Howard Moore

Day of death: 02/07/2022

Location: Kentucky

Hospital: Baptist Health LaGrange

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: no

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

His pcp's physician's assistant told him in the office that since he was never vaccinated that there was nothing they could do for him, and sent him home, refusing any early treatment meds, including ivermectin and vitamins. She had covid at the same time, and was given vitamins, zinc, etc,by a different dr,and got well
His nurse told him that his wife was asking too many questions about his care that she had no business asking, and she didn't get to speak to a doctor for the first 7 days

Nurse to Howard: Your wife is asking too many questions about your care, that are none of her business!

Name of Victim: Howard Moore

Age: 67 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 01/15/2022

First sought medical attention: 01/19/2022

Admitted to hospital: 01/28/2022

Treatment received at hospital: Treated poorly

Experience in hospital:

He was treated badly. He lost 30-40 lbs in 10 days. The nurses complained about her calls to check on her husband, and she didnt talk to a dr for 7 days. He was vented and died 8 hours later. He died at 5:06pm, and the nurse unhooked him from all the tubes, but they didn't call the morgue for 3-4 hours.

Medications given: baricitinib, blood pressure meds, fentynal, Steroids

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 02/07/2022

Days on a ventilator: : 1 days

Person being interviewed: Julie Leger Moore

Relationship To Victim: Wife

Pursuing legal action?: would

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Julie Leger Moore

He died at 5:06pm, but the morgue wasn't called for 3-4 hours; he didn't get to the morgue till around 10pm.... she took 2 covid tests into the morgue, and tested his with both, with the mortician as a witness, and they were both negative.

Howard Moore Story
Written by Howard Moore

In the unquiet hallways of a world at war with an unseen enemy, a tale of sorrow and betrayal unfolded, one that countless families around the globe share – a tale too often silenced by the overarching narratives of the times. It is the deeply moving story of Julie Moore, who witnessed firsthand the lethal machinations of ill-guided hospital protocols for COVID-19 treatment that tragically claimed the life of her beloved husband.

Julie’s story, as told to Patti Lamar, a fellow victim and member of the COVID Humanity Betrayal Memory Project (CHBMP) Task Force, is a poignant echo of an anguish that has reverberated in the hearts of many. It serves as a sobering testament to the devastating consequences of harmful medical protocols and policies. Her husband’s last hours were spent not in a sanctuary of healing, but in an arena where they battled not just the virus, but a seemingly unconquerable system that wielded protocols like remdesivir with reckless abandon.

During these distressing hours, she witnessed the stark change in healthcare delivery, as chaplains no longer offered their prayers unsolicited, instead requiring explicit request from the patient. The lack of spiritual comfort during such a crucial time was a brutal departure from her earlier experiences.

A new nurse, amiable yet naive, was a comforting presence, but her efforts were eclipsed by the harsh demands of a chaplain, whose orders for strict adherence to safety protocols, while necessary, came across as devoid of empathy. Julie recalls a moment of intense confrontation with the chaplain, a time where she declared her unwavering intent to stay by her husband’s side, a commitment she honored until the end.

In the face of institutional coldness and disregard, Julie’s courage held steadfast. Amid the dread of loss, she held onto her husband’s memory and her unshaken conviction that her husband, and countless others, were undeserving casualties in a war that should not have claimed them.

With a heavy heart, Julie recounts the harrowing words of Patti Lamar, a fellow victim: “Don’t go to the hospitals.” It’s a sobering call that punctuates the air with its grim reality. It also echoes the sentiments of her pastor who soberly reminds his congregation: “We’re all gonna die.” The sad inevitability, however, does not justify the needless demise of many at the hands of people we’ve entrusted with our lives.

In sharing her heart-wrenching tale, Julie lends her voice to the chorus of more than 800 grieving families documented by the CHBMP, over 600 of which have been published. The collection of narratives continues to grow at an overwhelming pace, evidence of a global tragedy that seems relentless.

