Opposing School Mandates

We are opposed to mandates that seek to require all students to participate in COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ experiments, that demand children keep their faces covered for six to eight hours every day, remain ever distanced from their peers, and demonstrate unwavering obedience to the unreasonable expectations that are being hoisted onto their little shoulders.

In America and throughout the Western world, we value our children over all other things, for they are and have always been our most precious resource. Our children are the future, and anything that might endanger them, or subject them to harm, endangers our future and the future of all people. Therefore we have made a commitment to rigorously defend the right of all children to enjoy a carefree childhood, and vigorously oppose all measures that would infringe upon this sacred trust.

We have witnessed some horrific things during the course of the pandemic crisis, but seeing what is being done to children in the name of ‘public health’ has been heartbreaking. Children and their parents are being forced to make a false choice between returning to normal and submitting to something abnormal. This is abhorrent and goes against everything we have been taught, and everything we had been teaching our children before this madness began.

We believe that one of the most impactful ways we can stop this egregious overreach is to unify into a cohesive voice that will be heard across this nation and beyond. Please join your voice with ours to help us mobilize parents across the USA into a powerful force for our children.