Keith Anthony DelPrete

Day of death: 11/18/2021

Location: Pennsylvania

Hospital: St. Luke's Fountain Hill Bethlehem PA

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: idr

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: idk

Name of Victim: Keith Anthony DelPrete

Age: 65 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 10/30/2021

First sought medical attention: 11/03/2021

Admitted to hospital: 11/03/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Treated poorly

Experience in hospital:

It is very hard to tell about his treatment only text messages and frustration of his answers or no answers, I was not allowed any access. My son was in one short night outside of room and all the doctor said was your dad is a very sick man. A couple days earlier he was not. Keith was a compounding pharmacist and knew exactly what he needed and what Remdesivir does. Everything went downhill after the Remdesivir. It seems on the 4th he was not himself, he was fine but the texting got very strange. He was not responding. They took his phone away. His oxygen levels were up to 92-95 and I believe they were saying it was from the Rem but it was not, I am sure of it now, it was probably the steroids. To many parts to the story.

Medications given: Remdesivir, dexamethasone, Decadron, morphine, I have his medical records but I have not opened them yet

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 11/10/2022

Days on a ventilator: : 9 days

Person being interviewed: Barbara DelPrete

Relationship To Victim: Spouse

Pursuing legal action?: yes

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Barbara DelPrete

My husband should not have died. He should have walked out of that hospital after oxygen and steroids. I was not allowed access to him and I have no idea what went on in there. The doctors knew who Keith was and they laughed or chuckled telling me how he tried to manage his own care, now I totally understand why. He was never going to be able to manage his own care right from the start. Keith turned 65 that July and just started his Medicare and them came October November.

Keith’s Story
Written by Barbara DelPrete(Spouse)

Keith started with an abscessed tooth 10/21/21. After the root canal I have no idea if it rolled into covid, his issue never cleared. He was very sick after the extraction and the doctors felt it was a calcified abscess. Put him on Amoxil and motrin. Around the 30th he was up in bed with a fever, he came down and decided to go get a covid test which I thought was strange because Keith is a compounding pharmacist. He is an expert in his field, he did his homework, he knew the dangers. He also knew the PCR tests were BS. But he went to CVS and got the kit, he said it tested positive I read different, but I could tell he was not himself in his head. I had no idea he had a breathing issue, he never said anything about his chest.

On the 1st or 2nd (its a bit foggy here) I took him to St. Luke’s Urgent Care, I believe they said his blood oxygen levels were in the 70’s. Then we had to go to our St. Luke’s family care across the street, sat in the car, a girl came out to our car, took the levels again and said no they were wrong they are in the 80’s. It seemed no one knew what they were doing. I believe I took him home. That night we were sitting on the sofa and he was just not right. I took him back over to Urgent care, they took x-rays and said both lungs were pneumonia. He suggested I take him to Bethlehem because it was the best out of all of them and he could be dead from suffocation in the morning, Keith was delirious.
Previous to me and my son admitting him I called and asked if he could just get oxygen and steroids and I can take him home and the woman said yes sure, you can take him home anytime. Both me and my son did not want to admit him, I knew the death protocol but he needed oxygen and steroids, he knew exactly what he needed. Keith was admitted on the night of the 3rd of November 2021, may have been the worst mistake of my life. Keith walked in with an upper respiratory infection with his own two feet, I never thought that would be the last time I would see him or see him walk.

11/4 – My son Corey went into the hospital, for some reason they let him in. He could not go in the room. Dr. told Corey they haven’t see covid-pneu for over a year only delta, doctor Corey talked to thought Keith was carrying a dormant strain and it popped up when Keith got the root canal.
His stay this day was confusing, some text say he is doing better and the nurses were helping him but then at 1:29pm Keith texted he is going downhill and they are talking about Remdesivir. He wrote that the doctors told him that they are getting very good results with Remdesivir. I was freaking out, I said no, you know the side effects. I have no idea if he was drugged to agree with them, but he knew better, how on earth could they convince him otherwise. He knew it causes kidney failure quickly. After that I had no real access to texting. It seemed like he was different, he was not the same Keith when he did text me.

