Anthony Victoria

Day of death: 11/19/2021

Location: California

Hospital: Mission hospital

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: no

Asked if vaccinated: no

Kyler read a wonderful quote that his father would love: "This world is not my home, i'm just passing thru, my treasures are laid up beyond the blue."

Name of Victim: Anthony Victoria

Age: 64 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 10/29/2021

First sought medical attention: 10/30/2022

Admitted to hospital: 11/07/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

Anthony was denied the love and attention of his family; was forced to take remdesivir, and was forced onto a ventilator, being told that it was his only chance for survival. The family was denied all visitation until being called in at the last minute when they that knew he was dying. They allowed mother, one son, and his sister to visit, while deriding the other family members all huddled together in a room somewhere else in the hospital. During this time, the nurse kept badgering them to remove him from the vent and let him go; they teased them with letting the whole family in to visit, if they would just remove the vent-they refused over and over again, and at that point the nurse refused to let the son return, even with the doctor's permission. Their choice to let God take care of their beloved husband and father caused them to miss being there with him at the end. The second son made another nurse feel so bad, that she allowed him to go in for TWO minutes, then was summarily escorted out of the ICU, and out of the hospital, by security. That day, Mr Anthony Victoria became another victim of the system, leaving a beloved wife and two sons, and a loving sister to carry on without him.

Medications given: Remdesivir, baricitinib, blood thinner, ceftriaxone, dexametomidine, blood transfusion , colchecine, albuterol-ipratropium, aluminum; magnesium hydroxide, ascorbic acid

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 11/10/2021

Days on a ventilator: : 9 days

Person being interviewed: Janice, Kyler Victoria; Priscilla Victoria

Relationship To Victim: wife, son, sister

Pursuing legal action?: yes

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Janice, Kyler Victoria; Priscilla Victoria

Nurses "blackmailed" extended family with promise for all to EOL visit, IF they removed vent; otherwise no visits to other family members at all; son Kyler was given 2 minutes to say goodbye to his father, his best friend, and was then escorted by security from the ICU, out the front door of the hospital, along with all other family members. He died alone because of a hateful nurse.

Janice & Kyler V’s Story
Written by Janice, Kyler Victoria; Priscilla Victoria(wife, son, sister)

Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Anybody Who knew Anthony Victoria Personally, knows that he entered through the small gate and the narrow road to our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Although Its been a painful nine months since his passing, We are delighted in joy to know, he is not in a better place, but the best place, HEAVEN!

