Carolyn Kotch

Day of death: 11/07/2021

Location: Pennsylvania

Hospital: Geisinger South; Wilkes Barre General

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: yes_fam

Asked to sign DNR: yes

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing their vax status?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

They mocked and made fun of her; they locker her in a closet in the ER her first two days there, and turned on a negative pressure fan that sounded like a train - nobody came to see about her the first day

The staff came into my mothers room in "space suits" mocking her for being unvaxed

Name of Victim: Carolyn Kotch

Age: 78 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 10/15/2021

First sought medical attention: 10/17/2021

Admitted to hospital: 10/22/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Treated poorly

Experience in hospital:

First day in the hospital, she was placed in a closet in the ER, locked in, where she said nobody checked on her that whole first day - there was a very loud noise in there that sounded like a train on the phone with her
the nursing staff mocked her for not being vaccinated and made fun of her

Medications given: Remdesivir

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5 days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 11/02/2021

Days on a ventilator: : 5 days

Person being interviewed: Lisa Kotch Evans

Relationship To Victim: Daughter

Pursuing legal action?: would

Engaging in activism: no

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The Interview with Lisa Kotch Evans

My cries for help were silenced!

Greed over health .. Murdered 11/07/2021
Written by Lisa Kotch Evans(Daughter)

My name is Lisa Kotch-Evans

My mother , Carolyn Karen Kotch was murdered at  Wilkes-Barre General Hospital in WB, PA on Nov. 7 2021.. she was 78 years young! Dr Mitchell is one of many responsible!

She decided to lease herself a new car.. October 11th…the car salesman who was vaxed and boostered was sick!

My mom would NOT get the vax!

In four days of being around the salesman she began to get a sore throat.. called her physician , James Jiunta MD who mandated her to get a Covid test .  I begged her not to! She did anyway and called me on Oct 16 to tell me the tests said she was positive for Covid!

He told her he wanted her on HCQ and zpak… codeine cough meds.. none of which the pharmacy would fill.. because they would counteract her medication… so Dr jiunta had to call them to say she would stop all meds .. my husband went to pick it up from price chopper pharmacy in WB and they said her insurance denied payment ao we paid cash for them.(HCQ and zpak) of course the codeine  Pugh med was covered!

She began the protocol and stopped all her meds..

I had told my mom HCQ was a dewormer and she would experience diarrhea.. and so it began..

she also had 2 elderly dogs .. and lived alone since my dad had passed April 26 2020!

By Wednesday she was weak from going to the bathroom and wasn’t eating.. just drinking … Thursday she called her dr. Who told her maybe she needed IV to help with her dehydration.. she called an ambulance that took her to geisinger south in WB.

That was 11 am … she kept calling me through  the day while I was at work .. saying they weren’t doing much for her and had her locked in a closet with a loud noise going!

By 7 pm she had called and said they were taking her to the main hospital on the hill.. I said don’t go… if you go they will put you in the cocktail to kill you.. she said … she would go then and asked what she should do.. she said no one was helping her they just kept coming in with their space suits mocking her because she wasn’t vaccinated!

I said discharge yourself and I’ll pick you up..which I did … they wouldn’t release her … they held her hostage .. she begged me to come In to get her but they had an armed guard at the door and wouldn’t allow me to see her..

I told her to remove her leads and iv and walk out..which led to alarms sounding . They arrived yelling at her… asking what  she was going … she said leaving! They wheeled her out to the ER entrance where I picked her up and took her home! As I drove away I thanked God as the full moon presided over the hospital!

I explained that she almost was murdered and took her home.

She was weak .. I got a nebulizer and used it for her breathing and stayed with her for 3 days dressed in my scrubs from work on Thursday!

Thursday to Saturday she slept and kept going to the bathroom.. she was weak and didn’t care to eat .. on Friday she started shaking .. like an alcoholic without a drink would !

I searched her home and found out she was eating anti depressant and anti anxiety meds and was going through benzene withdrawal!

She apparently was eating them like candy .. since my dad had passed and never told me!

