The 25 Commonalities

Tracy Bird, a COVID protocol widow, helped identify The 25 Comonalities – things we’ve heard again and again in interviews with witnesses to COVID-related crimes against humanity. Heidi Bond displayed The 25 Commonalities outside an ER that has taken countless lives with deadly COVID protocols.

NJ CHBMP Takes to the Skies!

The New Jersey Chapter of the FFFF Citizens Task Force took to the skies, flying this CHBMP banner over the beaches of NJ.

Awareness Campaigns

From the skies all the way to down on the ground, our Street Teams are covering their communities with awareness of COVID-related crimes against humanity. Some Task Force Members have had signs printed, and put them up around their neighborhoods. This is how we spread the word!


The Michigan state chapter has been making waves, raising awareness and reaching out to media whenever they can. 

Hospital Protests

Organized all around the state of Michigan, victims protested in front of the hospitals that harmed their loved ones. A powerful moment each time one of 163 supportive passersby honked their affirmation!

Grassroots Campaigns

Task Force Members raise awareness every way they can. Some widows have had professionally printed FFFF/CHBMP decals made for their vehicles. Others have put up our stickers and magnets. We love these traffic-stopping messages!

Home-Cooked Memories

A book made with care from the recipies the victims loved. Compiled by CC Blakeman and COVID protocol widow Tracy Bird.

FFFF Projects, Accomplishments, and Goals

In our journey toward advocacy and change, we have embarked on a multitude of projects and initiatives that intertwine the stories of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic into a tapestry of action, education, and legal challenges. Our efforts, ranging from the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project (, a repository of heart-wrenching stories from mRNA gene therapy injections and hospital protocol victims, to the advocacy and legal battles spearheaded by “We the People 50 – Recall the Shots,” underscore our commitment to not just remembering the past but actively shaping a more informed and just future. With over a thousand published testimonies, a national task force, and partnerships with leading scientists, doctors, and legal professionals, our collective endeavors have carved out a space for truth and accountability.

Central to our mission has been the facilitation of support through victim support meetings, art therapy groups, and a broad spectrum of educational materials designed to empower and inform. Our presence extends across various platforms and mediums, from podcasts like the FormerFeds Focus to widespread social media campaigns and local street teams, ensuring our message resonates far and wide. Noteworthy among our initiatives is the push for legislative reform, collaboration on documentaries, and the creation of resources like the pro se Vaccine Template, all aimed at dismantling medical tyranny and restoring faith in our healthcare and legal systems.

Yet, our journey is far from complete. As we continue to advocate for justice, transparency, and reform, the scope of our ambitions grows, necessitating the generous support of like-minded individuals and organizations. Our ongoing and future projects, such as the Whistleblower Protection Program, hospital rescue efforts, and legal actions against pharmaceutical giants, demand not only moral support but financial backing. We dream of a future where our endeavors culminate in the erection of a national monument honoring the victims of this crisis, a testament to both their suffering and our collective resilience.

To achieve these goals and to ensure that our fight against injustice and for medical freedom persists, we appeal to your generosity. Your support can help us continue to tell the untold stories, challenge the status quo, and advocate for those who have been silenced. Together, we can work towards a future where transparency, accountability, and health freedom are not just ideals but realities for all.

  1. COVID19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project – is a living archive, built on a large searchable database where we have documented stories of COVID-related crimes against humanity. Each testimonial consists of a written account of what happened and a live recorded video testimony. Victims can add memories to their file and share their stories on social media. Each state has their own website as well to customize and organize victims in their state. We have a team of volunteers (mostly victims themselves) that interview people every day to get their stories on the record. We have over a thousand stories in our database and a backlog of people waiting to be interviewed.

  2. We the People 50- Recall the Shots – A project lead by many scientists, doctors, attorneys, (Dr Janci Lindsay, Dr Reni Moon, Dr Witcher, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr James Thorp, etc.) and activists to get the COVID vaccines recalled through each state’s Attorney Generals office by using the consumer product protection statutes.

  3. National Citizen Task Force – a volunteer task force made up of mostly widows and victims of COVID-related crimes against humanity. We have hundreds of members nationwide and operate off a sophisticated project management software platform, which gives them access to tools to organize their objectives. We have state chair and co-chairs in each state along with each state’s own website to organize events and victims in their state.

  4. The FormerFeds Focus (On Rumble) – a podcast dedicated to exposing the crimes against humanity because of the COVID plandemic response.

