C. Scott Foster

Day of death: 09/04/2021

Location: Alabama

Hospital: Medical Center Enterprise

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: yes_fam

Asked to sign DNR: idr

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: idk

My husband was "10 times better" Saturday morning than Friday night; by Saturday night, they intubated him and he died an hour later.

Name of Victim: C. Scott Foster

Age: 48 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 08/29/2021

First sought medical attention: 09/02/2021

Admitted to hospital: 09/02/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Treated adequately

Experience in hospital:

When I was there, the nurses seemed to take care of him. I don’t know how he was treated in ICU, because they took him in there at night after I left him that morning. He was feeling 10 times better than the night before, so I wasn't expecting this. They called me to tell me he was going down fast, and needed to be placed on a ventilator at approximately 10:30pm, and he died at 11:38pm. He was given propofol, yet they claimed that he was trying to pull the mask off when they vented him, so they restrained him. The restraint time between nurse's and doctor's notes is different.

Medications given: Remdesivir, dexamethasone, doxycycline, Decadron, Enoxaparin, lovenox, morphine, Oxygen, propofol, sodium chloride, Bicarbonate , Lidocaine , Atropine , Epinephrine , Cozaar (Losartan Potassium), Zoloft (Sertraline)

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 2 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 09/04/2021

Person being interviewed: Becky Jo Foster

Relationship To Victim: Spouse

Pursuing legal action?: would

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Becky Jo Foster

My army veteran husband lived lived through 2 overseas deployments and multiple short-term ops, and yet couldn't survive over two days of government-mandated hospital covid protocol!

C. Scott Foster by Becky Jo Foster
Written by Becky Jo Foster(Spouse)
Allergies and colds were simultaneously happening in our home. My youngest had to get tested for covid, so he could remain in school. He tested negative and my husband was told it was his allergies. A few days or so later, my older son was sent to the ER for passing out at football practice. He was negative for covid, but was dehydrated and given an IV. A few days later, I became sick and my husband had me take a home covid test (August 23rd 2021). It came back positive, so the following day (Aug. 24, 2021) the rest of the family went and got tested. The kids all came back negative and my husband tested positive. He didn’t have any symptoms, at that time, so I quarantined myself in our room. The cold pack I received from my PCM wasn’t working, so following day (Aug. 25, 2021), I went to an urgent care (American Family Care), to get some medicine. I was prescribed Ivermectin and given a steroid shot. My husband had to go a few towns over to get my prescription filled, because no one had it on hand. About 5 days later, I was starting to feel better, but my husband seemed to be getting sicker. Our daughter brought him to the ER on Thursday, Sept. 2nd. She said the ER receptionists were talking and laughing and not helping her. She asked for help getting him out of the car, because he was having a hard time breathing. A nurse who heard her gave her a wheelchair and she brought it out to her dad and brought him into the ER. They arrived around 9:30pm, but they logged him as arriving at 9:54pm. Our daughter was really upset with the hospital receptionists and how they were being treated.

