Connie Degnan

Day of death: 10/01/2001

Location: California

Hospital: Desert Valley ER Admitted her to Waterman Canyon Acute Care She died at St. Bernadine due to the 'SUB PAR Care she received" at Watermen & Desert Valley"

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: no

Asked to sign DNR: yes-pressured

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

She was left in the hallway w/o her needed diabetic, pain meds & other necessary meds she brought with her by ambulance for close to 18 hours. She was then transported to acute care for 'wound care' & placed with a covid patient. They then moved her to regular patients in the facility. She began to stroke from withdrawals of her necessary meds in spite of her family calls for them to check her care plan. After 5 days & several calls for help, they claimed she now had covid. We believe the ER & Acute care center are targeting & profiting off vulnerable poor & profiting by giving them covid & killing them. She had NO POSITIVE tests until after she was transferred to St. Bernadine the 1st time as an inpatient resident, which she was not, which was when she had a stroke on the phone with me & was transferred to a covid ICU when she was simply in withdrawals & diabetic stroke, not positive. Her records PROVE this.

She might have made it, if they would've just given her some juice!!!

Name of Victim: Connie Degnan

Age: 69 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 09/10/2021

First sought medical attention: 09/10/2021

Admitted to hospital: 09/10/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Cruelly mistreated

Experience in hospital:

She was in diabetic stroke from being left without her meds, food or water for hours. Once she was transferred to the Acute Care they had her sign herself in & she was woke by a nurse to get her out of the room, (room change in records), but she was calling us upset she was exposed to a positive patient &wanted us to come get her.They moved her to regular room for 5 days. We thought she was over medicated, but quickly figured out she go NO home meds! I read tried to fax her meds for dr to review they gas lit us for days. She was having trouble moving, her texts were jibberish, she lost 13 lbs in days, she was in pain withdrawals. Mom began telling us of abuse by nurse Tammy at Waterman, She called my brother pleading for him to call 911 because she upset Tammy, who told my mom, "You just got yourself Covid". Her phone cut out &we couldn't get in touch with her. The records state my Mom had stroke symptoms, but she was "self sufficient" to refuse ER care. When they finally did get her checked after we blew up APS, Ombudsman, Sheriff, & the facility, they transferred her as a 'long term resident w/covid" There were NO POSItive tests at this time. Because she was transferred as resident, they sent her back to Waterman to finish the job, THEY KNEW RITE AID WAS READY TO VERIFY MEDS, BUT BECAUSE HOW SHE WAS TRANSFERRED THEY REFUSED TO VERIFY

Medications given: ativan, antibiotics, blood thinner, blood pressure meds, gabapentin, vassopressin

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Person being interviewed: Heather Rubcic

Relationship To Victim: Daughter

Pursuing legal action?: would

Engaging in activism: no

Watch & Share The Interview

The Interview with Heather Rubcic

In speaking to a CA Public Health investigator, I told her it appears they targeted my Mom as poor and unvaccinated, so the Dr at Desert Valley &Waterman have a deal to cash in on some covid funds. Her response was chilling; "Healthcare system is broken. I DO NOT disagree with your assessment, unfortunately". We tried EVERYTHING to get them to check her meds. A year after she died, the health dept went to validate our claim & found my moms meds & her walker in her property. Waterman was cited for "failure to notify Dr of medications" The health dept. turned the Dr to medical board for review & it is currently in full medical review. I believe Desert Valley Hospital is still being investigated by health too. St. Bernadine was let off even though they refused to check her medications when they knew my Mom lived alone & was not a long term res at Watermen. When she came back to St. Bernadine after we had SDPD contact SBAPS, she was moved back to St. Bernadine, however it took them days to get on the same page & they restrained her causing her fatal stroke. The notes show she was traumatized and needed a code word from the family the nurses could use so she knew she was in the safe hospital. She suffered a horrific painful cruel death for covid funds. She didn't deserve to die like this...crying, 'why won't they listen to me'...

“Why won’t they listen to me” She cried for them to check her meds she brought with her…
Written by Connie Degnan

Our Mom suffered a slow painful death.  Her records show she was ignored & left in a hallway for 18 hours, in the ER she was brought to after she fell at home.  She had been on the floor for hours without her meds before she came WITH her meds to ER.  She had a cellulites infection in her leg so they transferred her to Waterman for wound care.  They note after several hours she was given food & water & assisted her with changing her clothes as she was not allowed to use the restroom.  She was likely showing signs of diabetes distress, however nobody addressed, except to mention they cleaned her & gave her water & a snack before transferring her.  She lost over 13 lbs over a short time span, developed bed sores, was found on the floor near the bed, & never had a positive covid test until AFTER she was put in a covid ICU.  They took away her waterproof Iphone & told us she dropped it in water & had it in rice.  We had to use the Send A Card feature to inquire if they got her meds right.  We had other Drs, pharmacy, home health nurse SIGNED med list from a few days prior we were telling nurses, Drs, everyone to check, & they say, “SHES DIABETIC”  as they refused to treat her even AFTER they knew the care plan was wrong.  They screwed up by not checking her history, put her in pain med withdrawals, & slowly killed her.  Once the family was contacting APS, Ombudsman, Sheriff, they decided she now had covid & continued to kill her rather than help her.

