Rose Bristol

Day of death: 09/16/2021

Location: Montana

Hospital: Great Falls Clinic Hospital and Benefis Hospital Great Falls

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: yes

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

The victim was ridiculed and pressured to feel guilty for not having the vaccine.

Because she was at two hospitals, they each gave her 5 days (10 days total) of remdesivir. That killed her.

Name of Victim: Rose Bristol

Age: 83 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 08/10/2021

First sought medical attention: 08/14/2021

Admitted to hospital: 08/14/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Treated adequately

Experience in hospital:

She couldn't see anyone other than masked staff. They did not fully inform her what remdesivir would do to her. They would put her on a bed pan and leave her like that for hours; they didn't regularly shower or bathe her or make sure she was clean and brushed her teeth. They told her a couple times she was dying, and then told me a different story. She was at two hospitals and was given 10 days of remdesivir and dexamethasone, denied vitamins. I was even told when I asked about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin that "hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are not the protocol and will just kill her since it is horse paste and medicine that does not work in this situation." When I asked about informed consent for remdesivir and if they told her the organs it would shut down and how 55% of people given it died, I was told "She signed a waiver."

Medications given: Remdesivir, blood pressure meds, udesonideformoteroL, dexamethasone, diuretic, lasix, morphine, Oxygen, pain killers, Rocephin, vit c

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 10 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Person being interviewed: Terra Anglin

Relationship To Victim: Daughter

Pursuing legal action?: would

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Terra Anglin

Rose got sick on Monday, went to the hospital Friday, was admitted for pneumonia, The following Monday, while I was on the phone with my sister telling her to get Mom out of there, get her hydroxychloiquine and ivermectin and all the vitamins, a nurse heard this and told my sister and her husband they had to leave as she tested positive for covid. They tested her 2xs daily friday, Saturday and Sunday and finally on Monday she had covid! They kicked my sister and her husband out, said no one was allowed to see her, but we could talk on the phone. They started remdesivir that day. The following Saturday, Mom was calling myself and my sister wanting to go home, she was on 40 liters O2 forced air, and she would not make it home before dying. She also developed a blood clot in one of her legs that day and was transferred to another hospital for treatment of the blood clot. They finished the course of remdesivir and started a second one. I called everyday 2-3xs a day. I asked about her O2, medications, vitamins, they never gave her the requested vitamins, and overall health. I was finally allowed in to see her Sept 4, 2021. She was very frail and very sick! NP Molnar proceeded to tell me she needed to go home on hospice as there was nothing else they could do. We had a family meeting and included NP Molnar, she proceeded to tells us all the organs that were failing and how scarred her lungs were. We asked for some tests. Np Molnar said, why, she is dying! Then when questioned about whether Mom was informed of the side effects and death rates of those given remdesivir, she stated, "She signed a waiver!"

A Rose by Any Other Name…
Written by Terra Anglin(Daughter)

My brother, sister, mom and I all took a trip to Minnesota the end of July, 2021.   We hadn’t taken this trip in 42 years.  We had a family reunion and had such an amazing time.

Shortly after returning, Mom got sick.  She just said she had the crud.  We got her vitamins and made her broth and such, but she was very sick.  My brother, who lived with her at the time, and my sister, who lives in the same town, took Mom to the ER on Friday.

They said she had pneumonia, but she tested negative for COVID-19.  They admitted her to Great Falls Clinic hospital.  Everyday, 2 times a day, they tested her for COVID-19.  Monday, while my sister and I were on the phone and I was telling her they needed hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, vitamin D, B12, C and Zinc, the nurse came in the room and told my sister and brother-in- law, they had to leave as Mom tested positive for COVID-19.  I called the hospital and was told Mom was being moved to the COVID-19 floor and was going to be given remdesivir for 5 days.  At that time, I did not know how bad remdesivir was.

Every day I called 2-3 times a day, inquiring  about Mom and her treatment.  I would be given oxygen saturations, blood pressure, heart rate, a list of meds she was being given, which never included any vitamins.  On Saturday, Mom called, she said, “Terra get me out of here!  They said I’m going to die and I’m not ready to die.  I want to be at home, where I can do all the things they are doing.  I just need the oxygen sent to the house.”

I spoke with my Sister, the doctor and the nurse.  Mom was on 40 liters of oxygen and there was no way to get her home without her dying on the drive home, on that high of oxygen needs.  They had her on a BiPap with oxygen.  That same day, Mom got a blood clot in her leg.  They transferred her to Bennefis hospital in Great Falls.