When he finally went back, they put him on oxygen and administered an IV. One person was allowed to go back with him, so when I arrived at the ER, our daughter had to leave. He was laying flat in the bed, so I raised the head of the bed up and helped him move up and on his side. The nurse came in and told us she was waiting to hear back about his room. I asked about going home to grab his some clothes and she said I could and let me know he may or may not be in his room when I got back. He was moved to a room around 4am. (Sept. 3, 2021). He was just getting his room, when I returned. I helped him get cleaned up and changed. He was sitting up in bed and I was laying in the chair between the window and his bed, for most of the day. The doctor came in and talked to him. He asked my husband some questions like how he was feeling, when his symptoms started, if he received the vaccine and asked me the same. I told him we were both informed not to get it if we had blood disorders or heart problems, so we didn’t. I also let him know I was the first one sick and was prescribed Ivermectin. I told him my husband wasn’t prescribed anything and was just told to take zinc, vitamin c and if symptoms started, a decongestant and Motrin as needed. The expression on his face made me feel as if he was annoyed with my answers. He didn’t say anything back to me and started talking to my husband again. He told him that he was going to start some meds to help treat the covid virus and that they may burn a little. Neither my husband or I were asked, he was just told what he was going to be doing. He left and the nurses came in to hook up another bag for his meds. We didn’t question him, because Dr.’s are supposed to help you get better… right??? Not to long after they started the IV, my husband told me it really hurt/burned. Later that evening we watched our oldest sons high school football game online. He was sitting up in bed, when the nurse came in, gave him some meds and asked what he was watching. He proudly told her about our son and how he was the starting center for the Enterprise High School football team. We watched the entire game and I fell asleep not too long after. Throughout the night, he had some trouble with his oxygen and the machine. They changed it out and he moved to a chair. The next morning (Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021), he said it was a rough night, but he was feeling a lot better. Our daughters called me and I ended up having to leave later that morning to take care of our boys. Before I left, I walked over to my husbands chair, told him I was still upset with him (Jokingly, because he let himself get that sick and was being stubborn about going to the hospital.). He replied I know and as I was about to kiss his forehead, I noticed his mask was slipping down again. The Dr. came in just as I was tightening the strap on his oxygen mask (It wasn’t knotted, so it kept slipping down.) and he looked at me as if I was doing something wrong. I explained to him that my husband’s mask kept falling, because it wasn’t knotted and again he just looked at me and started talking to my husband. He told him he heard it was an eventful night (something like that) and asked him about the night and how he was feeling. My husband told him it was a rough night, but he felt ten times better. While the Dr. was still in the room, I let my husband know I’d be back later that evening or the following morning, kissed him on his forehead, told him I loved him and to getter better. He told me he loves me too and he would. This is where I wish I could turn back time and just stay in the hospital with him. I regret leaving him everyday.

