County, New Jersey.  Ed and I trusted that hospital, Inspira Health Network, as it was always our go-to if either of us (or family) were seriously ill.  We left our house, unsure of the time (I believe early afternoon) to head to the Elmer Emergency Room, Inspira Health Network.

When we arrived, I asked him if he wanted me to drop him off at the door or fi he wanted to walk from the care with me, and he stated, “I will walk in here, and I will walk out of here.”  He trusted this rural community hospital/organization, as I did.

As we walked into the entrance of the emergency room at Inspira Health Network, security and the intake, the nurses greeted us.  The first thing they asked us was if we were vaccinated or not.  Since neither of us are liars, and his care could be potentially based on vaccination status or not, we told them the truth.

From that moment on, we were left to feel like we were second class citizens, so to speak.  Derogatory statements were mumbled consistently.  I do not recall what his pulse oxidation was upon arrival or fever.  (I do have what I hope are his complete records.)

He was immediately brought back to an ER bed, and at this point, I was allowed to go with him.  They began oxygen, did a COVID test, took him for a chest x-ray and put the oximeter on his finger for constant oxygen readings.  They did not give him any IV fluids; just told him to drink.  (I feel he was dehydrated as he significant diarrhea at home.)

They immediately gave him and I numerous papers and electronic forms to sign with ABSOLUTELY NO TIME to review.  Nor did ANYONE explain the forms to us, or even ask.  They did not explain anything to us of what was happening, what the potential treatment plan was.  I did mention NUMEROUS times that I did not want them to give him Remdesivir or ANY of the “protocol meds,” and to give him oxygen and fluids only, and absolutely NO VENT.

I was able to sit with him in the ER for about an hour or two.  Then they stated they were keeping my sweet husband, and I cried.  I cried, because I knew what that meant.  That meant he had a 50/50 chance of making it out of that place alive.

I remember sitting there telling him how hard he had to fight, how hard he had to pay attention to what they were doing to him, that he had to ask questions, to have them call me as he did not have a medical background as I do.  I feel like I almost blacked out because I was so upset and so scared for my husband.  I had no clue that when they wheeled him out of the emergency room to ICU, and they made me leave, that was the last time I would physically hug and kiss him (alive).

I was NOT allowed in Inspira Health Network to visit or be his “physical” in-person advocate, offer consistent physical love, and emotional support because of these ridiculous “protocol” for COVID patients.  These protocols, knowingly, purposefully and illegally alienated patients from their loved ones, causing less than adequate treatment, mistreatment, or non-treatment.  What they did was truly inhumane.  I would have stayed at that hospital the entire time to be his 24/7 advocate, watch what was going on and offer my endless love and support to the person that meant the world to me.  I know if I had been there, he would have survived.

It’s crazy that I too had COVID, and was able to sit inside the very public emergency room with him for a few hours, walk around down there, but I could NOT be with him in an isolation room with glass, closed door and a private bathroom?  Makes absolutely no sense to me; just another reason why I believe they wanted to hide what they were doing to him (and the millions of other folks) they murdered with this protocol.

His first day there, he was cognitive, as to speak to me (and others) via face time a few times a day.  As for updates on what was going on and his condition, I had to call (always), wait for someone to possibly call me back.  I continuously called (each day, several times a day), and they rarely initiated calls to me with updates.  I was always the one to initiate.

The details of the calls with the staff are still blur, due to my constant grief.  The details of the calls with my husband are somewhat blurry, but I do recall him telling me that they hardly came in and checked on him (because he was not vaccinated, and a I stated in the beginning, I felt as though he was treated differently – negatively – because of that).  They did not keep a continuous IV on him to keep him hydrated.  They had him alternate between the Bipap and Cpap, and each day he progressively got worse, and that was from the Protocol Cocktail they were giving him without our consent.

I vividly recall a conversation with the attending MD to please, please give him Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine.  The doctor adamantly refused to do that stating, “It’s not our protocol!!!”  I asked for this on many occasions.  I know during the course of my husband being at Inspira Health Network, I also asked them to give him Mucinex, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, a multivitamin, and of course they did NOT because the government knew these drugs also helped.  Yet, they continued killing innocent healthy folks with “their protocol = $$$$.  They also knowingly, purposefully and illegally alienated sick patients from their loving family members so they (I) could NOT advocate for (him) their care.  A MASS GENOCIDE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!

I do recall early in his stay my husband asked if I could bring his favorite pillow in, as it would make him more comfortable with the positions they were putting him in for better oxygen and to conserve oxygen.  I was able to bring that into the hospital, walk up into ICU and was able to wave to my husband, but I was not allowed into isolation with him – which is inhumane, ridiculous and criminal!  It broke my heart, and it still does that I was NOT allowed to be by his side, and they, Inspira Health Network,  ultimately murdered him, and left him to suffer the entire six (6) days ALONE, intentionally and purposefully isolated from those who loved him the most – his wife, his bonus daughter and his eldest son.

So, again, each day, he was at this murderous organization, Inspira Health Network, (that we trusted to care for him).  Each day he progressively got worse, and worse and worse.  The staff began limiting him to maybe one FaceTime call each day with me (this was around day two and a half), stating it was to conserve his oxygen (he was on Cpap/Bipap – alternating), although my husband and I would still text when he was awake and strong enough to do so.  I have not had the ability to read through our tests while he was there (or any prior to his admission and ultimate murder), because the loss of him to this day, has me so shattered and grieving so deeply, that everything cuts through my heart and soul.