Great Falls clinic hospital already gave her 5 days of remdesivir.  Bennefis did not get the records right away, they knew Mom had COVID-19, and did another 5 days of remdesivir.   I told them repeatedly she had already done 5 days, but they didn’t have documentation, and “That is protocol for COVID-19.”

I had asked both hospitals while my Mom was in their care, “What about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin?”  I was told by both facilities’ physicians and nurses, “That is not protocol and people are dying from taking horse paste.”

I fought to get her on Budesonide.  When that doctor (I can’t remember her name right now) found out how long Mom had been on lockdown, she got her off the COVID-19 ward that day. That was Wednesday, September 2, 2021.

I was able to go to Great Falls, from Billings on September 4, 2021.  I have video and pictures of my Mom just before she passed on September 16, 2021.

The doctors said, on September 4, that she was so sick she just needed to go home on hospice.  We had a family meeting on Sunday, September 6, with nurse practitioner, Molnar.  During this meeting she informed us, Mom’s kidneys, liver and heart were failing, she had extensive scarring in her lungs and she was going to die.  We asked about protocol and why hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were not allowed.  Nurse Practitioner Molnar stated FDA protocol was 5 days of remdesivir and high doses of Dexamethasone.  When we stated that we have recently learned that 5 days of remdesivir will shut down kidney, liver and heart and quite often, in 55% of subjects, it lead to death, was Mom educated to these statistics?  Her next comment was cold and demeaning, “She signed a waiver!”

We quickly ended to the meeting to decide what we were going to do.  Mom started to do better the next day.  My cousins from Minnesota came to visit on Wednesday, Mom started to do even better.  The respiratory therapist commented numerous times about how well she was doing.  They even got her off forced oxygen to a nasal cannula by Thursday.  The doctor was mad and put her back on forced O2, and then the respiratory therapist and nurse practitioner Molnar got in an argument about it.

Mom did well, having us there with her and to help care for her.  We did all we could to help the staff.  We showered, toileted and got her up in a chair.  We made sure all her needs were met and those we couldn’t, we would then get the staff involved.

On September 16 at 11 a.m. the doctor was in to discuss Mom’s care.  He spent 30 minutes with myself and Mom.  We discussed the need for a pressure sore bed as she was developing some due to weight loss.  We discussed her oxygen needs and what she needed to be at to go home.  We discussed a very positive outlook.

At 1:00 that afternoon, my Mom was pronounced dead.  She had gone to the toilet/bedside chair, and was struggling to get oxygen.  The nurse turned up her oxygen, put a mask on her, changed her oxygen sensor, gave her something for anxiety in her iv, and in a matter of minutes my Mom was gone.  She was a DNR, but I believe it was by choice.

The doctor was shocked at Mom’s passing, as he said he honestly thought she would be going home.

I know the FDA/hospital protocol killed my Mom.  My sister, brother, nieces, and children all know it was the remdesivir protocol that killed her.

She was a lung cancer survivor!  She was healthy, except for high blood pressure.  The medical staff even said she did not have any comorbidities that were contributing to the deaths from COVID-19.

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Nicole, My Mom.

Nicole, My Mom.

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To: IHU (Marseille)

Murdered: 01/11/2022

Nicole Palma nee Bidaut

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Murdered: 09/14/2021

Robert "Bobby" Fifer

My husband mattered!!

My husband mattered!!

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Murdered: 05/05/2021

Paul Kucharek

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My Precious Chuck

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Murdered: 02/12/2021

Charles Hurstle Hembree

Ollie Horton – Survivor Story

Ollie Horton – Survivor Story

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To: Wise Regional Decatur Tx

Ollie Horton

Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

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First sought care: 09/01/2021

Admitted: 09/01/2021

To: Southern Hills Hospital

Murdered: 09/26/2021

Steven R. Blatt

Remembering Shirley A. Younger

Remembering Shirley A. Younger

Age: 73

Location: CO

Became sick: 11/08/2021

First sought care: 11/15/2021

Admitted: 11/15/2021

To: Poudre Valley Hospital - UCHealth - Fort Collins CO

Murdered: 11/20/2021

Shirley Ann Younger

Kevin Tyykila Survival Experience

Kevin Tyykila Survival Experience

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First sought care: 08/11/2021

