Sign the Declaration by Survivors and Victims of Remdesivir and other Public Health Agency Mandated Treatment Protocols

We, the undersigned, have been subjected to crimes against humanity over the course of the last two years. When we or our loved ones became sick with COVID and sought medical treatment, we were told, as per CDC guidance, to go home, get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids, and to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for fever as needed. We were told to report to the hospital if our condition worsened, and sent home to deteriorate. Inevitably, our condition or that of our loved ones did worsen, and when we found we could no longer breathe, we reported to the hospital as we had been instructed, hopefully anticipating treatment and recovery.

Unfortunately, that is not what we found at the hospital. Cruelly isolated from our families, after being admitted to the hospital we were uniformly mistreated. Some of us were kept isolated for days, deprived of food and sometimes even water, when our doctor had ordered no such protocol. Often, we were openly diminished, derided and gaslighted by the medical staff we had entrusted with our health. Many of us feel this mistreatment was deliberately escalated in order to break our spirit - and once broken, we would be told we were at death's door, and the only way to preclude our fate was to be given a drug called remdesivir, and in many cases, be put onto a ventilator. Confused, isolated from our families, alone, and broken, many of us reluctantly agreed to undergo these supposed remedies. Some of us refused, and were still subjected to these horrors.

It has been shown that as many as 80% of COVID victims placed on ventilators succumbed to mortality . EIGHTY PERCENT! This happen s because oxygen deprivation resulting from COVID often has little to do with the lung's capacity to fill with air, rather, the body is deprived of oxygen because the blood is unable to carry oxygen freely. Putting COVID victims on ventilators does nothing to address this, and the physical and mental trauma inflicted by the procedure cannot be overstated. In short, hundreds of thousands of people around the world were needlessly and recklessly placed on ventilators, and the majority of those people died — not because of COVID — but due to being ventilated.

When the ventilator alone could not free up the room quickly enough, our loved ones were often sedated or given high doses of narcotic drugs. Whether we or our loved ones were given benzodiazepines or morphine , there is one drug we were all administered: remdesivir. None of these treatments helped lesson the severity or halt the progression of the disease, rather, they only seemed to hasten the process of dying. We were not allowed to be with our loved ones as they took their final breath, and can only guess at how they may have spent their last moments.

We were horrified to learn since that remdesivir side effects mimic some symptoms of COVID infection - even so - called COVID pneumonia, a condition often used a s pretext to put COVID victims on ventilators. We were mortified to learn that the harmful side effects of remdesivir were known to our public health officials, yet still this drug was forced on us by way of FDA Emergency Use Authorization, even as more efficacious and less potentially harmful drugs have been repurposed to treat COVID with minimal harmful interactions. Worst of all, we were incensed to discover that hospitals were incentivized to promote this protocol above all others despite its terrible safety profile, with bonuses in excess of tens of thousands of dollars. That last detail seems to explain a lot, and it is horrific to think that our loved ones were so mistreated for a few extra dollars.

Some of us learned about these other repurposed drugs, such as ivermectin, and implored our doctors and hospital staff to employ compassionate use when all else appeared to be failing. On many occasions, we could see the eyes of our treating physicians glaze over just at the mention o f the word ivermectin, and we would be condescended to before being denied compassionate use. A few of us even obtained ivermectin and self - treated ourselves or our loved ones - and those of us who took this leap of faith in time appear to have made a full recovery. Others saw hospital staff actually intervene to place our loved one on a respirator - ostensibly in order to preclude the possibility of subsequent doses of ivermectin being administered. In that case, our loved one tragically succumbed to COVID and died.

We have struggled with what happened to ourselves and our loved ones, and have been seeking understanding of how, in a nation which enshrines freedom of speech in its constitution, not only were all of these crimes against humanity allowed to transpire in the full light of day, but when we emerged from these traumatic experiences and sought to commiserate with others, our stories have been suppressed and diminished by the press, and in many cases, censored or erased from social media platforms. I t is hard for us to comprehend how everything could have gone so wrong, and on such a scale.

We understand that the ultimate responsibility for all of this does not fall on the shoulders of those who mistreated us. They were, as we've heard the line trotted out so many times before, "just doing what they were told to do," they were just following orders. At Nuremberg, it was determined that "just following orders" did not absolve one of their culpability for crimes against humanity, but we realize we aren't in Nuremberg anymore. We do not have a free press to bring these atrocities to light, the truth of what has happened to us is only whispered of on the fringe of our public discourse, and never allowed to permeate the public mind.

This has all been perpetuated through edicts issued in the form of "guidance" from public health officials heading up monolithic agencies on high. Because it is only guidance and not officially the law of the land, it is subject to none of the regulatory provisions meant to protect people from such atrocities as we have endured, and has varied wildly in consistency. Some of the guidance doctors and hospitals have diligently followed has been so bad, revisionist historians are already at work redefining words as fundamental and impactful as "pandemic," just as they redefined the concept of infection by way of faulty PCR tests. In fact, it seems as if almost everything public health officials have done over the course of the last two years has only exacerbated the crisis, causing the excess mortality they were tasked with preventing — and effectively facilitating the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings. To us, it feels a lot like our loved ones were murdered at the hands of a very broken system, from the top down.

With that in mind, we believe that what is needed is a reckoning.

Doctors and medical professionals around the world are starting to wake up to the reality of what they have done, and coming to understand how they have violated their Hippocratic oath in the name of public health. They may be reluctant to come forward and share their story, knowing that they will be penalized professionally and potentially found guilty of criminal wrongdoing, or even liable for perpetuating crimes against humanity. We want to absolve these medical professionals of those burdens we might be able to lift, in order to encourage these people to come forward as whistleblowers. In exchange for this act of courage, we would like to offer those who come forward Amnesty and Leniency . We make this sacrifice - sacrificing the potential for justice for those individuals who directly mistreated us - in order to build a case to address the larger problem: those who have been issuing the guidance that these medical professionals followed to the detriment of their patients.

The harms inflicted on us and our family members cannot be undone, but if we pursue accountability for those who have conspired to promote treatments that do not work and in many cases make things worse, we might be able to stop this from happening to anyone else, and ensure that our sacrifice, and the greatest sacrifice our loved ones were forced to make, will not be in vain. That is our fervent hope.

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By signing this declaration, you affirm your intent to offer amnesty and leniency to those who have harmed you or your loved one, in the hope that medical professionals will come forward and expose those who issued the orders they were following.