I confronted her and told her I don’t think this is a flu… I knew it wasn’t Covid because she had no cough, no loss of taste .. no loss of smell… just shaking and severe diarrhea! Stomach pain and headache!

I asked for help from my sister … and she wouldn’t help! For fear she’d lose her job if they found out she was with a Covid positive person! Three days … no sleep , no shower, washing clothes, sheets, pjs, towels.. cleaning up after dogs .. one which could not walk that  went outside in the rain every 15 minutes  from 8:30 to 3:30 am..

it was a rough Friday night .. by Saturday at 7 am .. I needed to go home and change clothes .. I told her but she was paranoid to be left alone and I needed to find help for withdrawal symptoms!

I said I’d be back but I needed a break.. while I left she called my sister who called her Dr.. who said she needed to go to general hospital for IV fluids!

He called me and I told him … no she will die there.. they will put her on the cocktail and she will die.. he said he knew Dr Mitchell and he would tell him she could not go on it because she was a diabetic and it would shut her kidneys down.. he said she’d be fine.. i told him I thought I figured out her problem… I know people are usually better in HQG after 72 hours .. and I thought she was addicted to her meds and was going through withdrawal and I needed help getting her over this.. he told me just give her her meds and get her in the ambulance 😳s

I arrived at my moms and begged her to not go.. she said she thought she was dying… and needed them to help her…she called the ambulance ..walked to the ambulance…. before the doors closed my husband said.. “Carol are you sure you want to do this?” She said yes.. and they drove off!

For 2 days they kept her in the ER and wouldn’t tell us what they were doing to her. No one could visit or talk to her… they took her phone..

My sister got through on the third day and they told her they found a room and were giving her meds and she seemed to be responding to the treatment..

on the fifth day I received a phone call that she wasn’t well and needed a ventilator!

I said no… I asked what they gave her and it was the cocktail .. I asked why she was given it when her physician asked for her to not have it… dr Mitchell said her kidneys were fine and went in to explain how the oxygen being forced into a wet sponge wasn’t working and only a ventilator would help! I cried and said he will pay for his actions!

Miraculously since I denied them the ventilator I was able to see her THAT day.. they had her on the 7th floor in the bariatric unit .. on a CPaP machine..

Somehow Covid was gone..

I arrived to see her.. she looked awful .. but she opened her eyes when she saw me.. and all I did was stare at her O2 levels.. and tried to make her breathe… it was so hard for her …

I saw the remdesavir hanging from her iV pole! I stayed with her from then 10am -6pm for three days .. my sister was in Florida for work.. she barely ate.. would talk on and off but cried because he was so hard for her to breathe! She was exhausted!

I had spoken to the nurses and asked for ivermectin.. they told me it wasn’t allowed here I said the NIH website says it is protocol for hospitals.. they attacked me .. I said this was crimes against humanity and they would all be found guilty at Nuremberg trials! I spoke to a Muslim resident who came in to see my mom and asked for it also… he didn’t like that I asked and belittled me! It was after this that I became sick myself! That evening the 30th of October .. I came home and was disoriented and weak… I was sick for 24 days… couldn’t pick my head off a pillow! I thought I had 5G poisoning! I couldn’t get to the hospital to see my mom! My husband.. Scott went everyday from this point on and sat with my mom! Missed 3 weeks of work .. one without pay … because he was out of vacation time! I didn’t work for one month… I’m a dentist!

Sunday the 31 my sister arrived at 6pm .. back from Florida and the first time seeing my mom … funny the residents not physicians made rounds after visiting hours .. and convinced her she needed the ventilator!

I was too sick to fight and argue…

With hours they put mom on the ventilator and on Nov 7th they called and said she needed to take her off the ventilator … my husband was with her when they removed it and my mom died… she was murdered!

I never thought she had Covid.. I think she had a cough or cold from the car salesman.. it was a false positive Covid test… her addiction to anti depressants and anti anxiety meds were her demons and being off them led to her benzene withdrawal and no one willing to help me with this led to her being murdered! Thank you for reading  this… and I pray I am able to attend their Nuremberg trials!

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