I got a call from a pulmonologist (Rasheed) he told me Keith declined quickly after admission. I was shocked when he told me that because I thought he was doing better, Keith told me and others he was doing better. The doctor told me they put him on oxygen and they want to start treatment and want my permission, I said no and Keith would never give permission. He said Keith already gave permission (I was shocked) he said it was a courtesy call and since Keith gave permission they administered it. I thought, so they already gave it to him before he called me. I do not know for sure, it was a very strange call. They started him on Remdesivir and Dexamethosone, continued Oxygen and antibiotic treatment.

11/5 – That morning he texted me and he was feeling better. I am sure it was the steroids (When Keith could text me he told me he was doing better, his levels were up and he was coming home. People he was doing business with and people he worked with he texted he was doing better and coming home). The doctor told me he could only be on Rem for 5 days or it could start to affect his kidneys, I remember thinking WHAT? There were doctors that sent information to hospitals about Remdesivir about the death rate and kidney failure and Africa, I was so confused. I should have called him out, I should have asked him where he was educated or did he not get the message. I knew they were going to run him out of Rem time as long as they now had him on it. If I was there I could have done something, it was almost like I was being toyed with….

11/6 – I do believe by now Keith realized he/they made a grave mistake. I could tell. He was texting me to bring over a change of clothing a razor, he felt he was not getting the cleaning care he needed and his IVERMECTIN AND HCQ. I took a picture of everything I took over and rolled the meds in his underwear. No one was nice, I waited almost 2 hours for a nurse to come and get his stuff in the lobby. He told me he was sitting up, walking getting exercise, Flonase.

11/7 – Morning he said he was breathing better, he is joking with the nurses. He is still in general pop. He thought he was coming home. Then he starts to complain about his respirator not working. The nurses are not attending to him. He texts, nurses dropped the ball. They are trying to wean him off the O2. He complained he was not getting meds on time, he understood the severity of that. They had him convinced it was the Rem for his turn around.

11/8 – He was feeling good but could not find a vein had to call a specialist. Constant delay of medication. Decodron. He continued to complain and indicated he was in pain. He is not answering his phone when I call.

11/9 – He is still ok but not doing well. Cannot poop or pee. Doctor told me they do not know what they are dealing with and it’s the bioweapon. Keith said he could breath on his own for a short time. Lungs not damaged just inflamed. Constant bloody nose. He asked for his shave kit and sweatpants, it’s very cold. I went over to drop more stuff off for him, again I can only stay in lobby and everyone is mean, nurse took forever again. 7:40pm Keith starts to talk about numb toes. He lets me know he does not have much brain power. I am starting to realize I am losing him, either physically or mentally. He texted a picture of his feet the nurses wrapped like what they do for pregnant women.

11/10 – Keith panics, they think he has a blood clot in his foot. It started at 6am. He had morphine shots and they did not work. Shots 2x’s a day. They are taking him in for CAT scan. He texted me, it took so long. He writes “Fuckers” …. I do believe at this point he starts to understand exactly what they did and were doing and if I know my man he started to fight back. He may have realized it was too late especially knowing he had a hard time with his poop and pee. He was pissed because the nurses told the doctor on the night before and he blew them off, told them to give Keith aspirin. 18 hours before anyone did anything. I asked him what the Dr’s name was and he said or text “Strong” but I have no idea. Keith wrote “Dr. blew my nurses off”. Then he wrote “it’s like 5 a day” – I have no idea what he meant. Maybe 5 doctors a day I do not know.

At some point during this time, I would have to look back on my notes (I am so tired right now and trying to fight back the pain and tears so forgive me) I was in line for myself to get checked at Urgent care. I was not feeling well. My phone rang and it was Dr. Rasheed. He told me they have to cut off Keith’s legs or he has to go into surgery and I need to give him permission. OMG, OMG, I will never forget that conversation. The timing could not be worse. I was already in a long Covid car line, they have their protocols. What do I do, What do I do. OMG. Cut my husbands legs off, he was just working out last week above our garage doing leg lifts. WTF.

