Amanda Reynolds Stratton

Day of death: 02/08/2022

Location: Kentucky

Hospital: University Of Kentucky Hospital

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: idr

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

Didn't seem to care about her well being

They let her husband—that she was separated from—make the decisions for her for the last 2 days of her life, when I’m the one that was there and signed most paperwork for her, because I informed them that he did not have her best interest.

Name of Victim: Amanda Reynolds Stratton

Age: 43 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 12/26/2021

First sought medical attention: 12/27/2021

Admitted to hospital: 01/01/2022

Treatment received at hospital: Treated well

Experience in hospital:

She was put on 2 liters of Oxygen, given magnesium by IV . Then they had her drink potassium. Gave her blood thinner shot. Gave her Cat Scan of her lungs. Then started her on Remdesivir which she received for 5 days total. She was hooked to the bed and couldn’t get up, so they just let her sleep. She said she was hooked to 20 different leads. On 1/5/2022 she was sent home after infusion with Oxygen.

Medications given: Remdesivir, ativan, antibiotics, antifungal, anxiety meds, blood thinner, blood pressure meds, heparin, lasix, Oxygen, sedatives, Steroids, vit c, there were medicines they gave him that MADE NO SENSE TO GIVE HIM

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: idr

Informed of RMV side effects?: yes

Days on a ventilator: : 16 days

Person being interviewed: Bobbie Hancock

Relationship To Victim: Mother

Pursuing legal action?: no

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Bobbie Hancock

My daughter Amanda was 43 years old she was a beautiful from the inside out with so much energy.

Amanda’s Journey – Bobbie Hancock’s Story
Written by Bobbie Hancock(Mother)

My daughter Amanda was 43 years old she was a beautiful from the inside out with so much energy. We went to Nashville Tennessee for Christmas we returned on Dec 23rd 2021 with some symptoms of COVID but over all feeling ok. On 12/26/2021 Amanda went to Danville hospital where she tested positive for COVID and kidney infection. She was given 5 days of 50mg of Prednisone and several other medication and told they would call her the next day to give her the infusion. She did not receive the call to come in for the infusion. She was not feeling any better and was having difficulty breathing now so she went to the University of Kentucky where she was admitted and received the infusion solumedrol for 5 days on January 5th. She was released and sent home with Oxygen at 2 units when no movement and 5 units when up moving around.

After 2 days of returning home she still wasn’t feeling well. She was getting worst by the minute, she returned to the hospital. Her oxygen was to low to take her back to UK so we took her to our local hospital Ephraim McDowell in Harrodsburg KY where her O2 was 74%. When she arrived ER Doctor took X-ray and Cat Scan said she had blood clots and pneumonia. She was put on the BiPAP then transferred to Ephraim McDowell Hospital in Danville. She was talking and laughing with the ambulance workers. After arriving to Danville Hospital she was put in a small area like a ward where several men and women were together. They had her using a forced nasal with heat moisture sit at 100% with 60% forced air, she received a heart echo, heparin drip and an antibiotic. She was struggling with the air that high so they dropped it to 40%. January 10th they state that the blood thinner was working and the blood clots were decreasing. They said they will watch her vitals and labs for clot to make sure there were no markers of clotting. She is on the lowest setting of nasal pressure-and 02 is holding, they stated they will wean her the next day.

She was started on oral antibiotics and oral blood thinners. Heart labs have improved the echo and EKG were normal. Still COVID positive and it is mutating a little no other respiratory illness no MRSA just treating bacterial pneumonia. Had a plan of care with going home in 2 daysJanuary 11th at 7:49 she wakes up stating she had a rough night. She had a fever of 102, she is wanting to transferred out of that hospital. She stated she didn’t feel safe. Thinks they did something to her, she feels crazy and has peed the bed. She has asked to speak to the Director of nursing. She wants me to call her rheumatologist, Dr Lowesky at Central Baptized to see if she can get transferred. Her markers are high for Wegeners and she wants him to be made aware.