I picked the boys up, went to the store and grabbed groceries and things they would need for the next week and went home to get everything ready for the week. I decided to stay with the boys for the night and to go back to the hospital early in the morning. My youngest and I were sitting on the couch and my older son was in the backroom doing his homework, when I received a call from the hospital. A nurse on the phone told me my husband had gotten worse and was going to be intubated. I was confused and I’m pretty sure I asked her what is happening and she repeated it and asked me if I wanted to talk to him. I said um YES. My husband said I love you babe and instantly, I new he was scared. I heard it in his voice. We have been together for over 22 years and I know him, he was scared. I said I love you too and was in the middle of saying what’s wrong, stay strong, fight this, get better for us, but the nurse came on the phone and cut me off. She told me they had to go and that’s when I said wait wait, can I see him and she told me no. She said he would be in ICU and I would not be able to see him until he gets out of ICU and that I could call to see how he was. I asked if I could see him before he goes in and she said no, they had to go now and the conversation ended there. I was so confused and had so many questions about everything that was going on. I called my mother-law to let her know what I was told and told her as soon as I received more info I would let her know. (we live in Alabama and my husbands family lives in Ohio.) Shortly after I got off the phone, I received another phone call from the hospital. This is a call I will never forget. A nurse said hello Mrs. Foster and I said yes, she said your husband has passed. I said wait, what?… I just talked to him, what? … are you joking?… you’re lying right?… why are you lying? she told me no they got him intubated, but his heart stopped. I lost it. I just started crying and my youngest son(9), sitting next to me, started crying asking me what was wrong. The nurse then asked me if anyone was there with me. I told her my 2 boys and put the phone on the counter and just cried. I couldn’t answer my youngest and in that moment realized I needed to tell my kids there daddy isn’t coming home. A fear I had whenever he would be deployed, had just become reality. I pulled myself together as much as possible and walked to the backroom and called my oldest son(16). He was confused, but knew something was wrong. I told him dad passed away and he said no, no he didn’t and I had to keep telling him. He hugged me so tight. My youngest just kept asking what’s going on, over and over. I tried to explain it, but he just didn’t understand. I told him he wouldn’t be coming home and that he was in heaven. He kept asking but he will come back later. I just hugged him and said no baby, he won’t. I called my daughters and told them I needed them home. Then I called my friend who lives down the street and she came right over. I tried calling my brother, but it was late and most people wouldn’t answer. I called his family and got through to his mother and aunt. My oldest daughter(21) came in the house and instantly just kept saying no mom, don’t say it, over and over. She knew just by looking at me. I said I’m sorry baby and we all just lost it. We went out on the front porch and waited for my youngest daughter(20). When she pulled up and seen us and asked what’s going on and before anyone could even say anything, she started saying no mom, no mom and fell to her knees. She started punching the ground, screaming he was supposed to walk me down the isle and just kept screaming. I held her and just kept saying I know baby, I’m so sorry. We all went back in the house and I realized I didn’t find out what to do. I asked my friend should I call them back? Do I need to do anything? What do I do? I couldn’t wrap my mind around what just happened, then alone what to do next. She told me I would need to call, so I did and the nurse was put on the phone. She told me I would need to come in to sign the paperwork to release the body. My friend stayed with my youngest son, who has autism and we felt he shouldn’t go. When we arrived at the hospital the nurse met us and brought us to the room they moved him to. My oldest son and I went in to see him (The girls said they couldn’t do it.) and before we went around the curtain, the nurse stopped us. She told me she was sorry and that she tried everything, but his heart just stopped and she couldn’t get it back, she tried, but it was too weak. I didn’t say anything, I had no words. We went around the curtain. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and squeezed his arm I didn’t say anything. I hugged my son and he asked for a moment. I went on the other side of the curtain and into the bathroom that was in the room. I heard my son crying and promising his dad he would be the best football player and that he would make it, he would make their dream come true. I lost it again. I pulled myself together as much as I possibly could and when he came around the curtain, I went back and said goodbye, I love you babe and we left the room. We met the girls in the hallway and I did my best to tell them what the nurse told me. I had to walk around the hallway corner for a moment and just fell to the floor. My son came around the corner and picked me up and said we got this ma, we can do this. I was trying to be strong in front of them and that’s why I walked around the corner. I didn’t want them to see me. Seeing the pain in their eyes added so much more hurt to the pain I was already feeling from what felt like someone just ripped me in two. I pulled myself together, as much as possible and we all went looking for the nurse. The entire floor was empty, so we just waited by the nurses station and my daughter called her on the phone. She came up and I had to tell her what funeral home he would go to and sign the release. As soon as I signed it, we all went back home. My youngest son was waiting for us and told me it was a prank and that they do pranks all the time. That he was just going to stay at the hospital for a year and come back home. It was all just a prank, right? After trying to explain it more, we all went to bed. Life was a blur for a while, still can be.

A few months back, when I found this Facebook group, I saw everyone talking about requesting the medical records, so I did. After 3 different visits and 3 vanilla folders, with what I was being told were my husband full medical records, I may have most of them? Each time I received different records, along with some duplicates. Through these records I’ve learned I wasn’t told the truth and just wasn’t told, about my husbands treatment. From what I understand, the Dr. that was being contacted wasn’t in the hospital and always took a while to get back. The Dr. that ended up being called when he was intubated was the ER Dr. The nurses notes and MD notes don’t add up and have my husband being retrained while being intubated, being restrained after intubated, Restraint order for Non-Behavioral, Non-Self Destructive,

