Michael E. Pilgrim

Day of death: 08/19/2021

Location: Texas

Hospital: Dallas Regional Medical Center, Mesquite, Texas

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: no

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

I have tweets from the doctor in charge of the ER stating that the unvaccinated should be clubbed over the head like baby seals and kills. Additional tweets they they should all killed and let God sort them out. I have tweets that the hospital knew about his tweets and he is still working there. I believe that they withheld food and there is contradiction on water. They wouldn't call me and when I did talk to the doctor he told me that Mike was doing good and in the records he said that he was sepsis and told me that Mike was critical.

Name of Victim: Michael E. Pilgrim

Age: 53 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 08/15/2021

First sought medical attention: 08/17/2021

Admitted to hospital: 08/17/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

The records show that the MD doctor never saw my husband. He saw him by ipad and he says that he asked my husband for permission and he agreed and that the nurse explained the side effects of Remdesvir. I do not believe that and if he was so sick to need it then why wasn't I called and asked. He didn't ask me.

Medications given: Remdesivir, Azithromycin, ceftriaxone, Convalescent Plasma, dexamethasone, Enoxaparin, famotidine, insulin, lovenox, pantoprazole, vit c

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 1 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: idr

Informed of RMV side effects?: idr

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Person being interviewed: Shannon Pilgrim

Relationship To Victim: Wife of 29 years.

Pursuing legal action?: yes

Engaging in activism: yes

What types of activism: I openly talk on social media and tell everyone that I know.

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The Interview with Shannon Pilgrim

From the moment the ambulance took my husband to the hospital we tried to get him transferred to two different hospitals and they refused to release him. We had good insurance. Plus, he was only there 2 1/2 days and he called me at noon the day he died and I was talking to him. He was better and told me so. That afternoon a nurse called and refused to give me her name. She said that she was sorry that she found him unresponsive. I said how do you find someone unresponsive in the hospital. She refused to tell me any more but she was sorry and a doctor would call me tomorrow. She said he coded twice and was in the ICU and begged to speak to someone and she hung up on me. I was hysterical. My son called up there to ask about his dad and my husband and a nurse told him that he died. No one called to tell me that my husband died. My daughter went up there and demanded to speak to the doctor and he refused. No one would speak to us. The next day a doctor called and he said he didn't know what happened. I said that I wanted an autopsy and he said that is was Dallas County and it would be 6-8 months before we could do anything. He lied. I have sense found out that they have to do them within 2 weeks. No one would tell us anything and then the records show that he never saw an actual doctor in the hospital.

The Doctors killed my husband NOT covid!
Written by Shannon Pilgrim(Wife of 29 years.)

On Sunday night, we started to not feel well.  Then again on Monday. Mike had a fever but it broke. Monday night I noticed that he was having a hard time breathing. The next morning, Tuesday, I called 911. My biggest mistake of my entire life.  They told me that they were going to take him to Sunnyvale.  I asked for Baylor or UT Southwestern. They refused.  Then they called me and said they were taking him to Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite.  I begged them not to. That hospital has a horrible reputation.

As soon as he arrived they refused to let us see him.  We immediately tried to get him released to two different hospitals.  They refused to release him.  They kept saying that the hospitals didn’t have a bed but we called the other hospitals and they said that you can do a hospital to hospital transfer but they refused.  They wouldn’t return my called so I would go up to the hospital begging to get someone to call me and see Mike.  They refused.

The doctor called me on Wednesday and said that he was doing better but the records show that he called me and said he was critical.  If I would have known that I would have been arrested before I would have left the hospital without seeing Mike. He didn’t even have a fever the whole time in the hospital but they said he was sepsis.  He was better by Thursday.  He called me at noon and I spoke to him. I know they lied in the records.  He said he was better.

That afternoon the records show that they gave him Remdesivir.  They never should have given it to him.  He was better but our insurance would pay and the hospitals were given money to give it an keep patients who have Covid.  That afternoon a nurse called to tell him that she was sorry.  She found my husband unresponsive.  I asked where and what happened.  She just kept saying she was sorry and that he coded and they took him to the ICU and a doctor would call me tomorrow.

I begged to speak to someone.  She hung up.  My son called and asked about him and a nurse said he died.  I was hysterical  when my son told me over the phone and my daughter went up there and they refused to talk to her.  The next day a doctor called and told me that he didn’t know what happened.  I asked for an autopsy and the doctor said it would be 6-8 months until we could do anything. I found out that he lied. They have to do them within two weeks.  We didn’t want him at a morgue for 6-8 months.  I have regretted that decision. They are lying to families so we do not find out the truth.

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Tracie Meyer- How the vaccine changed my life

Tracie Meyer- How the vaccine changed my life

Age: 60

Location: AZ

Became sick: 04/15/2022

First sought care: 04/19/2021

Admitted: 04/19/2021

To: Banner Tucson

Tracie Mayer

The Death of my Husband, Abilio Ramos M.D.

The Death of my Husband, Abilio Ramos M.D.

