The use of behavioral science methodology in understanding serial criminal activity, more commonly known as profiling, requires a highly-specialized skill set, and rigorous training. This being the case, there are relatively few profilers available to support local law enforcement agencies in low profile cases. Nationwide, there are potentially many crimes that have gone unsolved for want to an effective criminal profile. Perhaps more tragic is the fact that by the nature of these criminals, the longer a case goes unsolved, the more victims there are likely to be. The need is particularly acute in communities with small local police forces and/or rural areas that are far from urban centers. The FormerFeds Freedom Foundation is fortunate to have a number of expert profilers in its ranks, who can be called on to support local law enforcement in possible serial crimes. These former agents have years of experience tracking and catching some of the most violent criminals in America, and can share their hard-won knowledge with their colleagues at the state and local levels. Through the efforts of these seasoned professionals, the Foundation hopes to help take some of the country’s most dangerous criminals off the street, save the lives of countless innocent people, and give closure to the families of victims.

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