September 4, 2021
        – 9:30pm – Care notes stated his O2 sats were 63-73%, breathing was extremely labored, he became diaphoretic, pale, less responsive to questions and rapid response was called.
        – 10:04pm – Dr. Chemtob returned page in reference to rapid response and he does not want to order any Ativan at the time and requested to be paged when his sats go above 90%.
        – 10:14 – He continued to decline, sat 80 on bipap, respirations 55-60/min, Dr. Chemtob said to intubate at this time and to start propofol drip. Notified respiratory and house supervisor Tina.
        – 10:43 – 10:29 spoke with wife, Becky and informed of pt decline in status and unsuccessful treatments and need to transfer to ICU for intubation. Wife voiced understanding. Wife spoke to pt. for support offered.
From what I understand, the person who intubated my husband was William Sharp. I do not know his title, it is not listed in the note he wrote. The boxes he checked and signed for are Emergency Intubation 31500 and Peripheral IV requiring provider skill 36410. It states provider: William Sharp and referring MD: Josef Chemtob. If I am understanding the medical records properly, most of the time his Dr.’s were called and not present. William Sharp’s notes state         the intubation procedure’s start time at 10:35pm and stop time at 10:55pm. Provider Signature, William Sharp, was signed on 04 Sept 2021 at 11:23pm.
A Physicians Order Form for Non-Behavioral Restraints states: Non-violent/Non-Self-Destructive Behavior (Medical/Surgical) Orders, Indication for use:
        – Lack of decision making capacity in which the patient is incapable of understanding benefits, risks and alternative treatment for which the endotracheal tube, invasive catheter, lines and tubes were placed, such as trauma patient or surgical patient under effects of anesthesia
        – Cognitive impairment, ie, dementia, confusion.
        – Inability to teach importance of medical interventions.
        – Restraint Initiated: Date 04 Sept 2021 Time 11:00pm by Tina Floyd RN, Attending physician notified: Josef Chemtob MD 10:45pm 04 Sept 2021 and was electronically signed by Josef Chemtob MD on 09/30/2021 at 1:20am
A Restraint Flow Sheet for 04 Sept 2021 7p-7am Signed by (looks like Laquita Hughes) Type of restraint used: soft limb; Alternative Methods Attempted: Providing a quiet environment, Orient patient to surroundings, Careful sensitive         assessment of older patients.; Education to Patient and/or Family: to protect self + invaive? lines? + tubes.; Safety: Restraint Check initial at 11:00pm by LH for A. Side rails up B. Call light in reach C. Circulation Checks (skin warm, color, pulses)
Code Blue/Code Pink Flow Sheet: 04 Sept 2021; Description of incident: after intubation unable to get hr up and sats up.; Code Blue Called: 11:12pm; Arrest: Cardiac; Witnessed; CPR Initiated by(name/time): Tierre Price / 11:11pm; Physician: Dr. Roller arrival time 11:13; Nurse: L Hughes (another but I cannot make out); Anesthesia: Sharp; RT: Steve; Epinephrine 11:12pm/ 11:18pm/ 11:20pm/ 11:25pm; Atropine 11:13pm/ 11:26pm/ 11:36pm; Bicarbonate         11:13pm/ 11:18pm/ 1111:31pm/ 11:32pm; Lidocaine Drip IVSP 11:27pm/ 11:34pm; Epi Drip 11:29pm; EKG 11:20pm; Labs 11:29pm. Comments: 11:14pm Faint Doppler pulse – CPR continues; 11:15pm irregular pulse; 11:18pm CPR         continues 0 pulse; 11:21pm CPR continues 0 pulse; 11:26pm CPR continues; 11:29pm good rhythm; 11:38pm pt cold, mottled, no perfusing; TOD 11:38pm
        Patient Care Notes: At 10:43 Tina Floyd RN documented – Spoke with pt wife and informed of pt decline in status and unsuccessful treatments and need to transfer to ICU for intubation, pt wife voiced understanding, pt wife spoke to pt         support offered. (I never even finished my sentence to my husband, so I never had a chance to offer support. He said I love you Babe and I said I love you and started to ask what’s wrong, stay strong, fight this and get better for us, but the nurse took the phone before I could. And then documents I offered support??? She says I voiced understanding??? The only understanding I had was that she stated he was being intubated because he was getting worse, but once he         said I love you babe and I heard the fear in his voice, I was confused and scared for him. I wanted to see him before he was intubated, but was told I couldn’t.
