Youth Safety

SPICES/Student Program for International Child Education and Safety

The FormerFeds Freedom Foundation is an organization that, at its core, employs values of positive growth, holistic education, and realistic application to improve both local and global communities. By partnering with Moorestown Friends School students, an institution built with those same values [I think it should be an ‘institution’], the Student Program for International Child Education and Safety was founded. Currently, the initiative has two focuses, addressing two primary causes of child mortality in Vietnam (or, in developing markets0: unprotected head injuries in motor vehicle accidents and preventable drownings. Staffed by executives, agents, professors, and experts, affiliated with the Foundation, SPICES aims to educate high school students, immerse them in new cultures through international travel, and enrich their morality and education through participation in these initiatives. A Helmet Ahead attempts to prevent head injuries by supplying helmets and informing children of the importance of road safety. Float aims to deploy students as swimming instructors, giving children basic skills to stay alive, turning water from a deadly threat to a conquered obstacle.