September 12, 2021 – The sudden COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately delayed our continuing programs in Vietnam. Areas of public health and safety have taken a back seat so we could focus the time efficiently and build a coalition to help Americans reclaim ownership of the public square. Working with other law firms, we have helped develop a vanilla complaint for a potential filing by another law firm, on behalf of a group of Facebook users. These Facebook users, used their platform to try and save lives by getting truthful life saving public health information out on early treatments for Covid19. Their posts, which mentioned hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other effective treatment solutions, were solely intended to help educate their followers and the public with information that could save their lives. Their efforts were interrupted by unduly burdensome censorship of Facebook’s moderation policies. Although the constitutional issues at stake affect all Americans, and it is conceivable that the pending suit can be used as a vehicle to represent a broader class of victims, for display purposes to show the negative consequences that flow from Facebook’s monopoly, the vanilla suit is framed around the experiences of one particular Facebook group: Hydroxychloroquine Access Now. The challenges encountered by its users are common to many, perhaps all Facebook users. Due to this issue being a threat to national security, a violate of the 2nd amendment and a matter of life or death we will continue our efforts on this case. We do hope someday soon to resume our missions in Vietnam when  time and resources allow.

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