I gave the doctor permission to do the surgery. At some point he called me back after the surgery and said on his left side alone they got over 100cc of clots out from his whole leg over his waist and above. He was full of clots. They had to vent him. According to the text Keith was still waiting to go into surgery at 8:15 am and nothing yet, a lot of pain. Jenn from Intern Radiology called me – blood clots w Covid, vascular disease, pulmonary embolism, left leg, angiogram – artery find and explore.

11/11 – they told me Keith would be asleep for 3 days. I text him hoping he would respond. Can’t get anyone to talk to me. Dr. Rasheed called me sometime, I have no idea when.

11/15 to 11/17 – I did a test text and nothing. At some point palliative  care called. I had no idea why, no one told me Keith was going to die. After his surgery it was all a blur. They offered Facetime but that was a royal mess. Hours of waiting, nurses could not get the ipad to work. I was able to see him 3 different times. Unfortunately at this time my one son Corey and daughter-in-law had given birth to our second grand daughter at St. Luke’s on the 1st of November. It was absolutely unbearable, the whole story, life and death. Keith was tied down, he was distressed, I saw tears come out of his eyes. I couldn’t do a thing but tell him how much I loved him. The first FT he was able to at least gesture but got tired fast. He could shake his head and point. The only thing I could do was ask questions. It did not go well, he got them to give him a letter board. He tried to spell for us but they patronized him terribly. That was the night the whole family was on FT including his new baby granddaughter and our other son that flew in from California.

11/18 – I finally was able to go to my family doctor. Went shopping with my daughter-in-law to get me out of the house. Then I get a call about Keith. The doctor was very unkind and did not make sense. It sounded like he was basically saying your husband is done, like the “we need this bed” kinda feeling. He did not say that but he was cold and let us know Keith’s time was up, make plans and let us know when you want to come over. We went later that night. If we wanted to go into the room with him we were all triple masked with hazmat crap. The snots in my mask along were suffocating me. They let me have about 20 minutes alone with him. I just wanted so desperately to rip everything off and jump into the bed with him. I wanted to kiss him and hold his hand. Why did I not rip that crap off of me. His hands were so soft for 43 years. His feet, the softest feet you would ever want to touch and they destroyed them. That was my man, and they destroyed him, what do I do.

There were all kinds of people hovering about, no one looked over 35. I saw two, what looked to be nurses, jumping, running, laughing, snapping towels at each other. I remember thinking, this is the ICU what is wrong with you people. Then I looked around at all the other patients in the ICU individual fishbowls and it made me sick, they can see the same thing I am seeing. They also looking at their possible demise every time someone dies. They know that because family were only allowed in ICU at the end. Who are these heartless people, my god. I remember walking into Keith’s room after suiting up and Travis his PA pointed and tapped the monitor. It was very strange, he was trying to show/tell me something. It was his temperature, it was 100 if I remember. They were never able to bring his fever down. He was definitely trying to tell me something.

Before my family left the room each of my boys were on either side of the bed. Sean brought up the new baby picture of Valentina and Corey must of known what he was doing so Corey brought up a picture of Arabella and he leaned over the bed. Sean shook Keith and said this is your granddaughter and he opened his eyes straining like something I never saw before, his eyes, his eyes. He looked at Sean’s phone, he saw her, he saw her and fell back into that drugged state they had him in.

About a week later I get a letter in the mail from St. Luke’s legal department:

This letter is to inform you that your husband, Keith Delprete, developed an infection during his Nov 4 2021 hospitalization. While not all infections are preventable, we want to apologize that this occurred and emphasize the importance we place on preventing all infections.
And it goes on………
I kept the letter. So he not only got killed by the Rem he also developed a bacterial infection.
I am going to end it here. I have to stop. I may have some spelling issues or date issues. This is the best I can do for now.
Barb DelPrete

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