She feels she needs to return to UK. Her fever is still 102 and she wanted some cool fluids. Her nurse had let her heparin infiltrate and it pooled in her arm and she is in a lot of pain and only has 1 IV with no other veins. Her arm looked really bad. She was taken off her anxiety meds, because they countered with antibiotics. She is upset this day that when her fever spiked, it cause her heart rate to spike then she goes into hyperventilating and  her 02 drops. She is having anxiety attacks and she feels it could of all been managed and she wants to talk to case manager. I’m in pain, shaking, hot all over, my HR144, 02 is 93% Respiratory is still labored and fast.


At 11:25am she is not responding and doesn’t respond until 3:57pm, she tells me “they drugged my ass”. They gave me steroids in my IV and then Ativan,” put her up to 50% on airflow her 02 was 97 HR was low. I called the nurse to check and find out what going on. Her nurse told me Amanda was fine and she had 3 meals and had been drinking all day. Amanda said she had a banana and dry cereal and she had not seen a lunch tray and had no fluids other than same water she had yesterday with no ice. She had a drink of Sprite with breakfast. She had slept from 12:30 until 4:30 with no vitals or anyone checking her lungs. She told the night nurse she had a fever and she came in with head scanner and it read 99  Amanda told her that she wants a oral temperature, because it’s accurate. The nurse went and got a disposable one and tossed it on her bed for her to do it herself and her temperature was 101.6. Amanda stated they never check her arm band before hanging medication, never took vitals before medication, never flushed and check IV site that is why she wanted to speak to the case manager.

January 12th 2:30am She woke up coughing with sharp pain in her left shoulder, wet in her lungs, fever is 100 respiratory was fast and 02 dropped to 75, it took a while to get it to 80’s. They blasted her oxygen and 02 went to 94, HR was 117. They switched her back to BiPAP and asked for them to page the Dr. He advised giving to give her some cough medicine. She continued getting heparin and antibiotics in the same line it was an 18 gauge. Her HR was 102 and 02 at 85%.

January 12th 7:48 fever dropped and she slept good until 7:30, now fever has returned to 103 and can not get Tylenol until 10:00 HR is 110 and 02 between 85 and 90, it has been 100 all night. She received ice chips, popsicle and ice pack to put on her stomach. She was put back on BiPAP, 1000 IV steroids, Tylenol and she asking for a mild sedative. They are going to do this every 6 hour. They are going to do a PICC line. Her fever continues to 103.5 getting more ice packs. The doctor came in and prayed over her. He was trying to get her to UK now, he stated that the pneumonia is worse. The doctor was going to give her Propranolol B/P sedation, 02 is 97 and HR 120. The nurse just pushed Toradol and Ativan.

January 12, at 5:56pm she states “I feel like I went through a twilight zone. They drugged me and the next thing I know a PICC line was going in, then I thought they were giving me a bath. I was in the twilight zone when I came to, they had cute my close off of me. They said I knocked the nasal cannula off my nose and my 02 dropped to 4% I’m back on BiPAP and was put in ICU. I’m still drugged. My fever was so high I couldn’t feel. I can’t seem to stay awake today.”

10:57 “I just woke up my mouth is dry and I am eating ice chips. I need to call out, I had a coughing fit and peed all over the bed. Everything is good now I am changed and clean. I got them to change me back to nasal my 02 is 94. I got a popsicle. I took a tessalon perles and she brought me Tylenol, my temperature is 99.5. I think I had a seizure, because of the fever because my eye hurt. I’m healing I know it, I need to move more to get the toxins out of my body. I ask them to put in IV fluids yesterday they said no. I need to get these toxin out of my body. The clots make my lungs hurt and heavy.” I have been into deep meditation mom. Probably the fever  because the visuals were scary real, then it all happened and I wasn’t scared. Ativan andTylenol is on stand by temperature is 100. All the chargers are plugged up, light out eating ice good night love you.