September 9, – Kevin called 911 for our Mom. She was taken WITH her ziploc bag of medications, her walker, & purse by ambulance to Desert Valley Hospital. Records confirm she was left in a hallway without her needed medications for 18 hours. She notified them in records. A nurse feeds her, helps her clean up & change from no access to restroom on 9/10.

September 10 – Mom is transferred to Waterman in the evening. She had issues with her room noted in the records. About 3-4am she was calling family to get her as she was sleeping & a nurse came & yelled my Mom was in the room with a covid + patient, & she was then moved right away. The records note the room change.

September 13- Waterman records note she notified them of a medication issue, however they switched her to meds she doesn’t tolerate well, & in much lower doses than she normally took. Nothing for her diabetes, RA, anxiety that she was taking regularly. She was in pain & was upset they weren’t listening to her.

September 15 – Mom called Kevin saying she upset nurse Tammy & Debby told her ‘she just got herself covid’ & she needed help. My mom called 911 & her phone was taken from her by nurses. The waterman records show she was experiencing stroke signs earlier, but determined she was ‘self sufficient’ to decline care. Days prior the records show neglect, (she developed sores on her back) they state her diet was self feeding, but because she hadn’t had her RA meds, she couldn’t feed herself, or move to use restroom. Essentially they just put a tray in front of her & then took it. (Lots of details of neglect & isolation here as well as conflicting details in her status as to pain levels).

September 15- 21- working with Paula the social worker, we tried to get the nurses & staff to check her medicine as SEVERAL nurses we read her medicine list too stated they would let the DR know she was diabetic🙃. As we confirmed her current meds were not in line with her existing conditions. Family repeatedly called Dr, pharmacy, even went to facility & were gaslit & completely ignored. Paula said moms waterproof iPhone was in a bag of rice & they refused to let us speak to our mom, update her status, complete isolation.

September 21 – Paula got my mom her phone & propped it up to her. She sounded exhausted & cried for us to get her out of there, ‘why won’t they listen’, & I assured her we were trying to get them to listen about her pain, her meds, her decline & her speech was slurred. She said she was tired then went into a rant. For 56 minutes & 37 seconds she was in stroke state while the rest of the family scrambled to get someone in to help her. Monique finally came in & hung up the phone. When I finally got back through to her, Mom said Monique was trying to help her & she was in a lot of pain. She was transferred to St. Bernardine about 45 minutes later as a ‘long term resident stroke patient with covid’ This caused them to send her back to Waterman. We told them our concerns asked them to verify her medications, had rite aid on standby for the call to confirm. My Moms speech was so slurred & the nurse asked how long her face has been drooping. I said she lives alone, it doesn’t droop, she uses a walker, & is there for wound care for cellulitis. My mom was crying her hands were curling in & hurt, she was in so much pain. The nurse knew, said she would call Rite Aid for the list since she couldn’t take my fax, but they didnt… She did let me read it her. However, they simply sent her back to Waterman, knowing she was in withdrawal & stroking from no meds.   She said they had to because Mom was listed as as long term resident, even though I told her no, she lives alone.  See St. Bernardine records of details of how she was transferred there. Also note the 2015 referral for RA care. They didn’t bother to check history & ignored our concerns.

September 21 – 25 – Mom was unreachable & isolated at Waterman. They hung up on us, isolated her & her condition from us. We called, faxed, reached to APS, SB Sheriff, Ombudsman, Public Health, Social Security, Medicare, 911, & her primary Dr for help. They argued over jurisdiction but finally got her moved to St. Bernardine, nearly dead.

September 26🤔 apprx
Call scheduled with Waterman social worker Paula, A Waterman admin, & Ombudsman Kimberly was scheduled to discuss moms ‘Missing Property’ concern. (We simply wanted them to look at her medications & history for proper care of their patient & this was the Ombudsman’s plan to save my Mom) This was set up by the Ombudsman. At this point, my Mom was in ICU so I told them I’d be in touch …

October 1 – Due to the “subpar care, lack of stroke panel, proper nutrients, & care” (per the ER doctor, nuerologist), & Drs at St. Bernadine my mother died.

There are NO positive covid tests prior to her stroke symptoms on the 15th.
The records show discrepancies in her status & care.  They claim self suffcient to refuse ER care, but transfer her as inpatient resident…

Compare medication withdrawals symptoms with their notes. They clearly realized she stroked due to withholding her proper meds, rather than get her help, they covered it up, continued neglecting her, isolated her from family until she died. Medical records, dates, entries prove this. No stroke panel was done & she was covid negative prior to her documented stroke symptoms on the 15th.

While she was at St. Bernardine we had great communication with Drs & nurses as to her status & care. They said she was very neglected & in bad shape. She was scared, traumatized & needed a code word, “nobody puts baby in a corner” so she would know she was at the safe hospital that was helping her, not killing her. Its noted in the records.
In Waterman, we were gaslit, hung up on, left on hold for hours, IGNORED & ISOLATED from our Mother. Nobody should suffer like she did. No family should live the nightmare.

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