Carolyn Blakeman and members of the 501c3 FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FormerFeds.Org) are delighted to announce a significant stride in our ongoing mission to uphold freedom and liberty.

Unveiling Our Latest Legal Action

In collaboration with Bradford L. Geyer of FormerFedsGroup.Com, we proudly endorse his law firm’s initiative against the U.S. Department of Justice. Geyer, representing thousands of Himalaya Exchange customers, is contesting the unjust confiscation of $300 million in customer funds and $136 million in investment gains. This aligns with our organization’s commitment to compelling the U.S. Government to respect our common humanity, resisting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and highlighting the broader implications of digital control.

This action follows our engagement of Thomas Renz to file a Supreme Court Amicus brief on a writ of cert petition in Edward Lang v. US and our support of the Gilead Suit.

Additionally, our organizations have supported FormerFedsGroup.Com in referring out 100 hospital homicide cases.

A Case Emblematic of Our Struggle

The arbitrary seizures against a stable coin crypto exchange underscore our concerns about the U.S. Government’s practice of targeting legal conduct by advocates for freedom. Blakeman remarks, “What used to be encouraged is increasingly treated as suspicious and aberrational conduct.” Start-up crypto exchanges face heightened enforcement, likely tied to the U.S. Government’s plans for a centralized CBDC system, endangering cash, hard currencies, and independent crypto exchanges.

Our diverse members, spanning various backgrounds and professions, have faced unwarranted targeting in medical treatments and gene therapies, breaching Constitutional Law. Government protocols, perverse incentives, and selective law enforcement have led to the torture and death of loved ones in hospitals. The shift toward trackable CBDCs jeopardizes economic freedom, signaling a worrisome move towards centralized financial control, intensifying the current dismal situation.

The Impact on Our Members

Government actions have not only resulted in substantial financial losses for non-American Himalaya Exchange customers with limited recourse but have also caused profound psychological distress. Our members share a common experience of feeling betrayed and harshly treated by the government, encountering closed doors when seeking help. We empathize with Himalaya Exchange customers striving to maximize economic freedom through exchanges and advocate for their protection.

Join Us in This Important Battle

This press conference marks a pivotal moment in our fight against digital enslavement and CBDC overreach. Together, we enter a new chapter in the struggle for financial freedom and individual rights against unwarranted government control.

We invite you to stand with us in this critical fight for the preservation of fundamental freedoms in an increasingly digital world.

Warm regards,

FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

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