December 12, 2021 – The FDA Death Protocol including remdesivir is responsible for the unnecessary suffering of countless victims and their families. Last month, the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation formed a weekly support group, to help comfort and organize surviving victims and families of victims who have been impacted by unscrupulous policies incentivizing hospitals to administer the ineffective and sometimes lethal FDA Death Protocol including remdesivir. Word quickly spread about The Remdesivir Survivors and Victims Support Group and Action Committee, and our inbox was flooded with requests to participate in the support group meetings. When some victims expressed a desire to go public with their stories and explained how they had been censored by social media, we knew we had to start documenting their experiences, to give them support closure, to make this sad state of affairs known in an effort to spare further suffering, and to archive their testimonies for the record.

The surviving victims and families of victims of the FDA Death Protocol come to our meetings still reeling from the experience of having been abused and mistreated at the hands of those they had entrusted with their health. Invariably, we hear them express a range of emotions: shock, horror, confusion, bewilderment, terror, sadness, and devastation. Bubbling beneath the surface of these feelings of grief and betrayal, we invariably sense a growing sense of outrage. People are mad. They want to tell their stories and commiserate with their peers, but they find that when they try, they are censored and silenced on social media. This only fuels their rage. Until recently, our society has always allowed people to process their grief. “Why can’t these stories be told?” they demand to know.

Why can’t these stories be told?

Big Tech has a stranglehold on our civic discourse, but since their agents are cowards, they tend to target individuals who they presume cannot defend themselves. It takes an organization such as ours, with an army of lawyers and legions of patriots behind us, to penetrate the membrane of the propaganda and censorship bubble and provide a shield around individuals who would otherwise be silenced. Despite our public and outspoken stand, we retain our social media platforms, because to deplatform us would be to trigger a domino-like Streisand effect, serving to amplify our message exponentially. Our enemies do not want to martyr The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation.

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is effectively standing sentinel over the victims of the protocols and policies we abhor, holding the line so that these brave people can finally speak and be heard, and their stories be told. Only once the victims and their families are able to share their experience are they finally able to process their grief, knowing they have honored the memory of their loved one or spared another person having to go through a similar experience. We find it reprehensible that social media companies are suppressing these stories and further victimizing the survivors of these crimes against humanity, and we will continue to document, share, and archive their experiences until every victim has has enjoyed the opportunity to be heard.

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