Age: 62

Location: CA

Became sick: 12/23/2021

Admitted: 12/27/2021

To: Los Robles Hospital

Murdered: 01/09/2022

Abilio Ramos and Dawn Michael

Cecilia’s Story

Cecilia’s Story

Age: 88

Location: UT

Became sick: 10/23/2021

First sought care: 10/24/2021

Admitted: 10/24/2021

To: Intermontain Herriman Utah

Murdered: 11/04/2021

Irene Caamano Munoz

Audrey’s Story

Audrey’s Story

Age: 55

Location: FL

Became sick: 06/20/2021

First sought care: 07/05/2021

Admitted: 07/05/2021

To: St. Vincents Ascension Southside

Murdered: 08/05/2021

Audrey Marie Velicka

Jose W Gonzalez jr Story

Jose W Gonzalez jr Story

Age: 52

Location: NJ

Became sick: 11/04/2021

First sought care: 11/09/2021

Admitted: 11/09/2021

To: Hunterdon Medical Center

Murdered: 02/16/2022

Jose W Gonzalez jr

Kenneth Madsen

Kenneth Madsen

Age: 49

Location: TX

Became sick: 12/07/2021

First sought care: 12/16/2021

Admitted: 01/07/2022

To: University of Texas Medical Branch League City, TX

Murdered: 02/04/2022

Kenneth Madsen, Jr.

Eric Bega Story

Eric Bega Story

Age: 60

Location: HI

Became sick: 10/24/2021

First sought care: 10/24/2021

Admitted: 11/10/2021

To: Maui Memorial

Murdered: 11/19/2021

Eric Bega

The day my life died

The day my life died

Age: 58

Location: AL

Became sick: 01/03/2022

First sought care: 01/08/2022

Admitted: 01/17/2022

To: Thomas Hospital

Murdered: 02/09/2022

Philip Smith Winton

Rons Story

Rons Story

Age: 79

Location: AZ

Became sick: 01/04/2022

First sought care: 01/06/2022

Admitted: 01/09/2022

To: Honor Health Shea North

Murdered: 01/13/2022


Ray Evangelista – The love of my life

Ray Evangelista – The love of my life

Age: 67

Location: MN

Became sick: 11/20/2021

First sought care: 11/27/2021

Admitted: 11/29/2021

To: Mercy Hospital

Murdered: 12/12/2021

Ray Evangelista

Love of my life Cheryl B’s story

Love of my life Cheryl B’s story

Age: 55

Location: WI

Became sick: 09/19/2021

First sought care: 09/28/2021

Admitted: 09/28/2021

To: St lukes South shore , St lukes medical center

Murdered: 10/08/2021

Christopher Basina

Sammie Hosch Story

Sammie Hosch Story

Age: 73

Location: TX

Became sick: 11/23/2021

First sought care: 11/30/2021

Admitted: 12/02/2021

To: Baylor Scott and White

Murdered: 01/16/2022

Sammie Hosch

Mother and Baby Miracles

Mother and Baby Miracles

Age: 31

Location: CA

Became sick: 10/31/2021

First sought care: 11/05/2021

Admitted: 11/05/2021

To: Kiaser

Donna Pena

Stephen R’s Story

Stephen R’s Story

Age: 68

Location: TN

Became sick: 01/22/2022

First sought care: 01/22/2022

Admitted: 01/24/2022

To: Baroness Erlanger, Life Care Center of East Ridge, and Sisken Hospital

Murdered: 02/10/2022

Mary E. Reiter

Missing my son Deavin Veach only 21

Missing my son Deavin Veach only 21

Age: 21

Location: OH

First sought care: 01/23/2022

Admitted: 01/23/2022

To: Anderson Mercy Cincinnati Ohio,UC hospital Cincinnati Ohio, Christ hospital Cincinnati Ohio, Bethesda North hospital Montgomery Cincinnati Ohio

Murdered: 10/27/2022

Deavin Veach

Dan Travis’ Story

Age: 64

My loving Husband

My loving Husband

Age: 67

Location: CA

Became sick: 01/11/2022

First sought care: 01/18/2022

Admitted: 01/22/2022

To: Riverside Community Hospital

Murdered: 03/18/2022

Lawrence Milton Justice Jr

James H Story

James H Story

Age: 78

Location: GA

Became sick: 12/15/2021

First sought care: 12/22/2021

Admitted: 01/01/2022

To: Newnan Hospital

Murdered: 01/17/2022


Frank S. Lascano

Frank S. Lascano

Age: 57

Location: CA

Became sick: 02/07/2022

First sought care: 02/07/2022

Admitted: 02/07/2022

To: Kern Medical Center and Memorial Hospital Bakersfield

Murdered: 03/06/2022

Frank S. Lascano

Justice for Jim

Justice for Jim

Age: 77

Location: OH

Became sick: 07/29/2021

First sought care: 07/31/2021

Admitted: 07/31/2021

To: Ohio Health Mansfield

Murdered: 12/23/2021

James "Jim" Miller



Age: 84

Location: NJ

Became sick: 03/22/2021

First sought care: 03/25/2021

Admitted: 03/29/2021

To: Mainland Division-Atlantic Care Regional Medical Center

Murdered: 04/06/2021

Genevieve Piliero

Fred Vagt Story

Fred Vagt Story

Age: 73

Location: IL

Became sick: 12/05/2021

First sought care: 12/10/2021

Admitted: 12/10/2021

To: Riverside Medical Center

Murdered: 12/29/2021

Fred Vagt

Matthew’s Story

Matthew’s Story

Age: 33

Location: PA

Became sick: 10/05/2021

First sought care: 10/09/2021

Admitted: 10/09/2021

To: Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh

Murdered: 12/01/2021

Christy Cresto

Colleen Obrien-The Protocol Killed my Dad

Colleen Obrien-The Protocol Killed my Dad

Age: 80

Location: OH

Became sick: 10/31/2021

First sought care: 11/06/2021

Admitted: 11/06/2021

To: Medina General Hospital

Murdered: 02/09/2022

Arthur Foth

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