International Cooperation

Although The Former Feds Group is focused on preserving the American way of life within our borders, we are also dedicated to preserving Western freedoms that are under attack all over the world.

The self-styled “globalists” that seek world domination appear to have targeted the Western world and American freedoms, by holding totalitarian nations up as a model that we should emulate, rewriting the historical record, redefining more words than have ever been redefined in a single year, and pushing a curriculum in schools that seeks to undermine individual liberties and turn our children against each other based on appearance. The FormerFedsGroup is committed to exposing and reversing this assault on our children.

Our partnerships abroad help to forge a greater understanding of our shared humanity while introducing youth to other cultures and fostering a true sense of global community.

We are always open to forging new alliances around the world. If you are interested in aligning with The FormerFedsGroup, please contact us today.