January 13th 6:47 I work up BiPAP back on coughing, fever IS 101 I have had cough medication, breathing treatment, ice packs and 02 is 100%, HR 140, over all I feel good. I think my stenosis is tight not closed just aggravated, I told them to Page Dr. Loesky my brain is kind of mushy.

January 13 8:44am Doctor came in said I was slowly improving no need to transport to UK. He will keep me in ICU as long as he can to keep me monitored. My fever is spiked more I have cold packs, 02 is 90 with a hanky cough. The doctor did say I could go back to normal diet, my fever is still 101.7. I am getting tech to help me get up I have stopped IV heparin and oral medication that is a step up. Still have a fever.

January13th 11:52 I am good ,I got a full bath my stats are good. I got up to the bed side chair so I am getting up more. I want some donut holes. I wish you could come visit for a hour. Well a  good nurse brought me drinks and popsicles. I went into a coughing fit and shredded my nasal cord, it just ripped out. I am back on BiPAP until they get it fixed, so no drinks, popsicles or food. Ok I ate my popsicle through the BiPAP that was hard, my fever has stayed down. I am hungry I need cuties, cheese Doritos, cheese, that is my go to snack food. I have got up 2 times and my vitals did good 02 only in 80’s. I wonder if they would send me home on this nasal thing with a respiratory therapist? My lungs are burning and clear, I am healing. I got up to go to the bathroom, straightened my bed then laid down and dosed off.

January 13th 7:35pm supper was yucky so I am having donuts and sweet tea. I peed the bed due to coughing fit. I am watching a movie, eating baby chips, and living the dream I guess. I am officially 2 the air blows my crumbs when I take a bit of my chip…Lol I had an encounter with Jesus this morning when my fever was high. When I was saying I was at the lake getting my sun Jesus carried me over the water and all the dark blood was draining from me. Like my nose, ears, hair, down my arms just leaving then he washed me and laid me back down in the boat and said rest. We have work to do. I know my lesson I AM NOT IN CONTROL , he is! 11:01pm coughing fit, 02 dropped to 70’s, I have taken cough medication and Ativan to rest. Hope I don’t have to return to BiPAP overnight. I have healing angles ringing in my chest from my iPad. I’m jamming to K-LOVE everything is holding.

January 14th 7:30am I had a good night Ativan ain’t got nothing on me. I could wake and dose as needed, stayed on Basal on 1 cough fit took Tessalon perles and had 100. I have fever and got Tylenol, listen to scripture over iPad all night. My 02 is 91 and HR 77. My upper lungs are clear. I am going to start honey, lemon juice, hot teas and salt water steam breathing. I have ate fruit all night and drank my water, my nutrition is good because my nails are growing and look good. I don’t look ashy. I need lung health honey, lemon, hot drinks, and cinnamon. I cant see numbers on the board. I got a wonderful breakfast, pancakes, turkey bacon, and some coffee. I peed by myself. This momma is on the mend and is coming home soon. I also have a window and the sun has risen.  After I got up my 02 went in the 90s, HR 73, and in a few minutes I’m getting a game plan with respiratory. I wished they would send me home with this nasal machine, I have a PICC line, but not on any IV heparin or antibiotics. Overall, everything is going well. Doctor came in I’m getting booted out of ICU.

This is just the beginning of Amanda’s Journey she sent all this information by texting with me everyday.

Part 2

Amanda gets put on ventilator and flown out to University of Kentucky. At this point I get to visit and stay with her. Everyday I have written in a journal what she went through, which is more than anyone should have to, and pulled through it each time. They let her husband that she was no longer with and never visited her come in and take her off the ventilator. Nobody should have to go through what Amanda went through and the way she was treated. I promised her I would go tell the world about her.

I don’t have all the medications she received at University of Kentucky, but I’m working on getting her records.
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