So again, as they were limiting his communication with me, they began limiting theirs to me even more.  I (and my husband) was trusting that they, Inspira Health Network, really were trying to make him better.  I tried not to bother them, but they rarely, if ever, called me unless I called them and got someone or initiated a call back.  I was unlawfully kept from my husband’s bedside, not allowed to advocate for him and could not be there to offer my consistent love and support.  If I had been able to do so, I know my healthy husband would NOT have been murdered.

Less than 24 Hours Before His Murder (09/26/2021)

Since he was so much worse, and it was evident that they were not making him better, and I really felt like I could not trust them any longer, I made several calls to the hospital, Inspira Health Network, asking them to transfer him to a larger more equipped hospital (different hospital organization), and they adamantly refused to do so.  I told them all they were doing was making him sicker and sicker, and that they were in essence, killing him.  They kept telling me he would die en route to another hospital.

I called several other nurse friends and asked their opinions, and they state to push and push for them to move him, and they consistently refused.  I kept asking them to please get him the Ivermectin and the Hydroxychloroquine.  Again, they adamantly refused what I knew would save my husband’s life.  What was the harm in “trying” something because they had all ready weakened him so badly.  What?  Were they afraid that the medications known to treat COVID effectively would have my beloved husband bounce back?  Nope.  They would not have that, would not even allow it or do what the adamantly asked for all along during his six (6) days in this murderous institution with murderers for caregivers.  It was like this doctor and this organization had a bounty on my husband’s head and they wanted to ensure THEY received all the monies from my husband’s health insurance and the government reimbursements for COVID.

Their conversations with me throughout the day were that he was very, very ill, and that they were assuring me that they were doing everything they could to make him better, and it would be a few days for him to feel better (but assure me he would).  I (and my husband) continued to trust them when in essence, we really should not have.

The day of His Murder 09/27/2021

After the call the evening/afternoon before (/26/2021) with several of the hospital staff Inspira Health Network (Nurse Manager and Doctor), where they assured me that Ed would be just fine.  He was “young and healthy.”  I felt confident that they were really doing everything they could (as that is how they conveyed and sugar-coated untruths to me on the phone).  That was until I got a call in the middle of the night that Ed needed to be vented “to rest his lungs,” and “after a few days, he would be able to off the vent.”  I recall this was at about 3:45/4:00 A.M.  Details of the call are blurry due to my agonizing grief and crying.  I recall saying “You will not vent him.”

Even a nurse in his care that A.M., who was a longtime family friend (we even attended their wedding; who has since disappeared from my life), stated that he would be just fine.  WE TRUSTED THEM!  I stated that I needed to speak to him via FaceTime.

They, Inspira Health Network, assured me that this would be best for him despite neither of us wanting him to be vented (which WE kept adamantly stating).  They assured us enough to “talk us into it” by lying to us.  They also did not explain any risks, adverse issues involved, and there were no details given to either of us about the process and what to expect or to be aware of.

They, Inspira Health Network, totally lied and stated they had done this a lot and that he would be “okay,” which ultimately, he was not.  The call around 4:30 A.M., was the doctor (I could tell by his tone, and I had a horrible feeling something was wrong.)  I ran downstairs to the basement to get adult bonus son (who had traveled up from Tennessee, where he resided, because his dad was ill) to hear what they said, and all I recalled was that they said, “He’s gone.  His blood pressure went so low, he went into cardiac arrest while they were attempting to put him on the vent.  They could not bring him back.  They were sorry.”

It was in that very moment, everything went dark…  I felt my life, my soul and my entire world was sucked from me.  It felt like my heart was ripped to shreds with a butcher knife.  My world, my life stopped, and I literally collapsed.  I don’t remember anything more about the conversation with the hospital.

After They Murdered my Husband 09/27/2021

Somehow, someway, I pulled myself together because of our kids and our friends.  As my husband always said, “I was the strongest one.”  I went into “survival mode,” I guess you could say.  Finally, my daughter (who was 16 weeks pregnant with their first child) and her husband arrived from their home.  I had her contacting appropriate people for me, our work, our closest family and friends, and within minutes, they all flocked to our house.  I do not recall very much except friends and family constantly being at my house for days and weeks on end, and never being along.

Our best friend, Chrissy, Tina, my best girlfriends, Wendy G., Kim F., Doreen, Courtney, Melissa H., and so many more were at my house within minutes.  It is all a blur to me.  Our children, close friends and family just kept me “going.”  I managed with the of my daughter and my friends to get everything done I needed to do.  Although, this was all a blur; I don’t recall many details.

Not only was I mourning the murder of my husband, so were our children, our closest friends and now the community Ed loved so dearly.  Even surrounding communities mourned the loss of my dear husband.  Everyone was as shocked as I still am that they murdered him.

The morning of his murder, our children and I were allowed to see him in ICU Inspira Health Network – DEAD, when we picked up his belongings.  This made no sense that none of his closest family was allowed into ISOLATION WITH HIM.  It is criminal and inhumane what they did to him and to US as a family.  Forcefully keeping him isolated from those that would have advocated for his health, but instead, did not allow me to be there so they could do whatever they wanted to do – without any of us knowing or any accountability for their negligent actions, but could go there after they KILLED him?

This is one of many stories we have documented for our COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, a living archive of individuals harmed by crimes against humanity throughout the pandemic. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it here. You can browse more documented cases of humanity betrayal below. If you feel this is important, please share this page to your social media pages – and since it will probably be censored from social media, take the extra step of emailing it to your friends and family. Thank you for helping us raise awareness of the terrible ordeal our public health agencies have put these people through, so that we can try to prevent crimes against humanity like these from happening to anyone else.
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