Admitted: 08/15/2021

To: Baylor Scott and White - Grapevine

Kevin Tyykila

Hell – Yancy Rae Thompson Story

Hell – Yancy Rae Thompson Story

Age: 48

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First sought care: 10/12/2021

Admitted: 11/22/2021

To: Sterling Regional medical center

Murdered: 12/21/2021

Yancy Rae Thompson

For my Husband, John, who Died Because of REMDESIVIR

For my Husband, John, who Died Because of REMDESIVIR

Age: 83

Location: CA

Became sick: 12/21/2021

First sought care: 12/21/2021

Admitted: 12/21/2021

To: Hemet Valley Hospital

Murdered: 01/03/2022

John D. von Winckelmann

Adrian Horne Story

Adrian Horne Story

Age: 22

Location: AZ

Became sick: 12/01/2020

First sought care: 12/01/2020

Admitted: 12/01/2020

To: Scottsdale Osborne 34 days St Josephs 14 days

Murdered: 01/17/2021

Adrian N. Horne

Van Horn-Dad’s Ordeal

Van Horn-Dad’s Ordeal

Age: 78

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Became sick: 10/19/2021

First sought care: 10/21/2021

Admitted: 10/21/2021

To: Lake Region Healthcare, Fergus Falls, MN and Sanford Hospital ICU in Fargo, ND

Murdered: 12/11/2021

Carl Roger Van Horn

Murdered By Blood. Covid Scam

Murdered By Blood. Covid Scam

Age: 59

Location: WA

Became sick: 09/01/2021

First sought care: 09/11/2021

Admitted: 09/11/2021

To: Lady Of Lourdes Hospital. Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

Murdered: 09/28/2021

Donald Kale Lloyd

Narcisa’s Story

Narcisa’s Story

Age: 70

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Became sick: 11/24/2021

First sought care: 11/25/2021

Admitted: 11/25/2021

To: Denver Health Medical Center

Murdered: 01/04/2022

Esmegrado Cruz Amaya

Rodney’s Story

Rodney’s Story

Age: 70

Location: KY

Became sick: 01/03/2022

First sought care: 01/10/2022

Admitted: 01/15/2022

To: Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

Murdered: 01/19/2022

Diana Fuller

Hospital holocaust survivor

Hospital holocaust survivor

Age: 64

Location: NY

Became sick: 09/19/2022

First sought care: 10/01/2022

Admitted: 10/01/2022

To: Admitted after 36 hrs in ER

Constance Collins

Devious Desire

Devious Desire

Age: 53

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Became sick: 10/18/2021

First sought care: 10/22/2021

Admitted: 10/23/2021

To: Easley

Murdered: 04/15/2022

Susan Elaine Propes

My Wifes Last Days

My Wifes Last Days

Age: 68

Location: MT

Became sick: 10/01/2021

First sought care: 10/07/2021

Admitted: 10/07/2021

To: Benefis Hospital Great Galls Montana

Diane Kay Smith

Larry the Legend!

Larry the Legend!

Age: 59

Location: MI

Became sick: 09/03/2021

First sought care: 09/08/2021

Admitted: 09/08/2021

To: Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Clinton Township Michigan

Murdered: 09/29/2021

Lawrence Stephen Vargo

Andrzej: The Mistreatment of a Veteran

Andrzej: The Mistreatment of a Veteran

Age: 72

Location: PA

Became sick: 12/05/2021

First sought care: 12/06/2021

Admitted: 12/06/2021

To: Jefferson Torresdale Hospital

Murdered: 01/03/2022

Andrzej Zygmunt Jodlowski

The murder of Douglas A. Morriss (Retired U.S. Army ~ Disabled Vietnam Veteran)

The murder of Douglas A. Morriss (Retired U.S. Army ~ Disabled Vietnam Veteran)

Age: 72

Location: AR

Became sick: 11/15/2020

First sought care: 11/26/2020

Admitted: 11/26/2020

To: Yes

Murdered: 12/17/2020

Douglas A. Morriss

Paul Jerome Swenson Story

Paul Jerome Swenson Story

Age: 65

Location: MN

Became sick: 12/23/2021

First sought care: 12/29/2021

Admitted: 12/29/2021

To: Allina Health in Faribault, MN and transferred to Abott Northwestern in Minneapolis, MN.

Murdered: 01/10/2022

Paul Jerome Swenson

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