The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, 501c3, is making a few structural changes to our media, legal and leadership team and mission, as we continue to move forward in our collective fight against attacks on the Bill of Rights and human rights on multiple fronts.

Here are some of the changes coming up and a recap of our work within the foundation:

Our acting director, Adam Gaertner, will be resigning the position to focus energy on upcoming research projects. Adam generously stepped up to get us fledged in a time if national crisis and he has been integral to securing donations and funding our organization to do this on-the-ground work. We would like to acknowledge and express our heartfelt appreciation to Adam for helping us assemble our team, for his keen leadership, and his guiding hand in helping us evolve through this initial phase to build permanent management of this volunteer organization, led with board oversight. We wish him all the best in his new project and look forward to continuing our mutually benefical relationship where perhaps he may be able to return as soon a board member.

The Former Feds Foundation started out in 2016 with a few goals in mind: fight encroachments on our freedoms that seem to be increasing and accelerating and reestablish oversight, controls, limitations and rule of law on institutions and government so that they can once again protect human rights and Consitutional Rights.

Here are some highlights of what we have achieved in a few short months:

– Facebook suit: supported ongoing litigation against Facebook battling Big Tech censorship of advocacy of early treatments for COVID-19, opposition to mandatory vaccinations, and general questioning of the prevailing political, economic or medical narratives. As of now, it looks like Loveland et. al v. Facebook will receive approval to represent 1.5% of Facebook users who are deemed by Facebook to be “vaccine hesitant.” If you were censored over the last two years for a COVID-19 post, you may ultimately be represented in this suit.

– Motion For Detention Release based on Humanitarian violations by the Department of Corrections (DOC) in the District of Columbia alleging violations of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Protocols; as the state of Constitutional protections is so marginalized post-pandemic, to avoid reaching the required decision, the District Court in that action misinterpreted the arguments made and ruled against the defendants in this case. The legal team concluded the path through the Circuit to the Supreme Court would generate bad case law given the pressures the judiciary is under at this time so it was not appealed, but it remains in a federal docket for later use. The system has been put on official notice that punishing prisoners for refusal to receive coerced medical experimentation consitutes violations of Constitutional and International Laws.

– Issued a report on US Department of Justice violations of federal principles of prosecution and false filings in the District of New Jersey and the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that were being used in the United Kingdom to strip a Chinese National single mother of her UK refugee status and deport her to a Chinese prison. Here, US government law enforcement overreach was affecting innocents in the UK, so we investigated and issued a report and presented the findings to the Crown and to the Court, who agreed with our experts, and granted her citizenship.

– Supported legal work to benefit January 6 defendants, many of whom are totally innocent, many of whom have been ensnared in the US government’s current political-based prosecution that, in important respects, alleges false crimes and strips defendants of Constitutional protections afforded under the Bill of Rights.

– Pro Se Complaint filing: We have just completed a 66-page Pro Se complaint, which is accessible to anyone that we have implemented widely and will continue to use in the fight against tyrannical vaccine and medical mandates in the workplace.

– Vaccine mandate waivers: We developed and implemented a novel approach to vaccine mandate religious waivers around a Crimes Against Humanity foundation to prepare the Nation and we toppled opposition at some of the largest “Fortune 500” companies in the world; this has enabled hundreds of people to keep their careers.

– Awareness campaigns: Our organization has mounted numerous live streams, infographics, and channels on social media to make the public aware of early treatment possibilities, potential liabilities with remdesivir, and legal remedies related to vaccine mandates. In addition to this, we plan on continuing campaigns for public awareness and more resources individuals can use in this continuing fight.

– Remdesivir and Medical Liability suits: We are in the midst of our struggle for justice for the many thousands of victims of murderous hospital protocols which forced upon them intubation and the toxic Remdesivir against their consent. Please contact us if you or a loved one has been affected by remdesivir.

– Soon to announce coordination of program under leadership by leading luminaries in the medical freedom movement to protect treating physicians and treating nurses who wish to make full disclosures about the negative effects on patient health form having relied on unconscionable government treatment protocols.

With your greatly valued moral and material support we will continue this war energetically, effectively, and fearlessly.

FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (FFFF) is a New Jersey based 501(c)(3) organization comprised of former federal agents, prosecutors, lawyers, medical professionals, researchers, and volunteers from around the United States and all over the world. Our mission is to preserve, protect, and, where needed, restore our constitutional rights and God-given unalienable freedoms. If you would like to help support this mission, please make a contribution or volunteer today. If you have any questions, please contact us. For media inquiries, please contact Carolyn Blakeman.


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