The COVID Humanity Betrayal Memory Project aims to amplify these stories, which serve as reminders of the catastrophic human cost borne from misguided hospital protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Task Force, a coalition of victims – mostly widows and widowers, who have experienced similar harm, is dedicated to halting these egregious crimes against humanity.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by COVID-related protocols or policies, your story is important and it needs to be heard. Document your experience at

Together, we can fight against this invisible adversary, with the power of shared experience and unified advocacy.

This is one of many stories we have documented for our COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, a living archive of individuals harmed by crimes against humanity throughout the pandemic. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it here. You can browse more documented cases of humanity betrayal below. If you feel this is important, please share this page to your social media pages – and since it will probably be censored from social media, take the extra step of emailing it to your friends and family. Thank you for helping us raise awareness of the terrible ordeal our public health agencies have put these people through, so that we can try to prevent crimes against humanity like these from happening to anyone else.

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Colleen Obrien-The Protocol Killed my Dad

Colleen Obrien-The Protocol Killed my Dad

Age: 80

Location: OH

Became sick: 10/31/2021

First sought care: 11/06/2021

Admitted: 11/06/2021

To: Medina General Hospital

Murdered: 02/09/2022

Arthur Foth

Dan Travis’ Story

Age: 64

Paul Jerome Swenson Story

Paul Jerome Swenson Story

Age: 65

Location: MN

Became sick: 12/23/2021

First sought care: 12/29/2021

Admitted: 12/29/2021

To: Allina Health in Faribault, MN and transferred to Abott Northwestern in Minneapolis, MN.

Murdered: 01/10/2022

Paul Jerome Swenson



Age: 68

Location: FL

Became sick: 08/26/2022

First sought care: 08/29/2022

Admitted: 08/29/2022

To: Physicians Regional Hospital on Collier Blvd. Naples, Florida....then Landmark Hospital, Naples Florida...then Promedica Nursing/Rehab Rattlesnake Rd. Naples Fl.

Rebecca Darlene Harland

Scott Bedell’s Story

Scott Bedell’s Story

Age: 59

Location: TX

Became sick: 09/04/2021

First sought care: 09/09/2021

Admitted: 09/10/2021

To: Texahoma Medical Center in Dennison

Murdered: 10/01/2021

Scott Lee Bedell

Johnny-God’s Gift

Johnny-God’s Gift

Age: 34

Location: OR

Became sick: 08/03/2022

First sought care: 08/10/2021

Admitted: 08/12/2021

To: Bay Area and transferred to McKenzie Willamette

Murdered: 08/26/2021

John F. Waller "Johnny"

I survived 44 days in the hospital including 20 days in the ICU

I survived 44 days in the hospital including 20 days in the ICU

Age: 60

Location: CA

Became sick: 09/27/2021

First sought care: 10/03/2021

Admitted: 10/05/2021

To: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Gregory Gandrud

Virginia Hamlin Survivor Story

Virginia Hamlin Survivor Story

Age: 60

Location: CA

Became sick: 07/25/2021

First sought care: 08/01/2021

Admitted: 08/01/2021

To: Corona Regional Medical Center and Kindred Rancho Cucamonga

Virginia Hamlin

Jill’s Story

Jill’s Story

Age: 50

Location: IL

Became sick: 12/08/2021

First sought care: 12/12/2021

Admitted: 12/12/2021

To: Memorial Hospital (Decatur Memorial Hospital)

Murdered: 01/08/2022

Leon "Buck" Parton

Survivor by a Miracle

Survivor by a Miracle

Age: 67

Location: FL

Became sick: 01/28/2021

First sought care: 02/01/2021

Admitted: 02/01/2021

To: Fawcett Memorial in Port Charlotte, Fl

Glory Towns

Oxygen Toxicity

Kristy Rose’s Story

Age: 72

Location: ND

Became sick: 04/27/2021

First sought care: 05/02/2021

Admitted: 05/07/2021

To: Sanford Medical Center Bismark, ND

Murdered: 05/17/2021

David Wolfer

Stephen A Chambers/Murdered by Covid Protocol

Stephen A Chambers/Murdered by Covid Protocol

Age: 78

Location: NJ

Admitted: 01/30/2021

To: Jefferson

Murdered: 02/05/2021

Stephen A Chambers

My Grandmother was Murdered

My Grandmother was Murdered

Age: 89

Location: CO

Became sick: 12/28/2021

First sought care: 12/29/2021

Admitted: 12/29/2021

To: The Medical Center of Aurora (south campus)

