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November 3, 2021 – The drug remdesivir or Veklury, sold by Gilead Sciences, has become the standard of care for most hospitals nationwide, regardless of the many safety concerns and adverse effects that it has shown in thousands of patients. The drug is supposed to be an anti-viral but is turning out to be more like an anti-kidney drug afterall. The treatment is usually 5 days and cost $3100 and up. Not to mention, under the CTAP program, hospitals are being financially incentivized for administering RMV to patients. By law, since RMV is unapproved and issued under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the provider is required to go over the drug’s fact sheet with the patient or patient’s advocate and give them a choice whether they want to receive it or not. Since RMV has not gone through the regular safety testing or enough studies to show a definite efficacy against COVID-19, having a choice is imperative to the patients’ rights to protect his or her health. There have been clear complications with RMV, some being minor, but most have been major side effects, and many have been fatal. RMV has shown over and over to cause liver and kidney failure, sepsis, multiorgan failure, cardiac arrest, among others. What we are seeing, is that patients’ rights are being overlooked and they are not given the fact sheet, told of the risks associated with RMV or been able to give consent on whether they choose to receive this experimental treatment. Hospitals are just treating patients with it without advising the patient or their family even when the patient or their caregiver explicitly states they do not want RMV in their treatment protocol. Hospitals are often misusing it and giving it to patients at the wrong time in the illness or when the patient already has a history of elevated liver enzymes or kidney issues, which is stated specifically in the provider’s fact sheet, do not use in that situation.

The Former Feds Freedom Foundation is currently investigating remdesivir and the deadly results it has had on many patients. We have a support group meeting every Monday where victims of RMV’s loved ones call in and tell their story. It’s almost always the same, heartbreaking, and consistent in states throughout the nation. “The patient or their family requests Ivermectin, gets denied by hospital administration, pushed into, or often not even told they are going to use RMV, patient worsens, they have to get vented and then they die of renal failure, pulmonary edema, sepsis, liver failure, multi-organ failure and cardiac arrest. It’s the same story over and over and over. “

If you have personally survived a death match with remdesivir or if you have a loved one who has been subjected to the FDA Death Protocol including remdesivir, please join us this Monday at 9:00 pm for a video conference by sending an email to: FDAdeathProtocol@FormerFedsGroup.Org. Meet others who understand what you have been through. We are devising strategies to prevent any more people from being victimized by this terrible drug and also ensuring that there is accountability for the harm caused by this drug.

We will share common experiences and continue to devise strategies to protect unnecessary victims of this terrible drug by informing and educating others about how to avoid getting trapped into poisoning their bodies with this killer drug. You can not trust hospitals in this regard. The protocols they are incentivized to use will kill you. See Victim Witness Accounts of Crimes Against Humanity here​​.

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