Houston, Texas – The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (the “FFFF”, a 501c3 corporation) is pleased to announce that, as of March 24, 2020, Jennifer Bridges, R.N., has joined our team as a Director and Medical Consultant.

Ms. Bridges brings to the FFFF over nine years of medical experience, the last two years spent on the very front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is the founder of Guardians of Medical Choice (https://guardiansofmedicalchoice.com) and is a nationally solicited medical freedom conference speaker. She was employed with Houston Methodist Hospital until she refused to comply with its mandated COVID-19 vaccination directive. Rather than meekly submit to Houston Methodist Hospital’s mandate, Jennifer bravely commenced litigation against the same in both federal and state courts. One of her lawsuits is presently poised for the consideration of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (https://guardiansofmedicalchoice.com/lawsuit-updates/).

As Ms. Bridges explains, “It broke my heart to leave my colleagues and the hospital I love, but I felt obligated and driven by my morals and ethical principles! I just couldn’t stand by and watch everyone getting bullied! No one should ever be forced to do something like this against their will! I simply had to stand up and fight back!”

our Legal Team, General Counsel of the FFFF, states, “The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation looks forward to utilizing Jennifer’s experience and passion in the service of our multinational and multidisciplinary alliance against the mandates and other pandemic abuses.”
The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is pursuing a broad range of creative initiatives to combat pandemic crimes and abuses globally (https://formerfedsgroup.org).

For example, The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation supports a broad spectrum of leading independent, multidisciplinary initiatives which oppose 1) mandated Emergency Use Authorizations that indemnify acts and omissions constituting unethical and illegal medical experimentation and 2)improperly obtained or waived informed consent to such medical experimentation.

The Director of the FFFF notes “The results of our preliminary investigation demonstrate that high-level public health agency leadership failed to disclose material aspects of the various programs regarding EUA drugs to elected officials, treating physicians, and nurses. It is manifest that meaningful context was denied to those who needed such information the most. In addition, many effective and easily accessible treatment options were actively suppressed or otherwise blocked from reaching patients in urgent need.”

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation also supports parents at the forefront of efforts against school boards who would dare use our children as pandemic-theater political props. At the same time, it challenges the heinous civil rights deprivations imposed upon these parents.

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is developing a strategy white-paper to provide a safe haven for whistleblowers, that is, treating physicians and nurses willing to make complete disclosures regarding how they were led astray by limiting (and even dangerous) public health agency protocols.

To this point, The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is, at an urgent pace, constructing multinational and multidisciplinary alliances to tap interested international legal, medical, and scientific expertise in the expansion of its global offensive and defensive measures against these abuses and crimes.

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is also working on various other, potentially significantly impactful legal strategies, the precise nature of which, for obvious reasons, cannot be completely elaborated upon at this time. These include, without limitation, task force investigative and law enforcement partnership efforts.

The efforts of The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation are broadly directed towards the restoration of our common humanity by re-establishing the primacy of the Bill of Rights and insisting upon the realization of, and respect for, customary international human rights.
Of course, funding is the primary limiting factor in what The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation can achieve. Our operations and goals are expansive, ambitious, and only made possible by generous contributions of all sizes and kinds.

If you would like to contribute financially, we can accept tax-deductible donations here (https://formerfedsgroup.org/donate/).
If you would like to volunteer your time to support our operations, legal, medical, or related research, writing and media, or any of a wide variety of roles, please reach out to us either personally or via our website (https://formerfedsgroup.org/volunteer/).

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