Murdered: 01/01/2022

Celsa Vialpando

Colleen’s Story

Colleen’s Story

Age: 77

Location: AZ

Became sick: 01/06/2021

First sought care: 01/09/2021

Admitted: 01/16/2021

To: Honors in Scottsdale

Murdered: 01/30/2021

Donald McKenzie

My healthy YOUNG Husband murdered by government protocol (GENOCIDE) by caregivers we thought were there to HELP!

My healthy YOUNG Husband murdered by government protocol (GENOCIDE) by caregivers we thought were there to HELP!

Age: 51

Location: NJ

Became sick: 09/18/2021

First sought care: 09/22/2021

Admitted: 09/22/2021

To: Inspira Medical Center Elmer, NJ

Murdered: 09/27/2021

Edward Joseph Anderson, Sr. "Ed"

My Sister was Put in a Morgue Truck- Emeralda’s Story

My Sister was Put in a Morgue Truck- Emeralda’s Story

Age: 45

Location: NY

Became sick: 03/27/2020

First sought care: 03/31/2020

Admitted: 03/31/2020

To: Queens hospital in Jamiaca NY

Murdered: 04/04/2020

Mariathi Gianoumis

Nancy A Baginski Story

Nancy A Baginski Story

Age: 88

Location: MO

Became sick: 07/17/2021

First sought care: 07/27/2021

Admitted: 07/29/2021

To: St. Luke's Hospital

Murdered: 08/07/2021

Nancy A Baginski

Douglas Mellema

Douglas Mellema

Age: 67

Location: FL

Became sick: 07/19/2021

First sought care: 07/21/2021

Admitted: 07/25/2021

To: Halifax Medical Center

Murdered: 08/08/2021

Douglas Mellema

David Garza Story

David Garza Story

Age: 44

Location: CA

Became sick: 12/13/2021

First sought care: 12/23/2021

Admitted: 12/23/2021

To: Doctors Hospital of Manteca

Murdered: 01/05/2022

David Garza

John’s Story

John’s Story

Age: 66

Location: FL

Became sick: 08/06/2021

First sought care: 08/14/2021

Admitted: 08/14/2021

To: Lake City VA Hospital and Malcolm Randal VA Medical Center

Murdered: 09/02/2021

John W Shannon

Wendy T’s Story

Wendy T’s Story

Age: 83

Location: NC

Became sick: 12/13/2021

First sought care: 12/13/2021

Admitted: 12/13/2021

To: Sampson Regional Medical Center

Murdered: 12/22/2021

Peggy Butler Norris

1 shot is all it took and Remdesivir sealed his fate

1 shot is all it took and Remdesivir sealed his fate

Age: 77

Location: NY

Became sick: 03/24/2021

First sought care: 03/24/2021

Admitted: 04/04/2021

To: White Plains Hospital

Murdered: 04/15/2021

Richard Bonfiglio

Spencer James Rainey

Spencer James Rainey

Age: 77

Location: VA

Became sick: 10/05/2021

First sought care: 10/07/2021

Admitted: 10/13/2021

To: Reston Hospital

Murdered: 11/02/2021

Spencer James Rainey

My loving wife Cheryl

My loving wife Cheryl

Age: 61

Location: MI

Became sick: 12/25/2021

First sought care: 12/27/2021

Admitted: 01/05/2022

To: South Bay hospital

Murdered: 01/16/2022

Cheryl Corsi

These are just a few of the cases archived by our COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, and there are more being reported by survivors and families of victims every day. If you would like to help with this project, please consider becoming part of the Task Citizens Force Against Instutional Capture And Crimes Against Humanity, a FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation mission.