  5. Our Substacks:,,

  6. Humanity Restoration Panel (work in progress)

  7. The Whistleblower Projection Program (work in progress)

  8. Pro-se Vaccine Template (here)

  9. Support meetings for victims 7 nights a week, a total of fourteen different meetings, including Art from the Heart, art therapy support group and a PTSD workshops lead by Patti Gilliano, NP (register here

  10. The 25 Commonalties Document is based on hundreds of recorded testimonies.

  11. Medical records storage and review (program being reconfigured) 

  12. Filed an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court on behalf of our members.

  13. We are collaborating with a firm that is filing complaints with the state AG’s requesting a criminal investigation be opened against Fauci and company. Our victim’s letters are included in the exhibits. Learn More

  14. Hospital Rescue, lead by Scott Miller, PA- to help patients escape the dangerous hospital setting.

  15. Halt Hospital Homicide Rallies– Second one is June 1, 2024, which will premier Mikki Willis’s new movie: Bad Medicine

  16. We are sponsors and guest speakers of many other organization’s events around the country such as the Health and Freedom Summits, The Medical Freedom Forum, and the upcoming Freedom Counsel Litigation Conference.

  17. Medical Alert Bracelet fundraising campaign to support large Class Action lawsuit against the makers of remdesivir. Protecting people against the poisonous remedesivr EUA drugs because everyone is allergic to poison.

  18. car magnet and sticker campaign to raise awareness and find other victims.

  19. We have published a 200-page cookbook in memory of our victims called Homecooked Memories, From Our Hearts to Your Table. We are working on publishing an Art Therapy Adult Coloring Book called Art from The Heart.

  20. The Script- a video series containing pieces of many victims’ testimonies put together in a montage to show the 25 commonalities. (work in progress)

  21. Working with the CHD bus on a documentary about the 25 commonalities

  22. Leadership summits and workshops

  23. The Change Makers Meeting- a meeting with attorneys around the countries to share case info and strategies. Attorney outreach and collaboration with

  24. We have a team of researchers, writers, and editors for many of our projects.

  25. Large Social Media presence only many different social media platforms. We have a large Space on X every Saturday night so eyewitness to COVID-related crimes against humanity can speak out and tell their stories.

  26. Street Teams to raise awareness in front of hospitals, highly active in California and starting now in Texas. Expanding nationwide.

  27. National Parents Counsel and Homeschooling program

  28. We have a full-time systems operator and website developer. (Chelsea)

  29. We have a full time Human Resource director (Trang)

  30. Have a full-time task force director and project director (Gail)

  31. Our founder had a 21 year career with the DOJ investigating and prosecuting criminal enterprises and fraud. He left in 2012 to fight against the fraud now in the government. (Brad)

  32. Have a full-time volunteer Director, media director, and legal liaison for the last 2.5 years who has been on over sixty podcasts and spoken at events around the country. (CC)

  33. Have a panel of expert witnesses and whistleblowers.

  34. We work closely with several doctors that developing protocols and who are helping people treat their vaccine injuries, long haul covid and other illnesses.

  35. We are assisting victims that have had to resort to filing their cases pro-se in order to toll their statutes due to lack of attorneys willing to take these legitimate cases.

  36. We have a legislative committee that lobbies for bills relating to medical freedom and our bill of rights.

  37. We helped get the first remdesivir suit filed in the state of California.

  38. We work with other groups and organizations to get this information out to the public and support victims. Covid19 Widows and Widowers for Justice, Nurses Freedom Network, Guardians of Medical Choice, Freedom Counsel, React19, Declare Truth, and many others. We want to stand with any organization that shares our mission.

  39. We actively fight against tyranny, including medical tyranny, mandates, CBDC, the WEF, the WHO, Big Pharma corruption, science fraud, health care fraud, grant fraud, the globalist agenda and any other infringements that are affecting our God-given constitutional rights.

  40. We are filing a case against Pfizer on behalf of several vaccine injured citizens of Vietnam.

  41. We support the unfairly treated and unconstitutionally charged, innocent January 6 defendants.

  42. Three of our leadership team members were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

  43. We are collecting data at the national and the state level to turn into visual graphics and charts to show patterns and an accurate look at the data of the atrocities that Americans have been subjected to as a result of the Covid 19 response.

  44. We have an ultimate goal of restoring our once respected government institutions and bringing back oversight and enforcement deterrents to ensure we have equal treatment under the law.

  45. Our goal is to see a national monument erected at the National Mall featuring the names of all victims of COVID-related crimes against humanity.

We have done all this on a shoestring budget largely based on the generosity of our founder, some individual donors, and the commitment of our volunteers.