After about 5 days of not feeling good and also contracting gout during that time, we took my Dad/Husband to our family doctor on November 2nd, 2021. He proceeded with the diagnostic tests and also took his blood. He sent him home with gout medicine and that was it. He never called us back with the results of any of the tests or blood work. Needless to say he didn’t care, because we had different views than him politically. He told my aunt who also used him as her family doctor that the military should come to our houses and force people to get the vaccine or arrest us. Five days later after not getting any better we drove my dad/husband to mission hospital. We walked him into the hospital where they ran some diagnostic tests on him, and saw that his oxygen was extremely low and he was having a hard time breathing.The hospital immediately kicked us out after that. They put our husband/Dad on a breathing aspirates and continued to run some tests on him. They called us shortly after notifying us that our Husband/Dad has been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism and covid-19 pneumonia. They told us he could not have any visitors, didn’t matter if we had negative covid tests or if we were fully vaccinated and boosted. He could not have any visitors at anytime! They admitted him into the covid unit at the hospital. After just that one night of being at the hospital we talked to our Husband/Dad on the phone he sounded weak but better we could tell. He reassured us that he was feeling way better and he should be home soon. Later that day, sometime in the evening, his Doctor called us, Doctor Panochellia. He told us that Anthony needed to be put on a ventilator if he were to survive. We told him NO, but he kept insisting that he should be put on a ventilator. The next morning we talked to our Husband/Dad on the phone where he told us Doctor Panochellia told him he should consider going on a ventilator, my Husband/Dad refused. He told us that his doctor didn’t understand  and that he didn’t trust him. So we called the hospital that same day and fired doctor Panochellia and requested a new doctor. It Took the hospital the next day to assign my Husband/Dad a new doctor. In the meantime Doctor Panochellia started my Husband/Dad on Remdesivir. Once we were assigned a new doctor, doctor Coley. We told him we would like Anthony off remdesivir, he had only been on it for one day. Doctor Coley asked why we would like him off it, and we explained after doing some of our own research that our entire family agreed we didn’t want him on it. He agreed over the phone that he would take him off it.We also asked Doctor Coley if he would let my Husband/Dad take his gout medicine since he went into the hospital with gout and he was telling us he was in pain in his leg. Doctor Coley agreed to that as well, we specifically told him that Anthony had to be put on a specific gout medicine because he was highly allergic to Motrin and many of the gout medicines. He reassured us that he would take care of it and that Anthony would probably be home in a week but with a breathing aspirates. After we got off the phone with Doctor Coley we called my Husband/Dad and notified him that we got him a new doctor and that he was no longer to take any remdesivir. Anthony was coherent and feeling so much better. A day went by and we thought my Husband/Dad was in the clear. We called him in the morning where he told us he had hives all over him from them giving him the wrong gout medicine! We told Doctor Coley and many of the nurses that he was allergic to Motrin and many of the gout medicines and that he needed to be put on a specific kind but they did not listen! Later that night we called the nursing station to ask how he was doing and to see what they were giving him as far as medicines go. They told us that they had just given him remdesivir and that he went to bed for the night. We called Doctor Coley the very next morning and asked him why he was giving Anthony remdesivir and he said that he told Anthony it would be in his best interest to stay on remdesivir and finish off the dosage. Apparently he said my Husband/Dad agreed. After that it all went down hill. Doctor Coley called us one night about five or six days after my dad had been admitted to the hospital and told us that my Husband/Dad had to have oxygen released from his lungs and that it would be a minor but necessary procedure. After they preformed the minor Procedure Doctor Coley called us and said that Anthony had to be put on a ventilator, that was his only chance to survive. Our Whole family was devastated with this news, We never got to talk to my husband/Dad again after that. Doctor Coley got off his shift and we were assigned his partner that covers for him which was Doctor Cheng. Doctor Cheng called us  shortly after Anthony was put on a ventilator and notified us that Anthony had an Ulcer and was loosing blood. He said that it was necessary to give Anthony Blood fusions. On Thursday November eight-tenth we called the nurses station like we did everyday the moment Anthony had been admitted in the hospital. We called and called all day, no one picked up no one returned our calls for the entire day. The next morning November nine-tenth we got a call from Doctor Cheng saying that Anthony had gone into cardiac arrest and that we were to come to the hospital immediately. On the way to the hospital myself and my two sons were crying and in shock. We called the rest of our family and told them all to meet us at mission Viejo hospital. My two boys and I arrived and were lead straight to my husbands room which was in the Covid unit. We were required to wear face masks and aprons before entry. When we we got into my husbands/Dads room he was unrecognizable! His face was swollen! His eye lids, his nose, his ears, his hands were swollen as well as his feet, as if he had some type of allergic reaction. My boys and I were crying and in shock, we couldn’t believe the amount of tubes that were in my husband/Dad and his state of being! I stayed in my husbands room while I held his hand and cried on his shoulder while my two boys went down to the parking lot to gather our entire family. The hospital wouldn’t let anyone up to see Anthony, only his youngest sister Priscilla. They proceeded to put the rest of our family in a room somewhere in the hospital, where they made it known that they were upset that our family would all show up under circumstances like these (covid pandemic.)  Myself and my sister in law Pricilla face timed the whole family with a tablet so everyone could tell Anthony how much they loved him and that everyone was praying for him. While Priscilla and I were up there with Anthony we kept on getting harassed by a couple of nurses. They kept on insisting that we put Anthony on comfort care and take him off the ventilator. After many times answering them saying we will let God decide what’s best for Anthony, they kept insisting that we take him off the ventilator. One nurse even said that she was getting push back from her supervisor for us to make a decision. They were so persistent that they waited outside the bathroom to ask me again about putting him on comfort care and taking him off the ventilator after I specially said we would not be doing that. There final plea to us was that if we took him off the ventilator and put him into comfort care that they would let our whole family come up and say goodbye to Anthony. Ultimately we stuck to our beliefs as Christians and let God decide what was best for Anthony. We did not take him off the ventilator or put him into comfort care. After Priscilla and I made our decision, we had to leave we were no longer welcome to stay with Anthony. My oldest son called Doctor Cheng to ask if he could go up to his fathers room one more time to stay goodbye to him. Doctor Cheng gave my son the approval to go up there and say goodbye to his father. When my son got to the covid unit all the nurses wouldn’t let him in. He told them that Doctor Cheng approved it and they still denied him access. It was quit clear that after we did not take Anthony off the ventilator or put him on life support that we were the enemies. It was as if they were doing everything in there power to get us to pull the plug on my husband so that they the hospital couldn’t be liable for his death. After denying my son multiple times to go see his father he told them how ashamed they all should be and asked them how do they sleep at night knowing that they wouldn’t let them see his father on his death bed! As my son left the covid unit one nurse came running after him saying that she would let him in but only for two minutes anything more than that and he would be escorted out by security. My son said his goodbyes to his dad who was also his best friend they did everything together! He got two minutes with his father before security escorted him out of his fathers room, escorted him out of the covid unit and escorted him out of the hospital. As well as escorting the rest of our entire family out of the hospital because my son wanted to say goodbye to his dad, which doctor Cheng granted him the authority to do. Our lord and savior Jesus Christ later intervened and rescued Anthony from this terrible evil world and corrupt health care system and took him up to heaven where he will live for eternity in his true home. Anthony left us that night at eleven pm, and since then we have been left with a gigantic hole in our hearts.

Anthony Victoria worked his butt off his entire life to provide for me and our two sons. He worked two jobs for thirty years to give us all the things he didn’t have growing up as a kid. He was a devoted husband and a man of faith. He was an excellent father, because he was tough on our two sons. He introduced our sons to the lord and instilled morals and beliefs in them. On top of all that Anthony was the best Captain hands down. Ask anyone in long beach and Los Angelos harbor they will agree. Anthony could drive a boat with his eyes closed.

Billy Graham, one of the most renowned preachers to have walked this earth once said “the greatest legacy one can pass on to ones children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in ones life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.” My father definitely left my brother and I some very large shoes to fill when it came to having the highest of characters and greatest belief in faith. We will forever miss you dad and we love you.

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Hospital Protocols killed my husband from COVID 19… He didn’t have to die!

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