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For a deeper dive into our missions and activities, explore Discover the heart of our initiative, the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, at As a pivotal undertaking of the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, CHBMP is committed to preserving the stories of those affected by COVID-related crimes against humanity, even in an era overshadowed by censorship and skewed narratives.

Our newsletter is powered by the Freedom Foundation Citizens Task Force. This passionate team of volunteers strives for the cessation of detrimental COVID policies, systemic hospital homicide, and involuntary experimental treatments. Our goal? Reinstate the principle of Informed Consent and halt the use of harmful EUA drugs like remdesivir. Our missions extend to raising awareness, holding responsible parties accountable for the trauma they’ve induced on the people of the world.

We firmly believe that there’s an orchestrated effort to diminish the sanctity of life, overshadow individual rights with nonsensical mandates, and enforce unprecedented control over every aspect of our daily lives. Our response? Mobilize and counteract these agendas, support victims, and chart a recovery path from the past years’ traumas.

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