        At 1:36 on 05 Sept 2021 Lequita Hughes documented – 10:24pm received pt from 4th floor via bed. Pt sitting straight up in bed on bipap, struggling to breathe, extremely anxious. Pt is very diaphoretic and has lost the IV in his right AC. 10:35pm 20g IV started to the left AC, one attempt, wrapped with coban. 10:38pm Dr. at bedside to intubate. Pt sedated and intubated without incidence. ETT 8.0 23 @ the lip, propofol drip started. Pt reaching towards face, restraints applied. 10:40pmPt heartrate began to drop. 10:50pm code called, CPR initiated according to ACLS protocol. ER physician at bedside. Code continued 11:30pm epi drip started. Code continued. At 11:38pm pt was showing         no response to all efforts. Time of  death 11:38pm.
Josef Chemtob PHYS Electronically signed notes: 04 Sept 2021 at 11:29pm – I was called about the pt having severe respiratory distress, initially the pt was tried on  bipap therapy but sats did not improve. He continued to be in significant respiratory distress with respirations between 50-60/min significant tachypnea. Assessment/Plan: Acute hypoxemic respiratory failure – intubate pt for respiratory distress and airway protection – propofol drip – start merrem q8 – continue doxy, remdesivir and dexamethasone – Pt critical prognosis guarded. 05 Sept 2021 at 12:16am – Intubation was performed and the pt was transferred to ICU where later he had significant bradycardia leading to cardiac arrest. Dr. Roller from the emergency room performed the code and resuscitation however rhythm did not return. Time of death 11:38pm.
Richard A. Roller MD Notes: 04 Sept 2021 at 11:50pm – I was called to the PACU for a cardiac arrest that occurred immediately after the pt was intubated. On arrival the nursing staff was doing chest compressions and pt received 1 mg of epinephrine. Anesthesia was also present as well as respiratory therapy. I was told that the pt had been deteriorating with respect to his respiratory condition and was previously on BIPAP but it was felt that he needed to be intubated         before he lost his airway. Intubation appears to have gone without any incident. Soon afterwards the pt became bradycardic and then went to asystole. ACLS was initiated and I ordered several doses of epinephrine, lidocaine, bicarb (pt’s PH was low according to the recent ABG) as well as atropine. With medications and chest compressions we would get the pt back up to a heart rate of initially 80s; however, it would rapidly deteriorate and drop back down into the 30’s and 20’s. He had very weak pulses peripherally which could only be detected usinf Doppler. I ordered an epinephrine drip to be started at 2mcg per min and then it was increased to 5mcg per min as well. Even though pt heart rate on monitor would go up to the 80’s after the medication was given he was not perfusing very well at all. Extremities were cold, skin was mottled, his face was blue and his pupils were dilated and nonreactive. See code sheets for dosages and medications used. Time of death was 11:38pm.
This has me more confused and full of so many emotions. The times do not add up. One states restraints were applied between 11:38 – 11:39pm and another states 11:00pm. Different reason why he was restrained also. One states he was intubated at 10:38pm and another states the start time as 10:35pm and stop time as 10:55. One states the code was called at 10:50pm and another states the code was called at 11:12pm. He was able to say I love you babe and didn’t sound like he was breathing 50-60 breathes a sec. He sounded scared. I did not hear him breathing fast like that. I texted his phone to see how he was doing and to let him know I’d be back in the morning and the hospital called minutes after. I was told he was going to be transferred to ICU, but according to the timeline, he was already in ICU when they called. I’m also pretty sure I am missing more documents. I have some pages that say page 2 of 4 or 1 of 3, but only have that page.
I know this is long and didn’t know if you wanted the medical records info, so if it needs to be shortened I understand. Thanks for everything you are doing for everyone, y’all are truly appreciated.
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