Arthur Foth
Murdered by FDA Death Protocol

Day of death: 02/09/2022

Location: Ohio

Hospital: Medina General Hospital

Allowed to see family or patient advocate?: yes_fam

Asked to sign DNR: yes-relentlessly

Asked if vaccinated: yes

Was the victim treated differently as a result of disclosing that they had not been vaccinated?: yes

How victim was treated differently after disclosing vax status:

He was put in a Covid floor with no fluids. They never walked him around to keep him mobile. At the time he was admitted, his oxygen was great and no sign of pneumonia. He developed severe pneumonia from no activity when admitted to rehab.

Strong armed to sign DNR time and time again. Feeding port leaking fecal matter, large bedsore to the bone.

Name of Victim: Arthur Foth

Age: 80 years old

Date of onset of symptoms: 10/31/2021

First sought medical attention: 11/06/2021

Admitted to hospital: 11/06/2021

Treatment received at hospital: Treated poorly

Experience in hospital:

He was treated horribly. I felt they let him lie there and waited for his condition to worsen, which it did. They even released him to rehab with severe pneumonia.
Once in rehab, his treatment was worse due to low staffing issues. He was found in the floor struggling to breathe. He developed a bed sore that eventually reached the bone and was the size of a grapefruit. He didn’t receive a feeding tube until the middle of December of 2021.
We were constantly told he should have gotten the vaccine. That the entire ICU was full of unvaccinated patients. While he was in the ICU they asked us to figure out “what we wanted to do.” They incessantly asked us to sign a DNR. My dad absolutely did NOT want a DNR. He was full code. I told the doctors to try and help him get better before we discuss letting him die.
He developed several complications in the hospital due to not being turned as often as he should have. He became septic. Developed several different infections.
He fought as long as he could until his battered body couldn’t handle it anymore. He died on February 9, 2021.

Medications given: Remdesivir, ativan, antibiotics, antifungal, anxiety meds, blood thinner, blood pressure meds, Convalescent Plasma, dexamethasone, fentynal, lovenox :Lovenox, morphine, midazolam, Oxygen, pain killers, paralytic drugs, sedatives, seraquel, Steroids, vit c

How long was the victim on remdesivir?: 5days

Was the victim informed about remdesivir's EUA status?: no

Informed of RMV side effects?: no

Was there consent for the use of remdesivir?: no

Date victim was placed on a ventilator: 11/25/2021

Name of Subject: Colleen O’Brien

Relationship To Victim: Daughter

Pursuing legal action?: no

Engaging in activism: no

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American Granddaughter Link:
The Interview with Colleen O’Brien
Colleen Obrien-The Protocol Killed my Dad
Written by  Arthur Foth

My dad, Arthur Foth, was an extremely healthy 80 year old. He was an attorney still practicing law up until the day he got sick. He started feeling sick on October 31, 2021 and diagnosed with Covid on November 3, 2021.   He was admitted to Medina General Hospital and was put in a Covid floor.  When I visited, he was just lying there, with no Ive hook up for fluids . They never walked him around to keep him mobile. At the time he was admitted, his oxygen was great and no sign of pneumonia. At some point he developed severe pneumonia from no activity and then admitted to rehab.

In rehab the gave him breathing treatments. He was eating very little and not drinking. They rehab was short staffed and as a result he was completely neglected. He developed a bed sore the size of a grapefruit.  He was found laying on the floor struggling to breathe. He was ultimately admitted to Southwest General Hospital on November 25, 2021. He couldn’t breathe at this point so I had no choice but to let them intubate him.  Immediately we were hounded with questions regarding signing a DNR.  I told them I was respecting his wishes as he was full code. They didn’t like this. They told me he had lived a long life… etc.  I asked them if we could please try and treat him before we discuss letting him die.
They finally inserted a feeding tube mid December.  His bed sore continued to get worse and they took absolutely no responsibility for it.
They doctors continued to tell me to sign a DNR. They even had palliative care bring me in for a talk about it.
SWGH ultimately released him to a LTAC hospital. His oxygen was dropping below 90, he was struggling to breathe. He passed away the day after he was admitted to this hospital.

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Raquel Quiles’ Story

Raquel Quiles’ Story

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Admitted: 10/12/2021

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Efrain Quiles

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This is Tony Dana’s story

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Admitted: 12/17/2020

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Ventilated: 12/31/2020

Murdered: 01/20/2021

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Rutherford-Horrors of COVID protocols

Rutherford-Horrors of COVID protocols

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Admitted: 09/07/2021

To: Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital & Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist - Wilkes Medical Center

Murdered: 10/22/2021

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Rueben Canales

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Heather Mayden’s Story

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Clark Evans: Barely Survives Remdesivir

Clark Evans: Barely Survives Remdesivir

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Julie A ‘s Story

Julie A ‘s Story

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Became sick: 10/08/2021

First sought care: 10/20/2021

Admitted: 10/21/2021

To: Providence St Vincent

Ventilated: 10/23/2021

Murdered: 10/30/2021

Andrew Amparan

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